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  1. Hoops keeps turning off the touch desk lamp with his paw pads: light on, light off, light on, light off, light on, light off, ad infinitum.

    1. echolocation


      i just wanted to say that Hoops is an adorable name for a cat. at least i'm assuming he's a cat. good name for any animal, really.

    2. Gearhead


      Do you remember The Clapper?


      My dog Henna realized she could turn the lamp on and off by barking just the right way. I have no idea how she made that connection.

      I had to unplug the Clapper.

    3. yarnandcats


      His proper name is Hooper (he's a grey tuxedo cat). It can be pronounced two different ways: hoop-er OR hupp-er. The second way is mainly indigenous to a small area in the Southern Mountains where a large clan of folks sur-named Hooper reside. (Re: The Clapper: that made me laugh really hard).

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