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  1. off to do errands to hopefully convert some frustration into productivity

  2. cookies are fine for breakfast, right?

    1. Wooster


      This is the trade off of the responsibilities required of being an "adult".

  3. i'm not going to advocate for or against meds, just answer your question. yes, i manage without any psych meds. i do yoga; have a very supportive partner; have regular tdoc appointments; try to eat well (for me that's rather vegetarian/vegan (dairy and egg allergy) and somewhat raw); journal; weave/knit. in other words, i have a good list of coping skills/activities and a good support network of ppl. it's taken me 10+ years to find a good balance. in times of bad psychosis i will take meds to break the cycle and for a brief period. i also do a few herbal supplements and vitamins that are speci
  4. i agree about finding another dr and also about calling/visiting the local social security office AND calling medicare on their 800 number. i've had to deal with medicare before on the phone on behalf of a loved one and while the wait time can be long, the folks who answer are pretty good at giving out accurate information and answering questions. my advice also: make a list of what you want to discuss beforehand and what your concerns about your dr and his failure with misunderstanding how to file forms for meds correctly. perhaps you can even ask for an official letter to be sent to you fro
  5. coffee is very helpful and possibly should be in it's own food group

    1. y1gFwo


      coffee makes me very dysregulated in even moderate amounts, and it's addictive.

    2. bpladybug


      Coffee is a food group in Seattle

  6. i second kingsolver's books; she's an excellent author. i've also been reading graphic novels of some classics; currently i've got northanger abbey by jane austen going...there's also a FB discussion page on it for october. i'd add in lee smith, a southern mountain author; she has a new book out about zelda fitzgerald's stay at highlands hospital and her death there.
  7. finally got some real sleep last night; now what do i do with all this energy?

  8. today's earworm: hang on sloopy by the mccoys

  9. off to the loom room...and perhaps to vacuum too...bluegrass today, folksies!

  10. i sucked my thumb regularly (every night) until i was 21. my last semester in college i was in a program where i went out of state to another school and boarded at the school with a roommate; i was terrified she'd find me out, so i stopped (by wrapping both thumbs with scotch tape before sleeping). i paired the thumb sucking with rubbing my eyebrows. i still rub my eyebrows when stressed; it's one of the signs J uses to gauge how i'm doing. i've rubbed off an eyebrow before...that looks kind of odd.
  11. roundabouts...there are two "traffic circles" here, in the most rural, remote locations you can imagine...it's interesting watching folks navigate them
  12. more bananas, avocados...along with drilling, sawing and staple-gunning...

  13. i like your username; it flows well and rolls off the tongue nicely. "mad as a hatter" has an interesting history behind it. welcome katerina ivanovna
  14. i can work for short spurts (6 months or less) and then completely melt down; i guess that explains the many and varied jobs i've had in the past. currently i weave and sell things here-n-there and am content with that. weaving and knitting are a good form of therapy for me. i'm also doing a bit of academic writing and trying to get published every-so-often in my field. these are things i can do without leaving my house or my cats or my yarns and give me a self-esteem boost too. the anxiety at being outside...even sometimes on my porch or front stoop...is so very intense; that feeds the V
  15. i'm not on psych meds at the moment. i hear the Voices all the time, every day and sometimes in my dreams as well if i'm really stressed or physically ill. there are lots of Them and the volume varies according to mood/activity. one group that is unique is the japanese country-western band that sings in 4-part harmony about sushi and kwanzaa. They are really good singers but sometimes get in the way of concentrating. my iPod is my friend in terms of the Voices: sometimes i can get Them all to sing along with the music. i listen to a wide range of music per Their request (everything from
  16. today i'm using power tools...i hope i don't hurt anything

    1. yarnandcats


      power tool use successful; no harm came to belongings, self or cats

    2. The one lurking behind you
  17. every time i've seen the word "trauma" today, my brain has turned it into "tuna"...so if all the trauma in the world turned into tuna, what would happen?

    1. EyeMindBeingGrim


      There wouldn't be a shortage of tuna! Also life would be tastier ;)

    2. Wooster


      We would have oodles of sushi!

  18. i'm able to be independent in terms of taking my meds, calling in refills, picking them up, and scheduling/remembering appointments. i don't drive (seizures) so my partner or therapist drives me to appointments. my partner and i have the same drs, so our appointments are joint affairs to save on gas and travel time. when i feel unwell, however, either physically or mentally, i like to have "backup" with me at an appointment; they don't have to speak for me necessarily...i suppose they're more like a security blanket? right now i'm on my own as J is down the mountain with extended family fo
  19. the cats are attempting to dig to the other side of the earth in their litter boxes

  20. today's menu: more bananas, avocados, spinach

    1. M@ri


      sounds yummy

    2. yarnandcats


      it is...or was...still have some guacamole left

  21. i suggest going to the gyno...i have some major mood swings with my cycles as well and also feel like i've got the flu instead of just having a period. i found that eating "cleaner" foods in the week before and week during has been majorly helpful. cleaner = nearly raw (lots of fresh fruits, salads, nuts and drinking tons of water) birth control turned me into a raving bitch 100% of the time instead of, oh let's say, 50% of the time. gentle yoga during my period also helps. good luck finding a balance; sometimes it's frustrating. oh, and my partner has had good outcomes eating sweet pot
  22. i have a stuffed elephant that i sleep with...much to the chagrin of my partner...plus the four live cats...
  23. apparently my body has run out of potassium and iron...looks like dinner will be nails and bananas

  24. seizures and Voices...kind of like being at a concert in the mosh pit...

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