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  1. we have two older Insiders that try to help with our kids...but...doesn't really work out. more like the olders are able to say "the kids did this/feel this/think this" or "the kids are here/there" (sort of like physicists can know either how fast an electron spins or where it is but not both at once...or something like that.) tryp is right: it's a slow work.
  2. sitting at kitchen table, looking at newly risen waxing crescent moon outside window. cats asleep.

  3. right: now that it's midnight o'thirty you're hungry, eh, body?

    1. Gearhead


      Is that just the meds talkin'?

    2. yarnandcats


      don't think so...we're uncertain about just how much food has been eaten over the last 2 days. YMMV re: food definition (bugs? just lettuce? ice cubes?)

  4. gentle support, tryp we cannot control or even begin negotiations with the Insider who has the volcano. is control even the right word/way of looking at this? probably not. tdoc said if we work on building safety for The Kids and we listen and hear what this part has to say, things will get...better. we don't quite believe that, though...
  5. overwhelmed by anxiety; fighting off the avalanche with a spoon. gah.

  6. just ignore all those ppl behind the curtain; we're a single entity, promise.

  7. who is making cornbread upstairs at 2 am? 

    1. Gearhead


      The cornbread fairy. Duh.

    2. yarnandcats
  8. we were having difficulties too seems to be fixed now thanks, VE
  9. not sure exactly where to put this...so stashed it here (mods please move if ya'll think it fits better elsewhere). does anyone have experience with adult protective services (APS)? we've done the google research and reading but are looking for folks who are willing to share encounters with APS. we know that there is variation from state-to-state and even county-to-county.
  10. a visit to the local cemetery to reflect on those who died: at least one from the Revolutionary War, more from the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and other wars/conflicts. taking our niece to discuss the importance of caring for the graves of loved ones and talking about why certain ones had flags by them, and what the different flags mean. church on sunday: the sanctuary decorated with each armed service flag.
  11. one of the Feline Five smells like peaches-n-cream oatmeal.
  12. starting to de-materialize: family approaching in 48 hrs. omfgs.

    1. fantod


      tell me they did not dematerialize you all the way.  worried about you.

  13. oh yes: flowers and maybe instead of casseroles, some lovely cereal with almond milk (cap'n crunch or cocoa pebbles...or hey, go all the way, both)
  14. one day at a time, one moment at a time, one breath at a time we know that doesn't seem like much of an answer. also we've found other supports...there's an entire site dedicated to ptsd. education has been a big help to us; just realizing that *this specific symptom* is ptsd and not masking another MI dx has been a godsend. reaching out and not isolating. telling our story and helping others. we are sorry our response sounds so very inadequate. we're listening and holding space for you.
  15. ah, sorry, then. whatever your meaning, we hope that the way through becomes a bit clearer as time passes. support for your journey.
  16. re: burying head in the sand: sort of like becoming stuck in your own echo-chamber? where your own opinions/views are continuously bounced back at you? that's sort of what it's like for us Inside, when things get really chaotic being able to come here and talk about what is really going on without having to self-censor has been incredibly beneficial in learning how to reconnect with reality during the chaotic times when in-real-life supports are low/non-existent it's a trial and error process...even the errors give insights
  17. singing helps us too, confused that's why wherever we go, the charged iPod goes with us...it's become almost like a therapy animal (altho' we do wish we had an official one of those, too) ppl will usually respond more friendly-like to a well-known shared song than just our own out-right repetitive mutterings confused, have you tried even just humming to yourself? would that help too?
  18. yes. stress most definitely makes symptoms spike for most folks...and that's been our experience too. we also tend to have diurnal cycles, with nights being worse as well (that's also when our physical pain and symptoms become worse too). we hope you're finding support here; keep posting if it's helpful.
  19. it can be difficult to trust outside validation we still hear angels in the closet...so we get it be gentle with yourself
  20. ugh: puking cats!

    1. amianthus


      aww, I hope that they (and you) are okay. Was more than one puking on the same day?

    2. chem


      Blech. It sucks when they puke. I hope they feel better soon!!

    3. yarnandcats


      thanks, ya'll. it was just one of the Five...but she puked in the bed! and woke All Of Us up, which we guess is good, because it needed to be cleaned up. 

  21. on B12 shots here as too. dx'd a few months ago, along with a range of other vitamin and electrolyte imbalances (including iron deficiency and anemia). our B12 levels aren't terribly low but are moving that way so we get a shot each week, after which the effects are fairly quick to kick in, in terms of energy. the only drawback: we seem to be allergic to something in the injection mix, no matter which of the two forms we get (pretty sure there are only two formulations), so sometimes there's some nausea afterwards.
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