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  1. *waves HI to chem! ALL of US waves HI to chem!* *Feline Five chirp appreciative halloo*
  2. we hope your cat is OK...and that you are OK too cold; wtf, may? it's not october!
  3. we have no first-hand experience, just a friend who has intentional tremor, and that is genetic from what we understand (so the part about your grandmother made us go "ah-ha.") we would be in touch sooner rather than later with pdoc because this is impacting your ability to work, right? aren't signatures and writing really necessary for you? regardless, fine motor skill loss needs rather attentive evaluation, from what we recall in dealing with our own TIA and tumor. if that's the case, pdoc may be able to get you in to see a neuro quite quickly.
  4. oh yes! all the ones in this series are great, but do need to be read in hard-copy, because: pictures. there's even graphic novel editions.
  5. ooooh, bookclub! so. much. love.!!!!! we've got one at the local library that is...interesting. also co-mingled with a stitch group sometimes. we did an online book group (2 of them actually) and they worked out pretty well; one was through FB and another was on some other website. both had chat times, so that was good.
  6. prefer mostly nonfiction, as well, BUT there's a new adaption of jane austen's P&P out: eligible (that looks promising) also for a lighter fiction read (in terms of page number), we look towards young adult fiction, especially john green's books non-fiction: do collections of letters or others' journals interest you? there are many out there to choose from we're not sure we actually helped any...sorry about that!
  7. worried/anxious: about friends, paperwork, adulting, not being believed (about trauma and its effects on us...or even about being an "us") thankful that there are some supplies of food for us and the cats so we don't have to worry about that
  8. the pdoc that eventually did the on-floor evaluation after we'd been IVC'd (and had been in the ER for over 72 hrs): "why are you even here? you're not delusional or suicidal or homicidal...but with this IVC paperwork, i've got to keep you here. oh well."
  9. yeah...it's a tough day; actually, may and june (mother's day/father's day) are tough months. still...we sent a card...it was an e-card. and we have a gift (very small) to mail out tomorrow. one of the questions we ask ourselves now is: can we rise above this (the abuse, the bitterness, the intentional misunderstandings, the willful neglect, etc)? and the answer is: yes. it's terribly difficult. ah, no judgement water, dear. just support. we believe you're doing like melissa says: you and your daughter are building positive memories of this day. that is amazing!
  10. "ancient runes is in the same time as divination." what will we ever do???! ;)

  11. yes, we'll try it and you're right...we're trying to not be so, what's-the-phrase? stuck in negative thinking beforehand? it's hard, though...but we're trying.
  12. thanks, rosie our main concern is trying to communicate with the driver where we are going when we initially get on and then where we live once we are done at tdoc's. rural transit is a different beastie than taking a bus with a set route; out here, the route varies according to who is going where and for how long. J said we should have some sort of notecard ready explaining who we are and where we're going ready to hand to the driver. we know that's a good solution...it's just we feel even more weird/freak-like for having to do that. sometimes, when we've ridden with J, we're the o
  13. thanks tryp and rosie we're a bit terrified abt riding transit (what if we just curl up and can't talk? what if all we do is hum? how do we even talk to other ppl we don't even know? is this really worth going to just a 30 minute session with tdoc?). asking around Inside re: pain: is...scary too...but at least poses a starting point towards some sort of answer. it all still feels like our fault.
  14. we have to ride transit BY OURSELVES because our dr didn't/won't fax in a form that lets J ride with us to medical/tdoc appointments (all of us for free). also, trigger warning for below:
  15. granted! however, you must now negotiate moving through all the sequential points, C-Z, in order to reach A-B with no-points-between...OR have your life morph into an asymptote. we wish the Feline Five could clean up after themselves
  16. granted! you get such great reception that you receive all of our cell calls too and have to listen to our pissy parents bitch about having grandcats raised by lesbians instead of grandchildren. we wish we had a new car
  17. mixed: there's a jumble of energy/ies needing to get out somehow via someone just not sure how and who
  18. that sounds really hard, bixo; we're sorry things are so rough for you our advice is that a specialized therapist...treatment team...in trauma would be best. but that is not always accessible, we know. we think your line of reasoning (non-attachment as a consequence of child abuse/neglect) is sound. that doesn't make things easier, we also know. we get angry too at offers of help: like we are waiting for the offer to be pulled away, just like it was so many times before and we had to fend for ourselves. just know you're not alone, OK?
  19. that's spot-on, wintertidings! we also use compression to help create an over-all calming sensation for The Body: weighted blankets, form-fitting underclothes or even having J or the cats lay on us is comforting. when we really freak out we tend to drop and go fetal, so the lay-on-top-of-yarn is a good strategy...altho', we must admit, no necessarily so for public venues. we find that the form-fitting underclothes help The Body create a more distinct boundary between itself and what is Not The Body, if that makes any sense. noise reducing head things are good too: ear plugs, ear
  20. we're sorry, jt; be gentle with yourself today. we're feeling the need for avocados.
  21. whenever we've tried to use the grounding techniques you've listed we dissociate more as well it's very very frustrating we are slowly finding our own way of "grounding"...using some practices that autistic/aspie folks find helpful also, music plays a very important role in our life/lives, so if one can find a song that most or all will sing/dance to...that is very helpful (we span all sorts of music genres) if dissociation is going to happen...could you perhaps find a way (even if it's small) to make it work for you? the proverbial silver lining, if you will. rosie
  22. with five cats of our own, we can sympathize! we also agree with everyone else and in our experience kitties forgive/forget pretty easily/quickly.
  23. we've found that watching our activity levels during the day is also helpful: not doing too much but also not doing too little. changing positions fairly frequently and watching our posture is good, as well as engaging in a series of gentle stretches. we also use pillows in the bed to help prop and support. sometimes having a heating pad is good too, especially in the winter (the house gets pretty chilly, especially at night). but there are times when nothing works...and we end up sleepless, in pain and an extreme crank. even then, some self-soothing techniques can be helpful to minimize
  24. we're sending support, woo much support
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