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  1. finding your roots on PBS hosted by henry louis gates jr. anything we can watch for free on PBS (omgs the cooking shows).
  2. koala hat *imagines chem wrestling with large bags of martial arts gear on a bus* (that almost got typed as "marital" gear) (wonders what that would entail...hmm...)
  3. thanks, all ya'll we're still Not Quite Sure about this J will be with us too...but still...hmm
  4. we have to start riding a transit thing we're terrified what if someone looks at us funny 'cos we have our koala hat on?
  5. what would psycho yarn do? 

    1. yarnandcats


      sort of. thanks.

    2. saintalto


      Are things improving for your partner?

    3. yarnandcats


      everything is still rather rough/ragged 'round the edges here. so no, not really. but hey, look at these cats.


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  6. after drinking a hot cup of coffee and now eating a hot bowl of oatmeal we're warming up quite nicely, even if the temps outside are not but oh that light off the snow pack (albedo is the scientific name for it) amazing
  7. were you seen/evaluated by a neurologist? that would be our first recommendation, as your symptoms could be indicative of something needing attention other than just atypical migraines. but we're no dr; so make sure you follow up with one.
  8. if it helps any, we've got a cat in the freezer cremation for pets is pricey when one is on disability sorry about oreo
  9. hi longshadows it's really hard, really really hard to cut those ties. we know: we are still wrapped up in doing so ourselves. the amount of deceit and gas lighting that is still occurring in our own family is...amazing. the parents (He and She) have also, due to our absence from family functions and limited communication, run amok with their version of Exactly What Happened and why yarn is a big over-reacting liar looking for sympathy. so we sorta get where you're coming from? reading others' stories about their ptsd journey and healing process has helped us. so has getting pee
  10. ah, the worst gift? one year She got us a box of barbie-sized panty-liners no joke sister got a washer and dryer we got panty-liners...for barbie go figure.
  11. we are in lots of pain and are having issues with sleeping sitting standing moving eating while not crying spewing fainting this doesn't go well with holiday family gatherings or car travel to the holiday family gatherings add anxiety agoraphobia Voices and Others into the mix oh. my. just how many white elephant/yankee swap/dirty santa gifts should we bring? O.o
  12. some things that help us are making the car into a mini-extension of the house for example: bringing All. The. Things. that we want/need/think we will want/need with us in various bags and putting them in the car (this includes pillows, stuffed toys, electric gizmos, music, books, knitting, snacks, extra change of clothes) that way some "what-if-X-happens-and-we-don't-have-Y" is a bit mitigated this process involves list making and packing and can be exhausting in itself, though, fyi also, having a Must Do Before Leaving House List is good ours has things on it li
  13. bixo we hope this finds you still safe one way we deal with such things as you are describing is by tiring out The Body the physical Body so that Whatever, Whomever Inside wants to do what may no longer accomplish those actions because a tired Body will not move and do things, no matter how much will is exerted by the mind or Those Inside we hope this helps; this has been our experience we send you gentleness and strength to endure
  14. yeah that is a hard one as fellow artist/crafter type ppl (if we may), we sympathize we think perhaps adequate channeling of the idea and its energy into the Creative Process in a Rigorous Fashion might curtail the culmination of delusion making? for example from our own experience: we were obsessing over the Bauhaus (who wouldn't, right?) and it turned several...corners...into..."we are time-traveling to/from the Bauhaus" etc but we were able to keep the idea (and OK the delusion) within specific parameters by intensely and obsessively studying and
  15. mocha coffee and onion pita bread do not mix well, fyi.

    1. saintalto


      thanks for the warning : P

  16. cats, coffee, knitting, fleece pj pants, NY times book review: sunday morning stretch for the soul.

  17. we echo the smoothie idea our favourite atm: banana, vanilla almond milk and fresh spinach and also echo the snack/graze through the day it helps don't push yourself be gentle in your healing we send support and comfort
  18. we are in the income-based repayment program that means our (consolidated) loan payments are based on our monthly income and total $0.00 / month because we meet their income requirements after 25 yrs, our loans will be forgiven HOWEVER if one's loans are forgiven (and this applies to various forgiveness programs but unsure about the permanent and totally disabled option) the balance amount can be viewed as *income* and one can be taxed upon it not sure about how that works
  19. yay, bixo! that's a good start and ya'll are so very brave we here cheer ya'll on!
  20. an aside: hand-carved from sustainable wood ear trumpets would be all the rage. someone should look into that...and start an interest group then we could all join up and argue whose is the best decoupaged. maybe even add a li'l steam punk too. we fully support that.
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