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  1. hey lovely...you still here? no worries, if not...i'll reply to your message elsewhere. been adding blog entries... yeah, last two nights=not doing well. surprised it was spotted, but then since spotted by you, unsurprised. we've known each other too long not to spot, i spose... anyway, i'm around here for a bit whilst my small is napping. xx

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    2. Bellatrix
    3. mellifluous
    4. mellifluous


      hey hey hey...i'm back around again...my girl's asleep. so sweet. i love her so much i could burst. and then i also wish i could quite literally burst open and out and everywhere ...particulate

  2. you still around here? x

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    2. Bellatrix


      I really like black and green as a combination.

      Green Lantern was once my favorite superhero.

    3. mellifluous


      i like green and black. and green and orange. and blue. those three, green, blue, and orange, are probably my favourites :)

      i'm semi avoiding elsewhere. i just can't do anything that requires much mental power. e is down for a nap and i may have to join her soon. this sucks. it's a great day out here, too, so hopefully i'll be more energetic later.

    4. Bellatrix


      Hopefully you will be more energetic later. It's frustrating to be tired all the time, and I can relate all too well.

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