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  1. I struggled with DXM abuse for years. I can tell you that it only gets worse. You owe it to yourself to get help. Talking to a therapist and trying some self-help meetings can go a long ways, but every day can be a struggle. The thing about DXM is that it's cheap, easily available, and tolerance builds fast, not to mention what VE said about meds and metabolism. You don't have to tackle this alone. I hope you get to a better place.
  2. Owl City - Fireflies Owl City - Cave In The Postal Service - Such Great Heights Thomas Newman - Any Other Name Brian Eno - Deep Blue Day Sigur Rós - Svefn-G-Englar
  3. Re-reading Awakening the Buddha Within by Lama Surya Das
  4. Cerberus, I feel the need to address my response to you specifically. If in this discussion we're unable to separate tobacco the plant from carcinogen and additive-laden cigarettes our culture peddles, then I would have us put this matter to rest and not pursue it any further. The tobacco industry is evil, the millions of deaths from a terrible product is on their hands. There are many things that cause suffering in our world, and the powers that be seem to promote them mercilessly. You seem to perceive things very black and white, and all I mean to do is pose the question to you, is it possible things are not so black and white as you perceive them to be? Forgive me if I'm being too blunt with a moderator, but it's an honest question.
  5. Wow. First thing I want to do is apologize. The OP expressed his frustration and that stirred up my own frustration that I feel about the hard crackdown on tobacco that is going on. I admit that I let my emotions get the better of me, something I struggle with constantly, and I understand that members of this community have had negative experiences with tobacco. What I said was pretty thoughtless taking into account other people's feelings on this matter. To clarify a little, I believe what is added to most cigarettes is what really causes all these health problems and gives them a bad name, and that natural, additive-free tobacco is about as harmful as smoking marijuana or cloves or whatever. What I believe originates from another forum I frequent, and I expect this subject to be controversial because so many smokers have died because of the misuse and processing and refining that most of our products go through, be it food, or medicine, or tobacco. The links I provided were also not very good for going into details on this alternative viewpoint, and I'm sorry if some feel that I'm spreading misinformation to others. I would not speak so confidently on controversial subjects if I hadn't done the research and read a lot about them myself. I am a researcher, that's what I do. I guess the tone of my post was an assumption that a community such as this might be able to follow an alternative viewpoint that goes against conventional wisdom, if only hypothetically. I realize now that such assumptions can offend people and I will not be so blunt in the future. I really like this community and I don't want to rub anyone the wrong way at all. If I am out of line, please tell me so I can correct it and follow community guidelines. Again, I sincerely apologize for anything I've said that offended or upset anyone. I will take your replies to heart and think more carefully before I speak. Thank you, Drew
  6. I myself feel that anti-smoking campaigns have become MILITANT. Smoking is being smeared, demonized, associated with apathy and malicious intent. People are getting in trouble for smoking in their own cars and homes. What happened? Commercial jets still have ashtrays from when you used to be able to smoke on airplanes, yet we're banning smoking everywhere the sun shines? Why? What is so terrible and awful about it? I don't buy for one second that it's being done because "the authorities care about us." If they REALLY cared about us, alcohol would not be so prevalent, the "War on Drugs" wouldn't keep targeting individual users, and people would understand the dangers of GMO food, cell phones, WiFi, back-scatter X-rays, vaccines, and more. Study after study conducted without biases has shown that smoking not only doesn't cause all these diseases the authorities claim it does, but that for some people smoking can actually be beneficial. This flies in the face of decades of propaganda and "conventional wisdom", but just google "smoking can be good" or "benefits of smoking" and you'll see exactly what I mean. Nicotine interacts with receptors in the brain associated with the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is very involved in memory and critical thinking. This is a clue to the crackdown right here. Do the PTB want a population who can think critically and remember things? Of course not, people like that are harder to control. People who smoke don't tend to get Alzheimers. Smoking doesn't cause lung cancer, doesn't cause emphysema, and second hand smoke is not nearly as harmful as it is made out to be. Is nicotine addictive? Yes. How addictive? Probably no more than sugar, which is added unnecessarily to much of the processed food we eat. Does it cause death? Maybe a few, but not millions upon millions. Stop lying, stop exaggerating, and stop force-feeding us propaganda. We've had quite enough of that. http://edition.presstv.ir/detail/124500.html http://www.livescience.com/15115-5-health-benefits-smoking-disease.html http://members.iinet.net.au/~ray/TSSOASb.html http://www.sadireland.com/smoking1.htm
  7. If I'm on the phone and someone is in front of me talking, I usually can't focus on the phone. Also, I usually can't write while listening to music with words. P.S. I also studied recording arts and audio engineering in college.
  8. Well, I think I'll go turn myself off, And go on down All the way down Really ain't no use in me hanging around In your kinda scene Music, sweet music I wish I could caress, caress, caress Manic depression is a frustrating mess - Jimi Hendrix

  9. I see sexuality as being a spectrum along which ppl fall. These words like Queer are holes punched through the fabric of this spectrum. You can have thousands of words, but some ppl still won't fit. The best approximation for me is pansexual with fluid gender identity.
  10. I'm an anagrammist. Most of my screen names are anagrams of my name. Wordsmith.org has the best anagram generator.
  11. Just FYI, anal insertion works the same way with absorption. Might be something for the guys to ask doctor about.
  12. Stole this question from Experience Project. So many to choose from...so here's a few: BT - Every Other Way Solar Stone - Seven Cities Afro Celt Sound System - Mojave Orbital - Halcyon, and on, and on... Ott - A Shower of Sparks Chicane - Offshore
  13. I've been on Viibryd for almost 30 days now. My mood has greatly improved. My experience has generally been positive, esp since I started taking with food. If it's had any sex side effects on me, it's actually been an increase in sex drive and sensitivity. As always, your mileage may vary.
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