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  1. I experienced the same thing on Risperidone. TRUST me. You haven't been castrated, although it feels like it now. In my experience, it took a while to "bounce back" after stopping Risperidone. It seems not everyone experiences this but I definitely did. I apologise if I am too frank with this... but I think it may help. I had NO libido while being on Risperidone. As in one day I was an orgasm-a-day bloke, if not by others then at least by hand. And then about 3 days after taking Risperidone.... well I tried... and tried.... and of course tried again. But nothing. I could get it u
  2. I had the same thing happen to me. Drug induced psychosis. (several of em)...... then a MASSIVE psychotic break that really needed meds to bring me back. That was a year ago and it's been a horrible year. But that's over now. I'm getting better and am starting to move on with life.Finally When I started anti psychotics (I started with Risperidone) I lost ALL the colour out of the world. There was no pleasure, no emotions, NOTHING. It was the worst feeling I have ever experienced. I quit my job, moved back to my parents, and waited for death to come. I couldn't feel a conversation, couldn't
  3. I've been on Risperidone then Olanzapine and then Abilfy... mixed in with Effexor..... And still drank like a fish. And I'm okay! But everyone is different I guess.
  4. I walked out of a job because of consuming paranoia.Now I'm medicated I can see that quitting was not the answer after all.
  5. I'm a recovering addict. I agree an addict could be anyone regardless of social standing. I have done a lot of bad things to fuel my habit, and I come from quite a stable, well-off background. I've met addicts (mostly meth) from both ends of the "social scale" and either way, both sides ain't pretty.
  6. DAMN! Triggered myself replying to another post a few days back. Started thinking about how it would feel if I just had one more hit. Then started thinking about how I would go about scoring.... organising a place to shoot up... how to hide it from family... how will my meds react to it. AHHHHHH CRAP! I'm gonna relapse for sure. I gotta think about about the negatives. Psychosis Money work Health Family I'm on a fricking community order EVERYONE will know.... for sure I can't afford another trip to psychosis valley.... But still these cravings are gonna win. I haven't made any so
  7. Man.... I can't really relate... or comprehend. It really has no affect on you? I don't want to be triggery (to myself aswell) but I was addicted to the rush. At least you don't have that. Maybe it will be easier for you to just let it go? If it is not triggering your reward pathways then really all you are doing is poisoning yourself. And for what? Nothing.
  8. Yep. There is no "pay off" Not with meth. You need to remember that no matter what, it will never feel as good as you think it will. That, plus all the mental side effects. It get's to a point where it doesn't feel good any more... you will never get the hit any more...those days are gone. I am still sober...still get intense cravings but I can control them now. I am sorry I have no advice on how you can try to quit. My path involved several psychotic eps and a trip to the mental ward before I finally quit.I hope you find a way that is not as destructive as mine was.
  9. My psychosis was caused by meth. I had repeated psychotic episodes when ever i used.I quit meth after a massive psychotic episode and was prescribed anti-psychotics. I also was very afraid of relapses when not on medication. I'm still on Abilify and will be for a while longer. I was afraid of developing schizophrenia for a long time so I spoke to my pdoc about this. They advised that I did not have schizophrenia and that my psychosis was caused by meth only. They did warn me however, that should I relapse further then it could turn into a psychotic illness without it being drug induced. So far
  10. Hi, Just wondering how you are doing? Have you gotten any better? I developed anhedonia and depression soon after starting risperidone. I switched to Abilify and my doctor mixed in effexor as well. It took a couple of months on the effexor but my symptoms eventually all cleared up.I never want to experience that feeling again. it's horrible. I hope you are feeling better, Let us know how you are doing.
  11. I'm on Effexor too. I was also given a small dose at first then slowly went up from there. I thought that it was commonplace to do so.
  12. agreed. Crazyboards for me is a place where i can say what the fuck i want. Narshe has gone through something very similar to my experience with risperidone. its an awful feeling. it feels permanent... it feels like the end. But it wasn't. i got better after quitting the risperidone. Narshe, you will get better too. don't stop posting because of assholes.
  13. You know what - you could be obnoxious and say this about any MI - "move on!" You have no idea what Narshe is going through, so until you've walked in their shoes just lay off the assholery.
  14. I think not remembering would be a good thing. I wish I could forget my episodes. Mine are imprinted in my mind in gut wrenching detail. I still believe in a lot of things that "occurred" during an episode. If I could forget... things would be better. I could let go.
  15. Jet Lag - Simple Plan feat Natasha Bedingfield
  16. Thanks for your input guys. It really helped. I went to case management today. I'm confident that I won't relapse now. Back on the wagon.
  17. I have just switched from Zyprexa to Abilify for psychosis. I did find the Zyprexa definitely had a calming effect. I also noticed the weight gain. Just a little.
  18. I don't think Narshe means to be fear mongering.. Narshe is himself afraid and has obviously been searching EVERYWHERE for answers to his problems. Narshe is looking for support like the rest of us. Narshe, maybe this lady had a few more issues than just the Invega? I hope you start feeling better soon.
  19. ME TOO! Except there was no police. I was "told" that the neighbours had bugged my clothes with microphones and that I had to give them back to debug them. I happily undressed in the street popped the clothes in a bag and left them at my neighbors door. Can't believe no one called the police. SHAME!
  20. Mine Psychosis Paranoia Hurting my Family Money Mental and physical Health Social Isolation Depression EDIT - One more... I'm on a Community Order
  21. I've been discharged from IP but am still on a community order to ensure I take my meds and don't relapse. Part of that order is case management for a few months. Tomorrow I will see 2 case workers, one for the drugs and one for the psychosis. Hopefully that will do some good.
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