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  1. Hello, this is my first post on here! Where do I start... Since I was about 5 I have been obsessed with hair pulling. Luckily I would not pull out hair on my head, but on my arms, legs etc. When I got older and started growing pubic hair, the habit was transferred to that. This is very embarrassing for me but I have never really thought it was a problem. I am 19 now and finally realized that it is not normal. I can spend 5 minutes to 2 hours sometimes trying to pull it all out. I feel like I go into a trance when I do it. I want to pull them ALL. My habit has never been something you can see, since it is always covered up, lol. I started looking up these habits and realized it was trichotillomania. That is how I found this forum. Anywho, I found one way that I feel has greatly reduced my plucking down there. I got a brazillian wax, all the hair was gone, and therefore no more pulling! It was great. Since then I bought my own brazillian wax and use that to rip all of them out so I am not constantly pulling them out on a daily basis. Has anyone else tried this? Or any opinions? I know it does not completely get rid of the habit but it sure does make it less frequent. Sorry this was long winded, but I just need some opinions on whether this is a good fix. Thank you!
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