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  1. I miss a Figment :(



    1. M@ri


      I, too, miss a figment.

    2. bxt227us


      me too.I've been trying to contact her but no luck so far.


    3. M@ri


      @figment - she was locked out of her CB account for wrong password attempts. Haven't seen her on chat for some time.

  2. I don't know that I could say anything better than Geek. If you trust your tdoc, you do build a bond and I can see why you may feel a bit apprehensive about leaving them. I miss my tdoc and keep things she has given me: books, notes, dieting tips (she was a nutritionist too), and various other things. My tdoc passed away and maybe that is a different situation, but I have yet to bond with the new one. She is nice and everything, but I think I have to learn to let go of the other one. Good luck to you. I think you will find the tips from Geek to be helpful when you need a little reassurance. Give the new person a chance and I think you will do well.
  3. Yes, and in all flavors! My mother was undx'd and untreated, therefore...the rest of us enjoyed the nature/nurture double whammy. Her twin has no mental illness, but one of her children has MI that seems similar to whatever my mother may have had.
  4. Feeling used up, but I have so much homework and I may have to travel. :(

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    2. CherryBlossom


      bring your homework with you. My advice and I have felt your way during schooling is.... do one hour of your home-work tonight. Then for morning do another hour and for tomorrow night do another hour. Sometimes things seem less tiresome or big when we take our time and respect our emotional/mental needs. 

    3. tired tammy

      tired tammy

      Thanks Cherry! I am doing my best with that.

      I am going to help my kid while she does a partial program. The drive should be awful!


    4. CherryBlossom


      well Wish you the best. You can always contact your teachers and ask for an extension because of a family emergency pertaining to your child. (don't want to share any details)

  5. Today was one of the weirdest fucking days. So many things happened...and I said "boob snot"...I really did...

    1. CherryBlossom


      lol what does boob snot mean? Saw an infected boob with puss on it? lol

    2. tired tammy

      tired tammy

      LMAO! No, I said I felt like a "boob" when I cried and snotted on the phone to the lady about Pod's dogs and people where like, "Boobs?" "Boobs have snot???" It went down hill from there!

    3. CherryBlossom


      lol sounds like an odd conversation occurred LMAO. I should start saying boobs on the phone...maybe I could get appointments faster lol

  6. JD I just saw this. I am truly floored. I will tell you this. Your kids are watching and learning about relationships from all this. I think the cold hard facts need to be looked at. He wants to do things the Mormon way when they suit him, meaning, I am the man, I am in charge and can do no wrong. This just cannot work when ultimate authority is abused and it HAS been for years. I am not even speaking of physical abuse here. You have done way more than the average Mormon wife does. I don't know a lot of women in your church who work as many hours you have AND do as much work for the church, in the home and in their in-laws homes. This does not seem right and especially since you have MI and physical issues from your war injuries. You should have no guilt for bringing your sister's children into the family because they are family. Let's address the physical aspects now. This one is tough. That one is not likely to change and can be very dangerous. Keep that in mind for you, and the kids. There are also other ways of punishing people besides hitting them and I am worried about this as well. I am not sure why you are opposed to divorce, but I will say this, my minister told me he says their ARE good reasons for divorce and he never encourages people who should be divorced to stay together, He prefaced that statement by saying he believes in marriage for life, but their really are exceptions and god does understand. I would look for an attorney who handles cases involving: MI, children and the Mormon church. I did this for my sister when she almost lost custody of her kids to her Muslim ex. I would have done it earlier but she assured me she had a good attorney and she did not. Take care and I am thinking of you. TT
  7. I take it this post is up for 2017? I know traffic might be down a bit with chat out of commission. I can kick in a little bit extra this year. Thanks for everything~
  8. I am so much older, but San is so much wiser...and my husband and cat would have to come too!
  9. I do not have BPD, but my disorganization which can lead to chaos and havoc leads to a complicated life. I found the author so relatable and compelling, I really couldn't put the book down until I finished. She has given me so much hope. I highly recommend this book for anyone to read, BPD or no.
  10. I want to say how much I appreciate this place and if it didn't exist, I may not be here. I was at the lowest point in my life when I googled, "I am crazy" and this website popped up. While I have spent the majority of my time here, in chat, I do read and post on forums. I have been talked out of crisis and offered support. Call me crazy, but I LIKE THE MODS. Besides VE, who gets paid to do the work they do here??? Would you put up with some of the shit these people have?? I know I could never be a moderator. I would be eaten alive. Do I agree with everything that happens? No, why would anyone, but I do appreciate the time and effort that goes into making this place exist for those of us hanging by our very last thread. Thank you all and I hope chat will resume at some point. PS My paltry donations will continue, with or without chat
  11. Do you ever feel like you've made progress later? My kid has problems feeling shitty during or after therapy or forgets entirely what they talked about, but sometimes feels like she makes progress. I hope you can let your tdoc know this happens to you.
  12. So many things going on it doesn't take much to make one feel shitty. My esteem when it comes to school has never been stunning, and this semester already feels terrible. I just feel too old and dumb to be very useful. I also feel very alone and friendless right now. Ugh...

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    2. tired tammy

      tired tammy

      Thanks AM, I appreciate the support more than you can know. I just struggle when I put in a lot of time and I just can't retain what I've read or thought I've learned. I just end up feeling frustrated, stupid and alone.

      I couldn't even make a proper sign for the Women's March Saturday and almost didn't go, but my husband made me do it and I am grateful he did. I just feel like I have nothing to offer in any way and it eats at me.

      Sometimes that makes me overly sensitive to things and I feel rejected or belittled pretty easily. That doesn't make me very fit for social interaction and I feel badly for anyone who has to be around me!

      I guess I just need to figure things out and keep moving.

      Thanks again for being a friend!

    3. .id


      My dear, you are one of the best people I know, you will know what is right for you. Always thinking of you

    4. tired tammy

      tired tammy

      I always appreciate talking with you and your friendship and kindness. We need to catch up very soon. 

      You are a wonderful man.


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