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  1. Feeling used up, but I have so much homework and I may have to travel. :(

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    2. CherryBlossom


      bring your homework with you. My advice and I have felt your way during schooling is.... do one hour of your home-work tonight. Then for morning do another hour and for tomorrow night do another hour. Sometimes things seem less tiresome or big when we take our time and respect our emotional/mental needs. 

    3. tired tammy

      tired tammy

      Thanks Cherry! I am doing my best with that.

      I am going to help my kid while she does a partial program. The drive should be awful!


    4. CherryBlossom


      well Wish you the best. You can always contact your teachers and ask for an extension because of a family emergency pertaining to your child. (don't want to share any details)

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