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  1. Her lawyers are less than impressed... http://www.advocate.com/politics/transgender/2014/05/14/chelsea-mannings-attorney-accuses-pentagon-strategic-leak
  2. My girlfriend has only dated one other person (a guy) before me, so she's new both to dating as a whole, and to female relationships. Add that to the fact that we're both trans (and she's further along than I am...)...
  3. Yeah, I could tell that something was going on with the service, but when the message changed I thought I'd at least bring it up.
  4. Had issues joining, then it changed to this... I'm betting that this is an issue on their part... but maybe there was a license issue? (It says there are only 13 users in there at the moment)
  5. My last color lasted 2.5 weeks, but the combination of the grow-out plus the mistakes the lady had made were leading to peeling from the back edge. This is my new color, and she applied it *perfectly*. Doesn't touch the cuticle anywhere, so it won't have the ridges that caused the peeling on the last color. ... preparing for a first date, tonight. :fingers crossed:
  6. Waiting is such torment.

  7. Just got confirmation of an appointment on Monday for electrolysis consultation... ... that moved extremely quickly.

    1. Stickler


      ...One might say with hair-razing speed...*ducks*

    2. tired tammy

      tired tammy

      If they have a 2fer, I'll get my mustache done if you do yours!

  8. "I just got some ego maniac all over my pants" sounds a lot dirtier than it actually is...

    1. Indigo 'n dye
    2. taurmaurils


      Whoops. I got the name wrong, anyway.. crap. Ego Boost - http://www.amazon.com/TIGI-Bed-Head-Ego-Boost/dp/B00140TXWQ Still, it was much funnier when I thought it. Sounds like I was attacked by a flasher or something.

  9. I miss her so much. I can't stand being alone. I can't handle it.

  10. Urges, urges - he get these urges / Don't wanna talk about / Heartfelt urges - he get these urges / He's not supposed to talk about / Urges, urges - these restless urges / he don't wanna talk about / Urges, urges - can't stop the urges / Lock them out.

  11. I don't know if I have a specific "aversion," but I definitely avoid it a lot of the time. I only like to do it at night, and even when I tell myself I need to do it, I'll simply be up doing other things until I'm ready to pass out and it's "too late". Standing in the shower is also a place where I happen to end up being flooded with difficult memories, so it's not terribly uncommon for me to end up standing there sobbing...
  12. I really want to abduct Bailey Jay and swap bodies with her. Hrm. Stupid inability to perform brain transplants...

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