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  1. Hello Jules - I am not able to assist with your question, but am sure someone will chip in shortly. I just wanted to say welcome to CB - feel free to contact me or another member of staff if you need help navigating the boards. Mia (mod)
  2. Granted. But now they are so alive that they start talking to you and demanding to be fed. "Feed me... feeeeed meeeee". Your home turns into a version of Little Shop of Horrors. I wish my cats could clean the house and have supper ready for me when I get home.
  3. Granted! You are now an invertebrate. But before you can slither away to your new existence, you are captured by a scientist who goes on to win a Nobel Prize for discovering you. I wish I had a thousand wishes.
  4. @echolocation do you write horror stories IRL? 😁
  5. Granted! You are now known far and wide as Oily Man. I wish someone would pay my speeding fine for me.
  6. Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyd
  7. I do not feel like corrupting this wish. I feel like granting it with no strings attached. So there. I wish I could fix the light in my kitchen without having to call in an electrician.
  8. MiaB

    whatever the weather

    33C (91-ish F) and humid. I have two fans going but still feel like I'm going to dissolve.
  9. Granted, but since I have no idea what a kitted order is, I'm just going to make everything within a hundred meter radius of you go away. I wish I could see in the dark.
  10. Granted. Your ring finger, while still attached to you, is now a separate entity with the ability to tell you its hopes, fears, thoughts and feelings, all of which it shares with you on an hourly basis throughout the day. I wish I could tell my colleague just how much he irritates me.
  11. Granted. Except cats are now allergic to you, and have sneezing attacks every time you go near one. I wish my brain had an off switch.
  12. Granted, but now it's all that's on, 24 hours a day, on repeat and every channel. I wish I knew how to ride a bicycle.
  13. Cheese, I don't think this is "manic ish ness", I believe it is full blown mania. I know it's alluring and feels amazing and you just want it to go on forever, but this doesn't end well. It just doesn't. Please try to absorb what we, as your friends who have witnessed your past cycles, are saying.
  14. @dancesintherain what a frightening dream! I vote for trying an increase in the prazosin, since you've already been given the go ahead by pdoc. I am currently being subjected to highly, highly annoying Xmas music blaring out from my neighbour's house. I generally dislike Xmas songs, but nurture a special hatred for anything warbling about snow and reindeer when it's the middle of frigging summer here.
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