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  1. @saintalto @Gearhead @Unstrung Harp thank you
  2. In the July to September period there are three anniversaries of people in my life who chose suicide. Two in 2018 and one last year. I'm struggling with a flood of memories and sadness, not helped by working alone from home because the country is still in lockdown. Phone calls and virtual meetings don't really stop me from spending too much time in my own head. I'm well medicated and having phone appointments with my pdoc every two weeks, so I guess I'm being taken care of from that point of view. But it's just hard, and I needed to put that down in writing.
  3. I was referring more to professional support. Are you currently receiving any kind of medical or therapeutic treatment?
  4. I'm very sorry to hear that you're in such a bad way. It sounds like you're trying to deal with this on your own - do you have a support system you can reach out to?
  5. Hey again clinic Please try to be patient when you're waiting for replies. In this case it would depend on how much physical damage is done to the pills. Are they broken? Crumbled? If so, I probably wouldn't take them. If you stepped on them and can perceive no damage through the blister pack, then I would think you're fine. If the pills are extended release/sustained release, they have a special coating and cannot be split. So if that is the case - i.e. you have broken an XR/SR pill, then I don't think you can take it. You seem rather anxious in your perseverating over wet pills or broken pills. Mia
  6. 1. Does it feel wet? 2. Were you handling all the strips of pills in the box with wet hands for an extended period? 3. If so, have you made sure that the outside is dry? I'm not sure how to assist further. With apologies for repeating myself, these blister packs are very securely sealed. They are produced in the factory/at a manufacturing point and not created by a pharmacist to assist with, for example, medication compliance in the elderly. Unless you were standing handling them under a running tap, it's highly unlikely that the pills inside the blister pack will have gotten wet. Just wipe the strips with a tissue if that will ease your mind. And as I said, make sure that you don't pop out a pill with wet hands - that should be the first time you actually come into contact with the pill itself, and you don't want moisture to touch it then. Otherwise they are safe. Seriously, of the eight assorted meds that I am on, only one comes loose in a bottle. The rest of them are all in blister packs. I have been receiving medication in this type of packaging for many years and have never had a problem with moisture getting into the pill itself without direct pill to wet hand contact.
  7. I'm in another country and we also get the vast majority of our meds in blister packs like that. In my experience the packages are very tightly sealed, so if you were just touching a strip, I can't see how you could harm the pills. I wouldn't pop one out with wet hands though, because then you may risk causing part of the outer covering of the pill itself to start dissolving. Overall, it's probably best just to make sure that your hands are clean and dry before handling any meds. I am moving this to another board (Miscellaneous Meds/Questions about Meds), as it is more a general question than something unique to the clozapine shown in your pics.
  8. Hi Beeseal Welcome to CrazyBoards. Before you proceed with any further posts on the self injury forum, please take the time to read our guidelines. I specifically want to draw your attention to the following: I have accordingly edited out areas of the posts above that specifically refer to the method you are using to try to harm yourself. From our guidelines again: Those of us who have been down the road of self injury in its many forms understand the battle involved, and most of us literally have the scars to prove it. We know what it's like to live with this crap in our heads, and how we can fall many times before being able to get up and move on. The intent of this particular forum is to support one another in learning to cope, finding help, and identifying alternative strategies (see other pinned topics at the top of the forum). In short, we are here to listen and encourage you in overcoming your personal fight, but cannot and will not tolerate graphic information or requests for how to hurt yourself further. Mia (moderator)
  9. I saw my first tdoc for four years, then moved to a substance abuse specialist tdoc for three years, and finally reverted to the original one. In total our relationship was nine years before I severed it. She shared a lot about her life, and It felt helpful and comforting at the time. I think I would have left earlier if I had been self aware enough to recognise that the boundaries were iffy. In the end she blatantly overstepped by using what she knew about my job to ask me to bypass some rules in getting her son's university application approved (I declined, if you're wondering). The point in saying all this is that curiosity about the person we're vomiting our lives all over is natural, but it can turn bad. Especially if you find yourself hooked in with someone with dubious ethics, as I did. They're meant to be a blank slate. I have not had a tdoc since, and now rely on my pdoc for both meds and therapy. I've been seeing her for five years now, and all I know about her is that she's an animal lover and where she studied. It works for me. I'm glad you got to talk some of this out with your tdoc. It sounds like he's a good one.
  10. I know this pain from personal experience. Are you at least on an antibiotic?
  11. It's the only sensible thing. Masks are compulsory countrywide here. No shop or mall will let you through their doors unless you're wearing one. (This is in addition to being doused with hand sanitiser by security guards at the entrance to anything public)
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