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  1. Ah, thank you They light up my life.
  2. Homicidal. I hate managing people. It's like herding cats.
  3. Productive. I got to the gym at 07h30 (cold and before sunrise) as I knew I'd have the pool to myself. Swam for an hour, felt great. Then went grocery shopping and came home to do laundry. It's really chilly now so I'm going back to bed for the afternoon.
  4. MiaB

    whatever the weather

    Sunny but a cool 14C.
  5. No one is forcing you to keep coming back. If you want to leave, leave.
  6. It's been a few years since I was on lamotrigine, but I don't recall it impacting my sleep. When I was at my target dose it was split morning and night, probably around 12 hrs apart - fwiw.
  7. MiaB

    whatever the weather

    Cold, dark and miserable. Rain later. This really is the dead of winter.... but I do confess that I prefer it to summer. My theory being that I can always put on more clothes when I'm cold, but there's a limit to how many clothes I can take off at work when it's 40C with no aircon.
  8. I think taking the book could be a positive thing - at the very least, it could help springboard discussion of your current anxieties.
  9. I can't answer as to whether it is equivalent to risperidone, as I have not taken that med. However, I was on solian many years ago and only very briefly because it caused lactation almost immediately. I have never experienced anything similar to that before or since - it was awful. However, I should add the usual "your mileage may vary". You may not necessarily repeat my experience.
  10. Welcome! I live for my kitties too. My doctor says "whatever it takes".
  11. Creeped out. Sitting in car because it's too early to go in for pdoc appt and just saw a guy strip down to his underwear and do a complete change of clothes. In a frigging carpark! Perhaps I should offer him my appointment.
  12. I'm going to be blunt. You need in-person, real life help. We are here to offer our encouragement and input, but from experience I can tell you that that's not enough. What happens here should augment support and treatment rather than be your sole go-to place. I completely understand the feelings of shame and anxiety about disclosing your addiction and relapse - it's hard, I know it is, but some things just can't be done entirely on your own. You're looking to wind up in hospital - or dead - if you continue in this way. Please seek help. Even if you just start with looking into NA meetings, as CrazyRedhead suggested above.
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