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  1. I'm generally happy with my own company, but that gets balanced by the people contact I get from working fulltime, seeing my elderly parents and having a gym buddy. But I'm currently feeling very anxious - we're officially working from home and the country is going into lockdown on Friday. Initially they said people would still be able to walk their dogs or themselves, as long as they were on their own. Tonight that has changed to nobody being allowed out to exercise, only to take drives to buy food or medicine. I can already feel the cabin fever looming. I'm not sure how I'm going to cope. I figure I'll have to try to structure and schedule my day pretty carefully so I don't go completely over the edge. I do have an exercise bike so I should factor in time on that for the endorphins. Otherwise... who knows? Ultimately it's a day by day thing. If I think of it in its entirety my brain feels like it might explode.
  2. MiaB

    Questions Thread

    My grandmother on her 96th birthday, laughing with my mom. She (my gran) passed away a year later and since we're not really big on photographing in my family, it's the last pic of the two of them together. Do you like penguins?
  3. MiaB

    Questions Thread

    Simon's Cat. Do you regularly play any games online?
  4. Can you tell us more about what you mean? Your title seems to indicate that you're coming out of a manic episode- is that correct? I'm happy to listen, but it's difficult to respond to you if you don't give a bit more context.
  5. ALL of this should be discussed with your pdoc, clinic. How much of what you're reporting here is just you messing around with your meds on your own? Mikl is correct when he says that you don't always seem to take on board or acknowledge any responses or suggestions you receive, and that it gets repetitive. But to me the bottom line is, talk to your doctor. I'm very concerned that you do not seem to be doing this. CrazyBoards is not and should not be a substitute for professional care.
  6. I responded to you about this once before (sometime last year I believe). I was on solian only very briefly because I started lactating early into the treatment. This was quite a long time ago, so I don't recall the dose. I'm a woman. I don't think this is prescribed in the US, so you may receive limited input from members here, unless you get lucky with someone from the UK, Europe, NZ or Australia.
  7. Juniper is right - it really depends on the people in the group. Also what system they choose to follow. In my experience the opposite extreme to those mentioned above involves every member contributing money, and then taking turns to go out and buy books. They also tend to be the kind of group which is more focused on wine and gossip than the actual literature. Not really my scene. I think that the one you described really sounds like it's worth a shot. So what if there's a pompous ass there? You could meet some interesting people and get back into feeding a passion of yours. How great would that be? 😊
  8. To say you've been through a rough time is obviously an understatement - I'm sorry to hear this, notloki.
  9. While you may have the best intentions, I'm afraid this is inappropriate. Both the posting of BMI etc and the offer to counsel someone on this issue in private.
  10. I tried it twice - once because it was prescribed while I was in an inpatient drug rehab, and again about a decade later in conjunction with other meds. I don't remember the dose, but I know it was low. The only thing I recall about it is that it did absolutely nothing for me either time. No side effects, no positive effects - basically no effect at all. That's not to say it's totally useless as a med, just that it didn't work for me. My pdoc wasn't inclined to try higher doses, and we moved on to other things. I've not seen it mentioned much on CB. Can you tell us why your pdoc wants to prescribe it?
  11. Hello Jules - I am not able to assist with your question, but am sure someone will chip in shortly. I just wanted to say welcome to CB - feel free to contact me or another member of staff if you need help navigating the boards. Mia (mod)
  12. Granted. But now they are so alive that they start talking to you and demanding to be fed. "Feed me... feeeeed meeeee". Your home turns into a version of Little Shop of Horrors. I wish my cats could clean the house and have supper ready for me when I get home.
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