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  1. I don't know how things work in other countries but the result will likely depend on a number of factors. The first being if you've had fines/done things wrong, on the road in the past and what's on your record. If nothing, and they're peeved enough to complain to the police, you might get a fine, some points off your licence. Unless you have numerous times where you've done this, been caught drink driving or speeding numerous times and had lots of points removed from your licence before it's unlikely you'd end up having to go to court let alone prison.
  2. I can understand all those feelings. Sometimes people are no longer IN love with someone but it doesn't mean you don't love him. And when you're in a relationship, with children, and have been for a long time, there is no way to imagine things being any other way. I do wish you well in your decision making. It's definitely a huge life changing one. Sending you strength x
  3. All over the place. Depths of despair one minute, okay the next, overwhelmed and exhausted (but haven't done anything so not physically exhausted).
  4. Hello and welcome to CB (again ). Wanting to do something in psychology is not ironic IMO. I actually think it's because we deal with the things we do, that we feel like we'd like to help others who feel the same and maybe things we've learned along the way could be beneficial to someone else.
  5. A full blown panic attack for me is: Heart racing and pounding Feeling nauseas feeling sweaty but freezing at the same time/clammy hands feeling like I need a toilet and I need a toilet NOW. I feel like I'm in a different reality. I usually forget to breathe properly and shallow breathe which compounds the issues Racing thoughts and the feeling of needing to escape and go home (or go anywhere but where I am at the time)
  6. I don't have any advice, but here to listen. Is there any chance the feelings for your husbands friend have intensified because you are unhappy in your marriage? Sometimes when we're unhappy, if an opportunity presents itself, the feelings can be stronger than if we were just flat out not open to them in the first place (does that make sense?). I am sorry though that you feel stuck in an unhappy relationship. Yes, it's scary like nothing else is scary to contemplate going it alone. Especially when we have other limitations (I have had to consider going it alone in the past and have not worked for a lot of years due to my physical and mental health problems so having to think about working for the first time in an eternity on top of suddenly being single after 15 odd years and having kids by myself was a very difficult decision to have to make). Don't beat yourself up. You're not a horrible person. You are a person who isn't being treated right and emotions have gotten tangled up. You haven't acted on anything and from what you're saying, while you have feelings, you're not even engaging in an emotional affair with this man. We don't ask to feel the way we do, but what we do with those feelings counts towards who we are and what kind of person we are.
  7. Good luck! Hopefully at higher doses it will kick in and help the anxiety more. I was on Citalopram in the past for my anxiety. It didn't make it go away but it dulled the panic attacks a lot and helped calm the exhausting anxious thoughts that never shut up inside my head. Valium controls those best for me but I don't want a problem with it so I take a half dose like once a month max when I really really need a break from my own head.
  8. It sounds like anxiety to me. I do most of these things. I think OCD is a branch off of an anxiety disorder so sometimes for those of us who have both the lines get blurred. FWIW, I had the same side effect with the eyes from zoloft. My GP also told me they'd never heard of it. It was like a really bad sinus pressure behind my eyes (the left one in particular was bad) and felt like my eyeball was going to fall out of my head or was bugging out or something. It was horrible. I gave zoloft 3 attempts but even at 1/4 dose I got that eye pain and couldn't titrate up at all so ended up giving up on that particular one.
  9. I keep swinging between flat and being overly emotional. Had a lot going on (physically), some of it a bit hard to deal with (health related). I think that's what's causing me to want to cry like a baby in between the feelings of nothingness and hopelessness. It's rubbish and I'm feeling really tired of fighting feeling like this. It's been months and it's affecting not just me but my family as well (who I haven't gone into great detail with about the way I'm feeling because it just makes them feel bad). I'm glad she is on the mend now. Strokes can be absolutely devastating both to a person and to those around them.
  10. I'm glad you've kept taking it and are so far doing well on it. I do the same with the googling of side effects. I'm phobic of both vomit and stomach upset (at the other end! Whole lifetime of a messed up stomach will make anyone terrified of digestive upset!). I will google and read reviews of a med until there are no reviews left to read and every page says I've visited it before! Then wonder why I'm so scared to take something! Problem is, when you take something and it goes well, you stop posting about it on the internet so the only stories out there are the horror one's! Please keep following up I'm on the lookout for something new to try (for both the anxiety and the depression) and it's nice to read positive stories.
  11. I have my own kids and I love them. But I'm not a kid person and I don't really like them much. It's not different when they are your own, you just happen to love them so you deal with it all. Toddlers are especially hard work. Mine are grown now and I think I was always meant to be a mother of teenagers because I am so much better at it than I was a mother to babies or toddlers. Even older kids (7-10). They are noisy and attention demanding. It doesn't make you a bad person or a bad aunt.
  12. My morning anxiety has hit me out of nowhere. I always have anxiety, but morning anxiety, where you feel crippled with panic as soon as you open your eyes about nothing in particular hits me a few times a year. There's never a reason. It just arrives. Then eventually goes for the same reason it arrived. Exhausting.
  13. I'm sorry, but I giggled at the idea of receiving such a device of torture as a gift!!! (I would also be left wondering if you thought I was a hairy beast who needed such a device!!)
  14. I went undiagnosed with PPD with my first. The nurse told me because I wasn't suicidal at the time that it couldn't be PPD. It wasn't until a couple of years later when I had finally started to work my way out of it that someone said everything I had been going through was undoubtedly down to having it. Not having a diagnosis left me absolutely lost. I didn't connect with my child properly and it caused so many issues. I didn't know what was wrong with me, I didn't know why I hadn't felt these immediate feelings of love and protection for my child. I was like a robot, doing the things I knew I had to do but there was no joy or emotion behind any of it. It took many years for me to finally work through those feelings and find a connection with her and I think, even now, many many years later there is still some kind of effect there that isn't with my others due to how it went at the time. I'm glad you had someone who listened to you finally and has helped you to feel the joy and happiness that parenting should bring.
  15. I don't have social phobia (that I'm aware of) but I can definitely empathize with this. I hate hate answering the phone. I generally let the machine get it and will only pick it up if it's my partner or my mother or someone. Even when it's my mother though I hesitate. I don't know why. I think because I feel trapped on the phone, I can't just hang up and go away. The front door is the same. I really hate when someone is at the door and I wasn't expecting anybody. I've gotten better with my reaction to the phone since having the machine because I know I don't have to pick it up if I don't want to. All this being said though, I also have issues with trying to call people. I get anxiety even when I call my Mum and will often attempt to call a number of times before I finally dial the number and actually let it ring. If I have to call back a business or something who left a message you can pretty much forget it. I'll put it off forever.
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