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  1. I wouldn't advocate being off meds to people. I'm just lucky in the sense I can get away without medication, and have had since 2013. Also, there's a bit of conjecture whether I am actually SZA...my therapist doesn't think it was a correct diagnosis considering how I am now, my pdoc thinks otherwise because when I was at my worst, my symptoms were best described as SZA. I used to wonder myself quite a bit, but now I realise it doesn't really matter, because it doesn't affect my life either way. The Australian welfare system is similar to the British system too - jobseekers are obliged to do x
  2. Old thread but thought I'd offer a counter to the pessimism... I work at a children's hospital. Started off in support services, moved into medical records and all up, I've been at the hospital for nearly 2 years. Been working full-time hours while studying a post-grad degree part-time. What works for me? In a nutshell - good time management, regular exercise and regular therapy sessions. I do go loopy [mostly depressed] from time to time when my schedule gets a bit hectic, but I'm learning to relax more and I have good workmates who remind me to back off with my work hours when they see I'm
  3. I use this a lot to help me get things done: http://pomodorotechnique.com/ Personally I think it's easier to be unwell than to be well, but I prefer being well.
  4. Re: the young woman in the audience. Sounds more like a general question, as in simply asking if you blogged? There are various privacy settings you can choose for your non-CB blogs, like you can set your tumblr and twitter to private. I think you can assign only certain people access to your tumblr through a password - not sure about that setting, I only ever dabbled in tumblr and haven't used my account in years.
  5. I've read a lot of articles that encourage people to stand up against stigma, that I shouldn't be ashamed of myself for having MI. While intellectually I understand their points and I know that I shouldn't be ashamed of something I didn't choose [who wants to be MI?!], emotionally I can't help being ashamed. I guess there are lots of negative connotations with having mental illness, especially anything that has anything remotely psychotic attached to it. It's terrifying for most people. Hell, anything psychiatric is "serious" and scary for most people. I have workmates who are very op
  6. It sounds like you are pretty sheltered. One less person = one less person to complete the team's daily required tasks. Which means others have to pick up the slack, on top of doing their assigned tasks. It's very annoying when you suddenly have all these other tasks to do. Where I work, we notice if someone is taking 5mins extra break or turn up to work 5mins late and they get told. I've lost [paid] jobs from being late too often, this is how I learnt the hard way that people expect you to be punctual and to turn up when you are supposed to be around.
  7. If I understand what you mean correctly... I don't necessarily see it as 'censorship' as such, more like social rules that govern certain situations and places. There are things that would be highly inappropriate for my workplace that I would happily say outside of work [i.e. I'll swear like a trooper outside of work, I'm very clean-mouthed and polite in the workplace]. There are things I would say to adults but not children. There are behaviours that are fine at home but not in public.
  8. In my case, I think at the moment it is considered a remission. I can see how I was seen as SZA when I was symptomatic. I remember having a conversation with my pdoc about this last year and he was of the view that SZA was the best description of my symptoms. Which, in a way, I understand. On the other hand, once I dealt with my PTSD, my SZA symptoms really abated. So who knows... I usually try to view my progress and current situation in a positive light - in the sense I've moved well beyond when I was most sick (and was described as having severe symptoms). However there are times wh
  9. Sometimes I feel like mental health labels are like immovable objects. At least with mine, anyway. I wish I could put a block my record as well but I think my current GP has ask the info and is compelled to tell other doctors of said labels. which is unfortunate unless I go to a different GP and not transfer any records at all.
  10. I wonder if it's ever worth getting a re-assessment. Here are my current labels: SZA, ASD, ADHD. Sounds like a heavy mix, right? Except I've been symptom-free from SZA for three years and off medication for two. The only one I can really relate to at the moment is the ADHD. The ASD is fairly subtle but I know it's there in the background. while I know labels don't describe me as a person, they are still on my record...even though I don't relate to them. If I see another doctor, they get a list of said labels and suddenly assumptions are made of me. Also quite simply - it feels like I ha
  11. Your payment is DSP payment rates + clean energy supplement + something additional, which comes to about $806/fortnight or so if you're getting the full amount [i was on a partial DSP, so I can't tell you the exact number for the full payment.] As for getting it - there's lots of paperwork. Your doctor will have to fill out a form listing your diagnosis/diagnoses, the treatment you've had [medication history, any hospitalisations], what difficulties you experience, etc. It can be confronting to read but your doctor will be writing from the perspective of when you are at your worst. Then Ce
  12. I had a friend like that - would promise me xyz then backpedal with many excuses. He was basically too impulsive and had chronic time management issues. Basically someone who meant well but constantly overcommitted, so I learnt not to ask him for anything because inevitably I would be disappointed. The point about having different type of friends is a good one. Usually I try not to ask my friends for anything anyway, because it can complicate relationships.
  13. Sometimes not everything is psychiatric...do you agree with your co-worker that you are too dependent on your parents? Do you have a life outside them?
  14. As in, stay awake 60hrs consecutively? If so - pretty bad. It'll either affect your cognition to the point where you'll seem drunk, or you'll push yourself into a manic state. It's not uncommon to be able to get by with less sleep than the usual 8hrs/night but no matter how much you don't like sleep, your body does need it.
  15. I'm late to this topic but anyway. I work full-time, I study full-time. Hope to finish my studies in the middle of the year. It can get pretty tiring but I find having good time management and allowing myself a day or so where I can simply hang around at home all day in my PJs to be very beneficial.
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