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  1. I live in a bad neighbourhood. Not exactly the "ghetto". Im wary of people around here. Do I have the right to be paranoid?
  2. Yes THANK YOU for taking time in writing your replies. I have read them carefully. That's it though I am not sure if it is a still a " real issue ". Notice the " ??????? " at my last post. Im asking you if you still think it is. The police are already aware of him. He is on a DVO. I was told the abuse got 10x worse after that. He obviously doesn't listen to the police nor the court system. I have only seen him once and certainly don't want to see him again. Do you think it is still a "real issue" ?
  3. I won't she is married with a kid. Otherwise I might have to write another thread of how "my life is in danger"...
  4. It has been 5 weeks not 1 cigarette.. I STILL am craving tobacco!!! What the hell?? Im drinking water by the gallon... I just will not buy another packet till the cravings go. Man this is addictive.
  5. So theres this girl at work. She smiles and raises her eyebrows twice at me quite a bit. What does this mean? :-)
  6. I think I am being paranoid. LMFAO If he was going to "do something" he would of done it by now... ??
  7. I didn't tell the whole story. My fault. I didn't know she had a boyfriend at first. I came onto her. There are rumors that we had a "Thing". I think he is pissed (edits) Coz he found out and told her to stop communicating with me but I kept pursuing a "relationship". So he wants to know more about me. Right? Otherwise where is the fun. So he tells her to keep communicating with me to know more about me. Why would he threaten me? Its OVER. He wants revenge. He isnt going to tell me what he is going to do. He will just do it... This isnt paranoia. Trust me. He doesnt work and has nothing better to do. He wants to know more about me through other people.
  8. I noticed ESPECIALLY on the immediate release. It sounded like I had a cold. I was on 1200mg. I just thought of that.
  9. Umm. SHE has to report he broke the order but he threatened if she does. The police told her only option is to leave him. Obviously she can't. If I go to the police and HE knew it was me. I would DEFINATELY be at risk. LOL. And trust me HE will find out. Its not an overnight thing he will be prosecuted.
  10. So I met this girl in a Support Group. She seemed nice and soon told me "You should try meeting other people" but I didnt listen and I kept in contact with her for the next 6 months until we finally split paths. I found out the reason was the guy HER BOYFRIEND she is living with is extremely abusive and the police are called there nearly every week. He is on a domestic violence order but the abuse escalates. HE knows where I work and actually came to my workplace being sarcastic. He is Bad News. If his friends see me walking outside they horn at me once or wave at me. This continues till now... I stopped contact with her 2 years ago. Am I at risk?
  11. Researching? On the internet? SOMETHING he might of read that wasn't true? Maybe when you told him you could have given him some proper material about Bipolar? Just me. I would wait till it gets serious before disclosing. Otherwise YES if you tell too early they could ditch you and tell the whole town. LOL at least then people already know and u wouldn't have to worry about disclosing. JK..
  12. I'm not meant to be rude. If you could change would you? Have any of you actually "changed"? I mean as in stopped substance abuse , self harming ect. all together or gotten a job?
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