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  1. So the other day a friend of mine mentioned something about my ex. We were in a toxic relationship (we were both bipolar) and she was on and off her meds and things were messy until I couldn't take it anymore and walked away. I never felt more unstable in my life during that period of time and I just needed to get out. And just mentioning her (this is after 2 years since i left) made me take a 180 --depression, mania, my mind felt like it was slowly eating away at itself. Not only that, but I felt driven to her at that point. I'm fine now, and completely understand why I left. & don't have any affection or feelings towards her. Does anyone have similar triggers? How do you deal with them ?
  2. Usually when I'm feeling too good to be true. Blissful, happy, everything I wanna feel. Almost like a high, I feel like i'm on top of my shit, and I can accomplish anything I ever want. Could go on for an hour or 2 up to a week, but most times after that I usually crash pretty hard, depression, long hours of staying awake and not being able to sleep, laying in bed, like a dead feeling and sometimes It'd just go back and fourth for months until I can readjust and get stabilized.
  3. Theres definitely evil on here.. I can smell it too.. im with you on that one..
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