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  1. The most often cited med is Olanzapine, although Quetiapine is the closest relative to Clozapine and Aripiprazole in many ways is the new boy on the street...
  2. That's my understanding. My NHS pdoc is just flat out saying he can't prescribe Stelazine at that dose.
  3. I went from 2mg to 5mg over a month then up to 10mg about 2 weeks a go. Initially I was given a private prescription for 30 tablets for about £100 but I really need to go back to the NHS to afford it.
  4. I have a few pdocs. Fantastic team. But they disagree. Main doc has prescribed, among other things, 450mg Clozapine, 1.5g Epilim, 60mg Tranylcypromine and 10mg Stelazine. I was recently upped to 10mg Stelazine from 2mg to control psychotic symptoms. But my NHS pdoc won't prescribe it saying he'll get struck off if he tries it. And I'd need comprehensive heart monitoring. Who's in the right?
  5. Well, it's broken. Sticks at 0.4mAH - 0.6mAH. Should be levelling off at 5.0mAH for therapeutic dose. Have tried everything. I paid £1,000 for this thing. Advice from the clinic? Press the buttons faster. Tried, failed miserably. I am not a happy bunny. Mind you, I'm unhappy anyway, so this is all I need!
  6. Sounds interesting. It appears to be similar to the NueuroSygma and Fisher Wallace machines
  7. Your first stop medication if SSRIs don't work are NARIs such as Reboxetine. Then multiple reuptake inhibitors such as Duloxetine and novel antidepressants such as Mirtazapine. Failing this tricycles such as Dosulepin are a good option. They're more open to abuse than SSRIs, which is whys they are used less, but I they're just as effective if not more so. Penultimately, reversible MAOIs such as Moclobemide take pride of place. They work in a similar way to MAOIs but command far less in the way of dietary restrictions. There's even a patch that delivers Selegeline, brand name Emsam. Finally, medications for depression alone farthest of down the line are non-reversible MAOIs. The ONLY reason they are not the FIRST line of defenece is the diet and incompatibility with other meds. Otherwise, many psychiatrists find them to be the most effective antidepressants out there. Examples include Tranylcypromine. Adjunctive therapies also exist. These include mood stabilisers (such as Sodium Valproate), antipsychotics (such as Quetiapine) and stimulants.
  8. South Park is typically just crude jokes, but the movie actually had quite high production values. Whilst this isn't the best example, it always makes me grin when I hear it!
  9. Also bear in mind that there are various different types of spoken therapy. I found CBT to be effective for depression, EMDR for PTSD and straight-forward counselling for just getting things off my chest!
  10. The feeling of being underrated is no fun. I had to kick up such a fuss that hospitalisation was threatened! Good luck with the machine and I hope it works!
  11. Will, a slow start. I'm meant to begin on 2mAH and work my way up in 0.5mAH to a dose of 5mAH, but this was uncomfortable, so I reverted down to 1mAH and increased by 0.2mAH... up to 2mAH and no side effects
  12. It's like a jackhammer to the head. It will leave you poleaxed and craving sugar, but the upsides are enormous. I'm on 450mg, half way to the max roughly, and it's helped greatly. Be aware of toxicity levels - I was on 550mg but it was poisoning me.
  13. That's the one I use. It's pricey at £1,000. So far so good though - I'm certainly more alert yet not manic! A cheaper alternative is a Fisher Wallace Machine - hang around, they go on sale very often as in hundreds off! ETA: Fisher Wallace machine is currently £399.00 and has great reviews, practically the same thing.
  14. Olanzapine for anxiety is like napalm for an anthill. You can bet your bottom dollar it will work, but the side effects may be too much to bear. It is a VERY heavy hammer.
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