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  1. I know one person who was on 900mg of Clozapine... but that poor bugger was REALLY sick :(
  2. So. I was on 550mg of Clozapine. A fair whack - 900mg is the theoretical limit with 450mg being the usual amount. Anyway, it was working, but I was very drugged up. They carried out some blood tests and damn it if they didn't show that I was being poisoned by the Clozapine. I have been brought down to 350mg which is borderline safe. I guess what I'm trying to say is don't trust written "maximums" - if you feel odd, get screened. Everyone has different tolerances and it's important to know yours.
  3. So I've been receiving eTNS treatment for a few months now, using a NeuroSigma machine at the optimum dose of 5.0mA and it's great! You attach electrodes to your forehead and a direct current is passed between them. It buzzes a bit to start, but you soon get used to it. One dose is 12 hours so you sleep with it on. Can be a bit tricky if you toss and turn, but it works out. Couldn't live without it now! Expensive though - the machine was £1,000 and the electrodes £90 for 10, so insurance is a must.
  4. My clinic calls it eTNS, I use the Monarch system. Promising so far. Little at a time. You have to work up your dose incrementally to the therapeutic dose. All plugged in now for the night... Buuzzzzz!
  5. Has anyone come across Rasagiline? Activating/Sedating, half life? Richard
  6. Massive one, called Seratis. Had a review of practically every approved drug out there for the more common ailments as well as descriptions of the illnesses themselves. This of it like a big brother to Crazy Meds. Then the hosts pulled the plug. I retrieved the site and set it up again. This time, instead of an HTML monstrosity, it was fluently put on phpBB3, searchable and indexible. Again, the host pulled the plug with no warning. Now it's gone. All that work, gone. Will I ever recreate it? I don't know. I have a blog (http://www.flyingfelix.co.uk) but that's it for now a
  7. Simba Cub


    Well, I had three holidays planned. Vegas in May, Venice in August (birthday, yay!) and Orlando in October. Vegas? Not likely. Venice? I'm hopeful but pessimistic. Orlando? If we're not healing by then I'll be pessimistic about the state of the world
  8. Simba Cub


    That is a mighty number!
  9. Interesting. There are four potential treatments for Corona Virus already in the pipeline - come in China, one I believe in England and another in, again I think, Denmark. But more amazing is that a treatment for Lupus seems to fight the Corona virus. Fingers crossed!
  10. And he has a steering wheel stuffed down his trousers. "Mate," says the barman, "Do you realise you have a steering wheel stuffed down your trousers?" "I know," says the man, "It's been driving me nuts!"
  11. Which drug do you feel is better tolerated and most effective? Duloxetine or Venlafaxine? Same drug class, the only difference of any note that I've seen is that Duloxetine is prettier!
  12. Simba Cub


    Often I just look at all the pills I take - over 20 of the damn things - and think, why am I taking them? Maybe I am being poisoned by those around me? Other times I wonder about overdosing... in fact, a few times I have just binged on Dosulepin (although it just made me sleepy)
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