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  1. ECT was a split blessing for me. On the one hand, it nuked my depression... for a while. On the other hand, it screwed me up and gave me PTSD, especially after one instance where they mixed up the meds and gave me Scolene (sp?) Apnoea. Now I'm being treated with rTMS and it is FANTASTIC! I feel much better and the treatment is so soothing I often fall asleep in the chair It does cost though
  2. Simba Cub


    Hannibal as a character works primarily as a secondary player, someone always there but just out of sight. I loved Hannibal for the music, screenplay and acting, but it overused Hannibal Lecter and left little to the imagination. Plus Hannibal gets caught which is well out of order - he's meant to exude an aura of invincibility.
  3. Apparently - or so our vet tells us - uncooked bones are fine. It's the cooked ones that splinter and cause problems.
  4. A few scraps but yeah, pretty much gone!
  5. OK, so we'd left a unroasted chicken on the counter top, supposedly out of reach of our dogs. Here's the clever - and naughty part. Tillie, one of the dogs - mimicked a move I can only describe as one akin to an accordion and nabbed it. No idea how. And she swallowed it, whole. No chewing - like a duck. Naughty Tillie. No biscuit.
  6. Good for you! It's not very often that people actually do something to help the cause! I'm still in a very dark place... I hope that a combination of more Clozapine, more Trifluoperazine and the introduction of a benzo will help, even for a short while...
  7. Simba Cub


    Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal are both favourite films of mine, Silence for being absolutely terrifying in many ways and Hannibal for its class. AFAIK, the timeline goes like this: Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal. Hopkins was in each them, but Jodie Foster was only in Silence. Julianna Moore (sp?) took over the role of Clarice in Hannibal. Wowza, tough act to follow!
  8. Oh my yes. Usually it increases appetite, but I have seen it do the exact opposite. As for the blunt tools reference, these drugs DO have side effects, more often that not. There is no magic pill that will cure all ills... only drugs that suit us better than the others. If you're lucky, you'll settle on a drug with few side effects. If you're like me, it's a never-ending journey through the jungle of medications. I wish they were precise, super effective pills, but the truth is, we've room to grow into, efficacy wise.
  9. Simba Cub


    Hannibal may have been adult, but Silence of the Lambs was downright evil...
  10. It's down to the patient. Seroquel COULD cause someone to put on weight and lose all appetite - that would be a "Paradoxical Reaction". Remember, these drugs are nothing but blunt tools (although they're far more sophisticated now than they were a few decades back!) I was recently on 10mg Aripiprazole. Small dose. But it stopped me eating. That's just me though... YMMV.
  11. Simba Cub


    OK, let me start by saying that this is one messed up film – VERY adult only! BUT… the acting is superb as is the storytelling. And the music… my word. Perhaps the best music I have ever heard, full stop. Especially the Aria di Capo and ESPECIALLY the opera piece “Vide cor Meum”, or “I See Your Heart”, written to the words of Danté’s Pilgrim. Sumptuous.
  12. Simba Cub


    Like an idiot I have accidentally erased the database behind my psychiatric database - that was a lot of work! I'm rebuilding it from scratch but it's taking ages and it a tonne of work I guess on the bright side the software is better and I'm filling it out more but there are still more holes than Swiss cheese
  13. Tics and twitches are warning signs. "Restless Leg Syndrome" is an extreme example. But facial tics are not to be ignored just because they are small. These drugs can most certainly cause your symptoms and should be addressed sooner rather than later.
  14. I'm in a terrible place. May have to reduce the dose of Aripiprazole or give it up altogether. Spent most of today at work in the back room doubled over in intense pain with my thoughts muddled. HORRIFIC feeling. Like, call 999 feeling. Never again! Doctor's tomorrow, no dose in the morning.
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