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  1. Personally I'm on Clozapine which is a "messy" drug in its own right; I just came across Pimozide in random browsing.
  2. Apparently it's carcinogenic and known side effects include "sudden death syndrome". Is this just a case of reading too much into things or should I generally be worried!
  3. They're heavy duty drugs, but damnit, they've saved my life. Even though my first dabbling - Risperidone - was a disaster (unconscious after 2mg, but asleep, literally unconscious), it sorted my thought processes out no end!
  4. Simba Cub


    Pricey. The device that the London Psychiatry Centre uses is £1,000 including a month's electrodes, which are £300 a moth after that. Fisher Wallace meanwhile are only hundreds to buy...
  5. Simba Cub


    ETA: I have a friend who suffers from epilepsy. I can judge how it takes me side effects wise and report back to her
  6. Simba Cub


    It would appear that the London Psychiatry Centre is offering patients who suffer from depression and/or epilepsy eTNS therapy: https://www.psychiatrycentre.co.uk/treatments/etns/ I hope to start therapy in a few weeks. Will report back then.
  7. Falling down an up escalator 🥵
  8. Just started Topamax for a few reasons: Weight loss Addressing of migraines Elevation of mood Reduction of seizures Will report back when I have further information. At the moment I'm on the minimum dose (25mg) but can go much higher (up to and including 300mg).
  9. As it stands it s the next step in my treatment. I'm at full dose of an MAOI antidepressant, a high dose of Clozapine, a high dose of Trifuloperazine, a VERY high dose of a mood stabiliser, even beta blockers. So yeah, a lot of meds. Additionally I am given maintenance sessions of rTMS. So, as there is little wiggle room for medication increases, this may be an interesting answer.
  10. Anyone used one of these? They seem pretty pricy, but given a long term view of treatment, probably works out very cheaply. Meant to have good reviews ("relaxed yet alert") but you can't always believe what you read!
  11. What do you guys think? Is Boeing culpable in the crashing of multiple 737-Max aircraft almost certainly due to the same fault in their navigation systems? Would you ever fly in one of these planes again?
  12. Simba Cub

    Stiff jaw

    Here's one for you. I currently have a stiff jaw - hurts on the right hand side. What do you think is causing this? My meds regime is in my siggie.
  13. Seroquel is an interesting drug. It's the "softest" one meaning it has the least dodgy side effects, but it WILL make you VERY drowsy - probably! Ironically, it is the atypical antipsychotic closest to Clozapine out of the rest.
  14. Hang tight. I know that many will tell you that you are simply being delusional and maybe you are... I myself was certain that people were reading my thoughts with telepathy (who knows? maybe they are!) but now I feel differently on antipsychotics... But maybe they are acting in an inhospitable manner? Who knows? May your future be safer and simpler
  15. I got told that my symptoms were interchangeable - I could be labelled as having either Schizoaffective Disorder of the Depressive Type or Schizophrenia with Co-Morbid Depression... loosely. He prefers the latter.
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