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  1. Hey, you were of great help. I've just resorted back to taking a Stelazine when I get too paranoid. I will be having a proper consultation with my pdoc in the next few weeks.
  2. I know it's not logical and I know they must be terrified of ME! But I just see them everywhere and imagine them everywhere...
  3. For a while now in the evenings I will lose all focus. I can count out all my meds then forget about them. I get transfixed in the ceiling and lights. Time passes. Nothing happens. I will spend literally hours doing nothing, not thinking about anything, not really anywhere. I just unplug and before you know it, it's midnight. What do you guys think?
  4. Lately I have become paranoid of spiders. As in terrified. I see them everywhere, on the table, in my dreams, under the sofa. It's terrifying. This is above and beyond arachnophobia.
  5. Sadly I have a low toxicity level, petering out at about 350mg out of a possible 900mg. Have just swallowed 5mg of Trifluoperazine (Stelazine) as a buffer. I hope it works!
  6. Clozapine does stuff the NO OTHER ANTIPSYCHOTIC can possibly hope to do, in good ways. It's neither an atypical nor a typical antipsychotic; rather, it is in it's own class. It was the only drug that even TOUCHED my psychosis. I've maxed out the dose to within my toxicity levels and have bolstered it up with a modest dose of Amisulpride, a typical, and between them it does the trick. Highly recommended, side effects and all! (Side effects for me were primarily sleeping 16 hours a day, eating tonnes and retaining weight).
  7. I could have done. TBH, I can't really remember. I've essentially taken every psychiatric medication in the book, barring stimulants! Fortunately I'm on a good cocktail finally, ranging from Clozapine to MAOIs and typical antipsychotics and mood stabilisers
  8. Might I add that Vortioxetine (Brintellix) is only intended as a second line of defence, for when two or more antidepressants have failed?
  9. Clozapine plus Olanzapine must make you sleep 23 hours a day! Amisulpride is a more activating antipsychotic, a typical I believe. Olanzapine is an atypical and Clozapine is in its own batshit crazy category!
  10. My main antipsychotic is Clozapine at a moderate dose. In theory you can go as high as 900mg, but everyone has an upper toxicity level, so results will vary. For me it's 350mg. I also take 150mg of Amisulpride as a top-up drug and between the two, my psychosis is pretty well managed
  11. I know one person who was on 900mg of Clozapine... but that poor bugger was REALLY sick :(
  12. So. I was on 550mg of Clozapine. A fair whack - 900mg is the theoretical limit with 450mg being the usual amount. Anyway, it was working, but I was very drugged up. They carried out some blood tests and damn it if they didn't show that I was being poisoned by the Clozapine. I have been brought down to 350mg which is borderline safe. I guess what I'm trying to say is don't trust written "maximums" - if you feel odd, get screened. Everyone has different tolerances and it's important to know yours.
  13. So I've been receiving eTNS treatment for a few months now, using a NeuroSigma machine at the optimum dose of 5.0mA and it's great! You attach electrodes to your forehead and a direct current is passed between them. It buzzes a bit to start, but you soon get used to it. One dose is 12 hours so you sleep with it on. Can be a bit tricky if you toss and turn, but it works out. Couldn't live without it now! Expensive though - the machine was £1,000 and the electrodes £90 for 10, so insurance is a must.
  14. My clinic calls it eTNS, I use the Monarch system. Promising so far. Little at a time. You have to work up your dose incrementally to the therapeutic dose. All plugged in now for the night... Buuzzzzz!
  15. Has anyone come across Rasagiline? Activating/Sedating, half life? Richard
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