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  1. I never noticed any real differences in mood effects between IR and XL, personally. On IR I got extra jittery in the middle of the day and then crashed HARD energywise around 7 or 8 pm. On XL it's a much smoother all-the-time energy and less jitters. The fundamental mood effects are the same for me tho.
  2. It's been amazing for my depression, at least in concert with sertraline. I've never taken it by itself. Pros: - Able to feel joy - Not in constant psychological agony - Have energy and motivation - Anxiety is (paradoxically) better - Sexual side effects and emotional blunting from the sertraline are gone - Sleeping better - Exercise, hygiene, all aspects of general functioning improved Cons: - Sweat a lot, constantly, at the drop of a hat - Can't drink alcohol - Some OCD symptoms worse, but others better - Some hypervigilance symptoms worse
  3. Oh man, the gap between what's technically illegal and what you can actually do anything about is wiiiiiiiiiiide. If you're sick enough to get into trouble with work, navigating the EEOC, lawyers, and lawsuits is going to be an extreme ask. I've been fired before in ways that are technically illegal, but when the system leaves it up to you to enforce the law it's, frankly, a really bad thing to rely on. I never, ever, ever disclose to work or anyone I work with even though some of my coworkers are pretty decent friends at this point. I'm lucky to be high-functioning enough to be able to hide it. I just come off as really odd, most of the time. Any therapy I need is a "doctors appointment," any time I need off for MI is a "migraine." Luckily (again) my job is really flexible with attendance and never requires doctor's notes or anything like that. My coworkers know I have some chronic illness of some sort that I take medication for, but they're respectful enough not to ask about it. Really, I've just had a lot of luck with vaguely referencing "medical problems" and then refusing to elaborate if anyone asks about it. Most people I've dealt with are, thankfully, socially aware enough not to ask about it.
  4. They're slightly crooked in the back such that my upper tooth is at an angle where every time I bite down the edge stabs the center of my lower molar like it's Caesar. That bit hits way before the rest of my teeth do, so it makes my tooth and jaw hurt like crazy. The jaw thing also causes a lot of neck tension, headaches, and weird stuff like that. My teeth in general also don't seem to fit together really well. I think it's all cause my wisdom teeth were a hot mess (impacted, growing at bizarre angles, etc) and I was supposed to get them out about ten years before I did. Invisalign isn't covered under my dental insurance, IIRC, so I'm sure that'll be a really fun bill to get if it's the only way to fix it.
  5. My appointment was yesterday and my mouth is all messed up. RIP. But they did (temporarily) fix my messed up bite and the sudden pain relief is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately looks like I may need to get like invisalign or something to fix it permanently, although it would be absolutely worth it to not be in constant pain anymore. Also, right? I have like the opposite of dental anxiety usually. I find dental cleanings and stuff soothing. But now the fear of them finding a cavity or something gets to me.
  6. Mine always gets worse when I'm freaking out. If you're trying not to change meds, I find certain mindfulness exercises helpful. My favorite for when my obsessions start kicking off is to visualize a traincar going by and imagine putting the thoughts on it and watching them pass. I don't know if you've had any ERP or DBT, but if not I'd look into it. I've found both very helpful for accepting the distress of obsessive thoughts. It's hard as hell to do but it takes the wind right out of their sails.
  7. I finally made an appointment with the dentist that I've been putting off for like a year and a half. Fingers crossed they'll fix my messed up bite.
  8. Gawd it sucks. It takes so much effort to try and find someone you're even open to dating and get past your anxiety or whatever and then its like WOW LOOK AT ME I DID THE HARD THING and then nine times out of ten it's not even a match anyway and you have to hoist your rejected ass up and do the whole thing all over again. Fuck dating tbh
  9. Psychomotor retardation has always been a huge problem for me with my depression. It's so, so physical, like my entire body is so heavy I could fall right through the ground and keep going forever. It's extremely hard to just move. It sounds very plausible that it could be the med change. For one, effexor is an SNRI, and norepinephrine is very activating. And for two, I believe it should take 4-6 weeks for prozac (assuming it's a brand new med) to really show effects. Have you mentioned this problem to your pdoc or asked for their thoughts? Exercise is one of those catch-22 things where it would probably help but maintaining an exercise regime when lifting an arm feels like moving mountains is an extreme ask of anyone.
  10. I absolutely swear by the weekly pill box. I fill it for the week on autopilot now, but when I was just trying to get into the habit I found setting an alarm on my phone to remind me to fill it on Saturday night (or Sunday, however your box works) was really helpful. Makes it hard to forget and just designates a few minutes directly to getting it done.
  11. I've been away and only just saw the news of jt's passing. He and I only spoke directly a handful of times, but he was an amazing presence around the boards and I always found his messages informative, helpful, and encouraging. I'm very sad to hear he has passed on. May he rest in peace.
  12. What a ratfuck garbage day.

  13. I was gonna say mine didn't go away but come to think of it I haven't been very twitchy lately.
  14. Honestly that sounds like a good plan if you can. He really does sound completely useless. Maybe a different SSRI + bupropion would be the ticket, if sertraline is still messing you up. What dose are you on now, 50mg?
  15. Swellbutrin was the most dramatic improvement, esp with anhedonia. It's really the wellbutrin+zoloft combo that's the magic maker though
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