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  1. THANK YOU!!!! By the way, I don't know how to use this thing... I know how to post things, but how do you use the quote button? WAIT. *spots button* THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! Hahaha...... I feel so silly now -.-
  2. You people are funny! I'm not researching. I do have a mental illness. But I'm interested in psychology because I'm curious to know why I had it. I didn't have my illness through biological factors and there was nothing wrong with my brain signals. So I find it really strange. Thanks for the warm welcomes !! ^^
  3. Hello there. I'm new here. MY NAME IS ALICE. I'm doing some research on mental illnesses right now. Because psychology interests me; I think its partly for my own benefit... Right now, I feel like adding all those Asian emoticons to everything I say. But I won't. Cause like... I feel slightly in the mood for that. But I'll refrain myself.... for now. One major fact: People think I'm weird. I like to do what I feel like doing. I enjoy creative thinking and if we ever become friends we should do like this whole mind-map of weird scenarios... and themes and ideas and... YEAH! Scenarios that don't seem too angsty. I had a really bad experience with liking someone before.... Most awkward moment of my life. I pretty much chased him around the world. (HAHAHA....) Also, I apparently give off the impression that I'm really airheaded? But that's partly because I'm a bit oblivious of my surroundings sometimes. Yet not today . Due to my emoticons aside.
  4. Doing push-ups when I'm anxious. Doing punches when I'm angry. Feeding pet when happy.

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