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  1. I take 1500mg lithium (600mg morning, 900mg at night) its a high dosage but they have to do regular blood work so it shows up therapeutically different for everyone... I went undiagnosed for a years for my bipolar and it took a while to get on the right level of lithium but it has been a miracle for me... the only current staple to my medication plan that works great. Has not effected my creativity, sex drive, or caused me to be more or less depressed tho. As for mild highs, definitely. But just my opinion.
  2. So I just talked to my pdoc clinic and pharmacy and they said there is no generic form of abilify. That means my doctor office can't write me an affordable prescription for it under their program. Should I just continue risperidone and try it with propranolol if the doctor will prescribe that to help with the akathesia? Where should I go if he's set on changing it other then adding the beta blocker? I completely understand how everyone feels about being stable is more important than weight gain, but I'm 250 lbs, 22 yrs old with hip problems already... I can barely get around. I've been an athletic person most of my life and didn't have problems with my weight until my psychiatric problems started. I gained a bunch of weight that now causes me to have hypothyroidism and almost unmanageable PCOS. This is no quality of life for myself. For almost 9 years I was on geodon, and zoloft, gained 2x my weight, but was able to lose it all after almost 4 years of starting the medication. About 3-4 years ago things took a turn for the worst. My doctor told me I built up a resistance to zoloft after being on it for so long and I lost my insurance and could no longer afford geodon. Its been an uphill battle since and I have yet to find the right med or combo. I also have gained back all the weight + some from doctors experimenting with all these medications on me. I was recently diagnosed with bipolar after being hospitalized again about 1 1/2 years ago and was put on lithium that definitely helps, but only so much.
  3. Called the pdoc office this morning and they said they would try to fit me in this week, but things are crazy with the holidays and doctor is booked straight. I've said before I don't currently have insurance, and the only clinic I can go to for my medication, the people are idiots (sorry but true). I'm hoping the doctor accepts my opinions and lets me give this plan a try. My endocrinologistc has called me in some metformin to try... starting at 250mg once a day. I also take thyroid meds and spirolactone. I feel 75% of my day is taking meds and it literally consumes my life. I also use to abuse xanax and since I have been taking it as prescibed I can't stand it anymore... makes me just want to pass out instead of just calming me. Does anyone have any other suggestions to replace it? clonazepam has never helped me.
  4. Srry for all the posts, just trying to learn all I can before talking to the pdoc tomorrow... Which antipsychotics have the less chance of causing weight gain or have weight loss as a side effect (kinda like paxil or topamax)? And what are your experience with them? Thanks!
  5. New medication (for me) that I'm thinking of trying and was hoping you guys/gals could share your experience with this. Would very much appreciate it
  6. Did some research... Firstly, I'm going to call in the AM to make an appointment with my pdoc. I want to change my risperidone to aripiprazole + add propranolol beta blocker to help with the really bad akathesia I'm dealing with. Also, the different medication is more weight neutral and will help me with my weight. Secondly, I want to change my anti-depressant from citalopram back to paxil because it deff suppressed my appetite and helped more with my anxiety as well as depression. I going to look into metformin too, but stay on my lithium cause I literally can not go without it.
  7. The combination I'm on seems to be the best I've been on in about 10 years and I don't want to change anything but I can't deal with these cravings that I have lost all will power over. I actually will eat so much its will make me sick and I throw up all the time. I just was hoping maybe a different way of taking these (risperdal only at night is even worse) or some sort of non stimulant safe appetite suppressant I could use (yes I know that's almost non-existent). My pdoc is not very caring about my concerns about the weight gain, but I can't switch docs because I have no insurance and have to go to a free clinic with low cost access to my meds.
  8. I current take Citalopram 20mg 1x a day (morning), Risperdal 3mg 2x a day (morning, and night) and Lithium 300mg 3x a day (morning, afternoon, and night (still slowly increasing my levels)). Do you think I can still take 5HTP? I really want to try to take it to help with food cravings as my risperdal causes CRAZY munchies. However I don't want to change it because it really helps otherwise. If not, has anyone found any supplement or appetite controllers that are safe and non-stimulant to take with this kind of medication that actually work? Please please let me know cause I'm gaining weight like crazy and need a little help. Thanks! -Britney
  9. Hi, My name is Britney and I have major depression, anxiety, agraphobia, social phobia, bipolar, OCD, trichotillomania and other self harm. I current take Citalopram 20mg 1x a day (morning), Risperdal 3mg 2x a day (morning, and night) and Lithium 300mg 3x a day (morning, afternoon, and night (still slowly increasing my levels)). Also, I am an the process with an attorney to get SSI and disability. My court date with the judge that will make the decision is on December 18th (crosses fingers). Happy to join and share my experiences and provide/receive support
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