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  1. i smell cigarette smoke and kerosene as migraine aura symptoms. my neurologist told me that it's very common for bipolar II patients to suffer from migraine.
  2. ^^THIS. The only unfortunate downfall of this though is that they sometimes think you are DR-shopping until you get what you want. I've been accused of it before by other DRs, when all I was doing was trying to find a DR to listen and take me seriously. If this happens don't let it hold you back. I was glad I kept looking for different DRs because otherwise I would be in a totally different situation than I am in now. It is sometimes hard to find the good DRs out there. iaawal, glad to hear your EEG and MRI came back ok ugh, i guess i'll just pick a name from the list and schedule the damn appointment. lol if it doesn't go well, i'll ask my rheumatologist if she knows any good neurologists, i have an appointment with her in two weeks. i had the best pdoc for five years until she moved out of town five months ago (i cried ;__; she was awesome). since then i've been seeing the pdoc she referred all her patients to, this girl,,,,,,,,,,, *sighs* she cancels/reschedules appointments EVERY MONTH. she even gives me two prescriptions to every med because she knows she'll cancel again. how irresponsible is that? what if i'm suicidal with 60 clonazepam in my hands? let's just say i'd never ask her for a referral. i'm seeing her next week and talking to her about this. if she doesn't change, here i go again finding a new pdoc.
  3. the pot episode was about a year ago. i don't know exactly when the other ~warm fuzzy experiences~ happened, but i wasn't under the influence on any of them. last one happened last week while watching TED talks. looks like i'm not alone, again, having difficulties to find a "nice" doctor. there are times when i walk out of their offices feeling like shit 'cause they treat me like it's "my fault" that i feel so and so, are not interested or seem to not "buy" my symptoms, or disregard a test result that i'm worried sick about (example: "oh it's probably nothing serious" when an ANA test came back positive). they're getting paid and act like it's a huge favor. i still haven't scheduled the appointment. lol (but i will! i promise)
  4. sloane and iaawal, i feel less weird now that i know that i'm not alone! too bad you get this weird sensation though. :/ sloane, i googled simple partial seizure and got a little scared! i think i had something similar once: i had smoked a joint with a couple of friends but didn't get high. minutes later the weird warm sensation started, the same symptoms (+ hearing weird, talking weird, feeling "out of my body") times 50. then it got scarier: the right side of my body started shaking, my eyes would turn to the right and i felt the urge to get up and turn to the right, all this would happen at once, every 3 minutes or so. i asked for a glass of water and they gave me but i couldn't feel it in my hands or mouth or throat, i couldn't feel anything i touched. my sister called an EMT who lives at our building and he told us i should just lie down somewhere dark and silent until everything was ok. i did and when the shakes and spins ended i had a major headache that wouldn't go away for about 12 hours. do you think it was a seizure? or just bad pot? thanks everyone i have an open tab here with a list of neurologists names since yesterday and still haven't called any but i'm getting there. (i tend to delay scheduling doctors appointments because most of them treat me like i'm a hypochondriac.)
  5. sometimes i get this reeeeally weird sensation that i can only describe as a warm, fuzzy feeling that starts in the top/back of my head and goes down to the back of my neck and shoulders. my brain "spins" and i get double vision, everything seems far, or "fake", and i feel like i have to struggle not to faint or die (? drama?) so i get up, talk to people, drink water or whatever keeps me awake. there are some that happen when i'm about to fall asleep too. these happen more often, but they're "milder": it's just the "feels like i'm gonna die" bit. lol i know for sure they're not related to panic attacks because they happen out of nowhere, when i'm not stressed at all; when i'm having lunch, watching a movie etc. and i know what my panic attacks feel like very well. i'm worried because i've had a terrible "brain zap" before that was not related to any brain zap-inducing-drugs and i have some symptoms that match MS. has anyone experienced this too? or any idea what this is? thanks in advance edit: forgot to mention i have bipolar II, fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, hypothyroidism and the list goes on. i take 250mg of lamictal, 100mg of topiramate, 1mg of clonazepam, 20mg of cyclobenzaprine and 125mcg of levothyroxine. oh and the occasional tramadol for the stenosis.
  6. update: i bought the odt 8mg version and tested it yesterday. i had broncospasm right away and felt like i was about to pass out for about five minutes. i ran to the ER because my face and hands started to get numb but all those weird feelings were gone after ten minutes - it was just a panic attack! lol i was so scared of having EPS again that my mind got the best of me. the ER doc was super nice and just talked to me until i felt safe enough to come home. nothing EPS-y happened and i even got a little "buzz"! i heart zofran. i'm really happy that i can travel in the seat of the bus instead of the toilet and take an antiemetic anytime without break dancing ❤️
  7. thanks for the replies, everyone i'm glad zofran works so well for all of you! i trust it so much more now. i'm gonna be in a bus for six hours next wednesday so i'm going to test it out tomorrow or sunday (while very close to an ER ). i'll let you know what happens! oh - i know i put a list of my meds up there but -, i didn't make it clear that i stopped taking bupropion ('cause it was making me paranoid/hipomaniac/suicidal) four months ago. maybe that would reduce the chances of me getting all weird on antiemetics? what do you guys know/think about that? thanks again in advance ♥
  8. hey, everyone i have a "bit" of a problem and was wondering if any of you have the same, or any tips to help me out. see, while i was on bupropion, i had some naaasty EPS with metoclopramide, dimenhydrinate AND bromopride. from what i can recall, before i started taking bupropion i had no problem with dimenhydrinate or metoclopramide. i hate flying so i travel by bus (a lot). i usually take some clonazepam to "pass out" while on the road but, as some of you may have experienced, if you wake up in the middle of your sleep while on clonazepam you have no problem staying awake. and if i stay awake, i get motion sick. i asked my doctor if i had any hope left to not throw my guts and brains up next time i hit the road and she said i should try this Zofran (ondansetron) thing. i read some stuff about it and it actually said the EPS incidence is low. but i'm still a little suspicious. have any of you tried it, is it good? do any of you know if Zofran should work with my conditions & meds? i have bipolar II, fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis and hypothyroidism. i take 250mg of lamictal, 100mg of topiramate, 1mg of clonazepam, 20mg of cyclobenzaprine and 125mcg of levothyroxine. oh and the occasional tramadol for the stenosis. any tips on how to avoid motion sickness and/or EPS are very much welcome thanks in advance!
  9. I have spinal stenosis (lumbar, congenital) and three prolapsed lumbar discs which result in nonstop sciatica. It drives me crazy. I've been through all kinds of treatments and meds. What actually helps me sleep through the pain is either Klonopin (0,5mg will do) or a ~combo~ of Flexeril 10mg + Aleve 550mg. Talk to your doc about them, I hope they help you as well!
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