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  1. The GP at a residential psych facility first prescribed it to me, and my pdoc prescribes it for me now.
  2. Phentermine didn't have much of an effect on me when I tried it. I have recently had some luck (22 pounds down) after adding Metformin in addition to diet and (some) exercise. Metformin isn't a weight loss drug, but has been shown in studies (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3857117/) to promote weight loss in people who have gained weight from psych meds. I hope that Phentermine works well for you, though.
  3. jt, I thank you for taking the time to share your insights with me. I appreciate the knowledge you imparted to me and the way you helped to make me feel comfortable on CB. You are missed.
  4. Meds work differently in combination with others, so for me, I'm more likely to try something again if another med in my cocktail has changed since that time. I'm also up for taking an old med again if I wasn't on the highest dose the first time. For example, I'd taken Vyvanse in the past, which did not have an effect on my binge eating disorder cravings at 60 mg, but it wiped them out this time around when I hit 70 mg. I'm so glad I gave it another go!
  5. Is your pharmacist someone who might advise you re: the side effects you're experiencing on the Lithium while you wait to hear back from your treatment team?
  6. IMHO, the changes you're dealing with are enough to make anyone feel anxious and depressed, MI diagnosis or no. I give you a lot of credit. Do you have a treatment provider with whom you can make a plan for coping with these changes in your life? If not, is there a NAMI or hospital support group in your area you might be able to attend? Sometimes it helps me to be around others with MIs who can relate to what I'm experiencing and hear what has worked for them in similar situations. Perhaps connecting with others might make the loss of your friendship more bearable during this difficult time? I went back to school for my master's degree 15 years after I'd finished undergrad. I was really nervous, but found that my professors and fellow students were friendly and supportive. Funnily enough, I was never the oldest student in any of my classes. I felt overwhelmed at first, but I found that breaking things down into pieces made big tasks more manageable for me, as goofy as that sounds. I set aside a certain period of time to read or work on an assignment, and then went back to work on it more at the next scheduled time, and continued doing the same until whatever I was working on was finished. There were instances where I had to get extensions for papers (I registered with my university's disability services office, which was extremely helpful) but I graduated on time. Sending healing thoughts your way.
  7. I'm sorry you're feeling so awful from the meds. As if symptoms aren't enough to deal with themselves! Does your pdoc have someone on call covering for him while he's away who can help you? Or might your pdoc still be checking his messages on vacation? It might not hurt to leave him one letting him know what you're experiencing.
  8. A dermatologist was the right doctor to see re: this side effect. I started taking Glycopyrrolate this week and the difference was almost immediate and immense. It has caused more dry mouth, but I'm willing to deal with that. Hooray, hooray!
  9. I can't speak to whether your tremor might be permanent or no, but wanted to mention that I take Propranolol to help my med side effect/post-ECT hand tremors and it helps me. It's not my ideal to tack on another medication to deal with a side effect, but that's the solution that works for me right now. I hope yours resolves soon.
  10. Exactly. My body temperature seems to go up a couple of degrees, and I sweat from everywhere, not just the usual spots, so topical antiperspirants haven't done the trick. I hate to take another med, too: I already take Propranolol to minimize hand tremors and Metformin to help reverse weight gain, but the Latuda is the one thing I've found to help my mood, so I'm going to try everything I can to combat the excessive sweating. I'll let you know if I have any luck down the road.
  11. I've recently started taking Latuda again, which is one of the few meds that has helped me to feel better in the past. Unfortunately, it makes my entire body sweat like crazy. Last summer I was dripping with sweat, showering a couple of times a day and changing clothes multiple times. Trying to blow dry my hair after I've gotten out of the shower is a joke, and on the rare occasions I try to apply makeup I blast a fan on my face to try to keep it from dripping right off without much success. I've taken Clonidine and Oxybutynin in the past, both of which can treat excessive sweating, without any luck. I'm also currently on a low dose of Propranolol. The sweating is definitely a result of the Latuda and not a hormonal problem. I have an appointment to see a rheumatologist in a couple of weeks about this, but wondered if anyone here on CB had had success treating excessive sweating. I've found it helps for me to go into these types of appointments with as much information as I can gather. Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. Your NP should have checked to see if your insurance covers the GeneSight test first. Since she was the one who suggested the test, it seems logical that she will take care of obtaining the required prior authorization for your insurance company. You shouldn't have to pay any out-of-pocket costs to which you did not explicitly agree. It's probably a good idea to follow up with the clinic again to make sure they're handling the PA for you on the test. Sorry you're having to deal with this hassle.
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