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  1. Watching birds is peaceful and entertaining at the same time. I like imagining the conversations they're having when they chirp back and forth. If one lives in an area with bears (even in cities) one has to be careful because the bears are attracted to the birdseed on the ground and will pay up close and personal visits to get a snack.
  2. Maybe I should switch up my appointment venue. My quietest spot is in my bedroom, but somehow that seems overly personal and slightly invasive.
  3. I'm happy to learn you are recovering and appreciate your sharing your experiences with us. Here's to your continued good health!
  4. @chem I have an image in my head of masked groups of people with shaving cream-covered spectacles trying to navigate their way around grocery stores, tee hee.
  5. Thanks @Rabbit37, that's a good idea. I feel like I'm leaning towards hypersexuality and thought it might be a good idea to discuss it before I throw myself on some poor unsuspecting man, like my parents' friend coming to dinner tonight. (I will be practicing some serious social distancing/restraint.)
  6. Do you talk to your pdoc/tdoc about sex? I'm embarrassed to do so. My pdoc is a fatherly/grandfatherly figure (I'm a woman), and I'd just as soon discuss my sexual urges with my dad. (Ick.) Mind you, I'm not getting any, so there isn't all that much to talk about, but I have been thinking about it ALL THE TIME, likely in part because of a medication decrease. It seems weird to avoid talking about something that is taking up so much of my head space but equally weird to avoid the subject altogether. ("Hello, I used my new vibrator over the weekend, how are you?") How does one handle this?
  7. I couldn't manage to sit up in bed for my video appointment with my pdoc on Thursday. (Also, I didn't feel like talking to him.). That is the epitome of laziness.
  8. I signed up on eHarmony yesterday. Fingers crossed.
  9. Thanks @dancesintherain. I think I'll be jumping in in a couple of weeks . . .
  10. @dancesintherain Hi dances, I saw this thread and wondered if you've had any luck in the online dating world. I'm planning to jump in soon and was curious to know about your experience. Thanks!
  11. I've found that if I don't pay close enough attention, I eat much more than I think I do. I use the free myfitnesspal app and track every last morsel of food I eat. It helped me to cut down on mindless snacking. You can also track your water intake, exercise, weight, and so forth if you choose.
  12. @Gearhead Smart dog! I'm with the rest of you. Videotherapy is better than nothing but not the same as in-person visits. I don't get out of the house enough and my pdoc visits tend to be my social outings for the week. On the one hand, now I can have therapy without brushing my teeth or changing out of my pyjamas, but on the other, I miss the in-person connection. Videotherapy feels less meaningful and real.
  13. I found that Topamax made my brain fuzzy and was weight-neutral. I haven't experienced any tummy upset with Metformin, thankfully. I have lost weight since I started taking Metformin, but I've also been dieting.
  14. I'm so sorry. My thoughts are with you. Please take good care of yourself.
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