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  1. Notloki, I don't remember sneering and telling you when you should tell someone you use meds. You may be surprised to learn that you and I are two completely different people. Apparently, I scared off the right men, because I've been happily married for 18 years. So I think my method worked for me. Maybe you'll find one that works for you. But I expect it will be different than mine, because we are two completely different people. But this is not the first time you've dismissed something I've personally experienced as untrue. I wish you wouldn't do that, but you clearly take pleasure in it, so I expect it will happen again.
  2. sbdivemaster, I am not being clear enough, because what you describe is pretty much what I experience.
  3. You're much closer to being tapered off of Xanax than Effexor. You're only a few steps from being off of Xanax entirely. I'd taper off the one that was almost finished first.
  4. I take both Lamictal and lithium. I take the lithium as an add-on to Lamictal to help with depression. It's been a really good combo for me.
  5. Personally, I'd put it off for a day and make sure I'm hydrated. Not drinking enough water makes me really dried out.
  6. I took gabapentin for migraines, and it was like 2100mgs a day.
  7. When you kind of passively wish to die, a lot of times that could mean that you just want life and/or the world to stop, which is different than wanting to kill yourself. I was in that place for years. That doesn't necessarily make you feel any better, I just wanted to point out a possible distinction.
  8. I have kidney disease, and kidney damage, and my nephrologist told me lithium was completely fine for me to use. My kidney values haven't changed at all, and I've been on it for 10 years. I think it is a good idea to speak to your doctor before you try lithium if you have kidney issues, but it shouldn't be taken off the table completely. Oh, and my dad was a psychopharmacologist who did a lot of research on lithium. He thought it was safe for me to use, too.
  9. I always told guys by the 2nd date. Most of them wandered off, but a few stayed. My husband wasn't worried about my being bipolar at all. But he has epilepsy (uncontrolled at that point). I feel like that makes him more accepting.
  10. I don't understand how it lasts longer, but my neurologist says it can work for a couple of months, depending on the person. I used to use it on blisters on my neck from doing a trick on the balance beam, and we put it on right before I mounted, and by the time the 1:30 minutes was over, it was already wearing off.But treatment plans I've read suggest doing it as often one or two times a week! So the time-frame is contradictory. People with MDD don't have trouble with steroids? That has been mentioned as a different treatment, but I'm worried because I'm bipolar.
  11. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone here has received a lidocaine treatment? "The supposed mechanism by which lidocaine works in clusters and migraines is by numbing the portion of the trigeminal nerve known as the sphenopalatine ganglion." If it works, I'll get it again before I go on vacation. But I think it is too expensive to take it as often as they suggest. Anyone familiar with this?
  12. Um, I don't think very many if any of us rely on ads to make medical decisions. That's kind of why we are on Crazyboards. But if it makes you feel better about yourself.... And how is stating "one perspective" not an opinion? You imply in that very sentence that there are different perspectives. Yet somehow only the one you choose becomes "not a personal opinion?"
  13. Just to be contrary, I was on Latuda with lithium, and it's the best I've ever done other than when I went into remission. I had to stop it, because it was so expensive. I was on 80mg of Latuda, and 600mg of lithium with a .7-.9 blood level.
  14. Coming off Xanax was awful, even though I was only on 2mg (but for like 11 years), and it took like 2 and a half months to get off of it and start feeling normal. Fortunately, I was already on disability, because trying to work would have been super difficult. I just had to roll with it.
  15. This is very rare, but if you start having rages, tell your pdoc. It's called "Klonopin rage."
  16. Yeah, I want to second the not going up to 6mg a day (at least not yet). That's the upper end. You're already on a fairly solid dosage, you could go up .5 or 1 mg, and see how that does, rather than just doubling your dosage. You don't need to leap to the highest amount right off the bat.
  17. I've been on lithium for 8-10 years (I think 10), and I had kidney disease when I started it. My kidneys haven't gotten worse at all. We check my kidney levels about 3 or 4 times a year, and I do lithium levels 2 or 3 times a year. I had a really bad kidney infection a few years ago, and the doctor said if I had delayed seeking help for another day or two, I might of lost my kidney. And he *STILL* didn't think I should come off the lithium, and said it had nothing to do with it.
  18. It is going behind his back, and it would make things worse. Congratulations, you have made a good decision about a relationship. If you want to try to salvage the friendship, you have to ask him, not go through his girlfriend. Email or text. But I'm suspicious of your claim that you were as innocent as you say. Let's just say, you have a history.
  19. I'm sorry things are so tough right now. Sometimes if you just accept that the next month is going to suck, you can just try to get shit done. Things suck now, but they will get better.
  20. How fast are you coming off the benzos? I took me a little under 3 months to get off 2mg of Xanax, and I felt sick almost all the time. Fortunately I don't work.
  21. Heart pounding loudly in my head, weird feeling in my chest, tightness in my chest, sometimes pain, but not always. Gasping for breath, muscles pulled tight, cold and hot sweat at same time, dizzy, need to lie down. Often a headache, but it doesn't start out as a migraine (any headache can become a migraine).
  22. I've been on Wellbutrin since 1989, sometimes without a mood stabilizer. It has been good for me. Prozac (without a mood stabilizer) made me manic. Zoloft made me agitated, but not manic.
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