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  1. Yea every day. Some days worse than others. It is part of depression it seems. When my mood swings back up (rarely), all those thoughts disappear. Me 25 days out of the month - "this world freaking sucks". Me - 5 days out of the month - "life isn't that bad, what was I thinking". Stupid illness.
  2. I am the same way. Depression sucks. I'm the type to suffer to the bitter end, so suicide is not really an option for me. 99% of the time I wish I didn't exist or was never born. People without mental illness can't grasp this concept it seems.
  3. Has anyone gotten manic from simply changing their anti-depressant from the AM to the PM? Very strange to me. I switched back and was fine and have been fine. It's Wellbutrin too - supposed to be manic friendly. Mental illness is so complicated.
  4. I've been blogging lately and have a lot of trouble organizing thoughts and ideas. I do OK but its difficult. I also make so many typo's it frustrates the living crap out of me. I've been under a depressive spell for last few months so I'm not sure if its that or my thinking is disordered. Anyone else have this problem? I was writing tech documents and grad school papers fine 3 mo ago....
  5. Thanks guys. I think I am going to go on it for now. If I get better I'll gladly get off. I couldn't work part time if my life depended on it.
  6. I do, but I think its hard for most people. They assume your "going through a phase" or your sad.
  7. It can be either. Doctor's even have a hard time differentiating. My doc is currently confused on this issue too.
  8. Ehh. 2 diplomas and experience. Feel like i'm stuck in a wheel chair. I'm glad to see some people can still work.
  9. I definitely feel you. I am in the same situation. I've realized its not possible to find a hobby, because that part of my brain is completely non-functional at the moment. I recommend checking in with the pdoc.
  10. headache and feeling ill. frustrated over the fact that I am legitimately disabled now.
  11. Yes you can do it. When your cognitive abilities break down, you will KNOW it. It will be plain as day that you can't handle school in my experience.
  12. I completed all of my education up to the master's level sick. Undergrad - depression and anxiety. Post-grad - recovering from an episode and cognitive impairment. I think what helped me is the fact that "school" is my talent. The last few months were challenging. I could only work an hour or so without taking a break. My last month of school, I became disabled - extremely challenging.
  13. ehh. I graduated graduate school of science and engineering. At the moment, I can't apply any of it though, because I've been disabled the last few months.. If I can't use it, I see it as pointless. I am the first in my family and extended family to have a master's degree, however, I guess that's something to be happy about.
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