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  1. RT @kobebryant: I couldn't play for him

  2. I can't believe what I heard Clippers owner is a racist and I have no respect for him Clippers will be hated more cuz of him

  3. WTF everybody is becoming gay now gay marriage is legal

    1. Stickler


      Overpopulation problem...fixed. And you're welcome.

  4. Terrible season for Lakers but don't worry we will be back #LakersNation

  5. Yah UConn lets go

  6. RT @Team_KB24: Dunks were great. Format was just bad. Congrats to the East though. That @John_Wall dunk was crazy.

  7. RIP Uncle Phil you were my true uncle

  8. RT @kobebryant: Happy New Year. Health and Happiness to you all #14>13

  9. Dammit and the Cowboys blow it again

  10. I got the Beats by Dr Dre from my fam

  11. RT @LadiesLoveBigT: And Kobe was starting to get back to his old self

  12. RT @Team_KB24: Christmas is exactly one week from today. Lakers vs. Heat.

  13. RT @LadiesLoveBigT: Kobe is still in his grace period give him a couple of games to get back into his old self #CountOnKobe

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