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  1. Here's my story. I was on Pristiq 50mg and stable for about three years. I had some ups and downs but not too terrible. I went into a depression and didn't change my medication for over year. By the time I started treating it nothing worked. I took the maximum dosage for Pristiq, Zoloft and Cymbalta. All they gave me were horrendous side-effects. I stay depressed for another two years. I don't know how I survived. This episode was very severe. Cymbalta lifted the depression eventually but I had to go off of it because I couldn't function on it. I tried Prozac and it did the same thing. I'm now on Wellbutrin and it seems to be working without too many side-effects. I suffered for years and can barely remember who I was before all of this. Do you think I would have recovered from it sooner if I had treated it earlier? I also don't know why at that point in time I experienced such horrible side-effects. I've never had that problem and I've been on plenty of other medications.
  2. I went through that for 10 years. I was with a guy who got violent during sex and she told me he didn't mean to hurt me.
  3. I have gone through periods where I have to turn around and go back and check to make sure I didn't run anyone over. I've even stopped and got out of the car to make sure nothing happened. A few times I imagined that there may have been a baby in the road. I told my sister and she said people don't leave their babies in the road. Lol. I had the urge to check the news on a few occasions and I told myself not to. I'd rather just forget the anxiety than obsess about it.
  4. It takes me an extra 15 minutes or so on an easy day. If I have to travel far and I know I won't be home for several hours it takes me much longer. If I go on vacation I need many hours to get ready.Then it is hell.
  5. This probably seems like small peanuts compared to the two other stories here but here's mine. I was driving on the highway and I had to go back and redo something. I don't remember what but it was very OCD. I did a u-turn and drove in the left lane. A car pulled up behind me and started flashing his headlights for me to move into the right lane. I couldn't move into the right lane because it bothered my OCD so instead I sped up and drove faster. It was a cop car and the lights started flashing. He said why didn't I move over into the right lane when he flashed his headlights. I got a ticket. I was so pissed at myself and my OCD.
  6. I have treatment resistant severe MDD. I didn't start to get better until they added an anti-psychotic to my anti-depressant.
  7. I was in severe excruciating pain my depression is so bad. I begged my pdoc for something more and he just upped my dose of pristiq. I went home and took some old pills of Zyprexa that I had saved and immediately felt better. I figured I should be doing this crap on my own because I don't trust these people. another time I went to an outpatient Center and they decided to throw me in the looney bin. From there my meds were changed again and both times I was on two anti-depressants at the same time. I got myself out of that hospital just to go to the emergency room at another hospital because my vitals were through the roof and the levels in my liver were high. I was dehydrated and had to be fed through IV. I was hallucinating. The doctor came in and said who gave you two anti-depressants at the same time? That's probably what is causing this. on top of all of this my tdoc accuses me of doctor shopping and not committing to a program and she was the one who referred me to these people. needless to say she is no longer my tdoc and I have a new pdoc also.
  8. I tried it and I couldn't sleep on it and it made me crazy so I went off it. It felt similar to seroquel. I felt like I was going to go crazy and kill someone. I take Zyprexa. That is my main and-on to an anti-depressant. I have depression that is severe.
  9. for me it's about 90 percent the medication and 10 percent therapy. I am paying a lot of $ for therapy now and I want to quit because of this. But many years ago the talk therapy helped me with some life situations that I might not have been able to deal with as well at the time.
  10. Thanks for all the replies. Your comments are very informative and incredibly helpful. I know about that story of the woman from the UK. Very tragic!
  11. I am in my 30s and I have had depression my whole life. It is extremely severe. I am currently stable on an anti-depressant and anti-psychotic. My mood swings are horrible and often. I also have very violent obsessive thoughts when I am in a depressive episode and a lot of paranoia to boot. I would love to become a mom but when I am in a severe depressive episode, which happens often btw, having a kid is the last thing I want. Are there any women on the site who have had a baby while having a severe mental illness? How difficult is it to fight your illness while raising your baby? Do the meds really help postpartum? Do you feel your mood is "permanently altered" in some way after having a baby?
  12. It seems a lot of people here are on many different medications at high doses. I only take Pristiq for VERY SEVERE depression. I wonder why pdoc only wants me on that when I am very depressed and delusional. I need a better mix. Is anyone on here for depression taking anti-depressant alone?
  13. I had delusions of grandeur for 26 years. It sounds nuts but it is true. Now I am trying to get adjusted to normal life and I feel a little flat also and no inspiration. I worked really hard to become a famous musician because I thought I had a premonition at the age of 11. What I had experienced was full-blown delusional disorder. It took several years to come out of it and now it feels like my life has no meaning. Today I spent $55.00 on baking supplies because I decided to take up baking. I used to be consumed with celebrity and music and now it feels like there is no point to that. I am going to try to find things that keep me calm and not get me sick again.
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