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  1. im so happy i came up with this thread. this is kirk lucifer sleeping in his food dish lol Lucifer sleeping on top of Spock.
  2. this is bones sleeping. i love my four rat boys.
  3. Nope, not at all D: I mean thats a broad statement of how a society views womens sexuality. Sorry This was a stupid idea for a topic anyways
  4. this topic was a silly idea
  5. you can, yes. it helps prevent tumors, which females are prone to getting. also it will stop boys from scent marking all the time.
  6. I consider myself a huge queer and back when I was just starting out, also at that stage a baby dyke, the one beautiful girl I yearned to hold hands with and cuddle all day wasn't interested. Not because, as I later found out, she was straight. But rather she knew that she was my first 'crush' (understatement) and didn't want to 'be an experiment' as I was aware she was a lesbian. A year or so later she started to message me after if became apparent that I was indeed a huge queer and she now knew it wasn't a phase- but by then it was too late and, shock horror, I got with a person who has dangly bits! I call him my lesbian loverboy and he was my 'first' for all things sexual, intimate and relationship like. We went on two dates and then moved in three months into it. We're still together a year on. I was pretty sure the fair folk were my game but nay, that sweet personality won me over before I even thought about rubbing junk. Ha. Anyway, it is probably a distrust as people are afraid of being 'used'. Like how awful would it be that you fell for some gal who was all about you but then suddenly they go 'oh wait I like those other bits'. It happens and it's just the process of things, and as people age, you realize that this is something that can not always be avoidable. But when you're young everything is so raw and poignant that you can't bear the thought. And if it is because they don't want to be 'that person' who is your first- well they don't deserve you. They really don't. If they were into you, they would not give it a thought. They'd just be like 'this is rad as hell I gotta date this chick'. Don't be discouraged.
  7. I live in an apartment where it is strictly no pets. I gave up my corgi to a family member (shes now enjoying a very lazy retirement at the age of 15 which makes me happy). But when my depression hit me again, just as I was finally diagnosed with bipolar, my case workers agreed I needed a pet back. Having someone who relies on you, if you are a very empathetic person, can pull you out for a moment or two. My depression is very selfish. And so I raised money and got myself Lucifer, my pet rat. I hid the flat pack cage in a box and put him in my purse and thats how I got him in. We have a live in building manager who lurks around and I've been taking him for a walk and as soon as I spot him I plop Lucifer in my bag. Last week I had a flat inspection and I simply put him in a small carrier under my desk and since it was daytime, he was sleeping and not making noise. I hide the flatpack cage behind the couch. Tomorrow I am getting three rats, from a rescue. I have no doubt that I'll be able to keep four rats without anyone knowing. It helps having friends/family in the area to take them on inspection days etc if you don't know the day/time someone is coming.
  8. Merlin unfortunately passed away last week from an infection the vet says he was born with in his lungs and brain. But I'm taking on 3 wee rescue rat boys to be Lucifer's buddies. So, some good news.
  9. I'm an artist. Currently unemployed and on a benefit but hopefully returning to being a fulltime fine arts student next year.
  10. So quetiapine makes me hungry. I am hungry even after meals. I've tried snacking but I just overeat. I'm now trying three meals a day but I'm HUNGRY. I drink water before and after each meal. I've joined a gym to get fit and diet is the thing holding me back now. How do I stop being hungry? Any advice, helpful links, filling foods, just anything to help me feel full??? Help!
  11. i can't shake this ever cycling reptition of depression and optimism. mostly i just want to be alone. i felt like doing something stupid but now im listening to placebo and going to do art. wish me better.
  12. I got a new addition to the rat pack- a little rescue guy i've named Merlin! He was for free at a pet store I went to buy Lucifer's food from and all these kids were banging on the glass and I just walked over and said I'd take him. I couldn't afford a cage for him, only a carrier. So the past three days have been an intensive introduction of this wee babe to the very grumpy Lucifer. I've tamed Lucifer a lot since I got him though and all seems well and they are now both sharing a cage. Merlin gets to spend most of the day sleeping on my desk though while I do illustration for childrens books. Anyways, enough gabber and here's some photos of the cutie.
  13. Update. I just did it. I got my nannas handwriting from the last cards she wrote to me and it has lifted a weight from me. I feel like a chapter has ended and I can start a new one.
  14. When I was first prescribed seroquel I was instructed to take it only when I felt tired or sleepy. I too wasn't sleeping well (broken sleep, nightmares, waking up constantly and finding it hard to sleep) but I did take it when I started yawning and I was asleep before I could ever put my pajamas on. I slept for 16 or so hours but then my sleeping patterns started to correct themselves. Maybe try taking them when you are tired rather than at a set hour before 'bed' if you can. If not I'd talk to the doctor who prescribed it about the insomnia.
  15. Queerky

    Up/Down Doco

    Found this documentary on bipolar. I really relate to a lot of this. I'm still coming to terms with having the diagnosis and this has helped me. Because I relate so much it starts to make sense. If you've watched it, what was your opinion?
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