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  1. I'm not sure what you're saying here but hypomania and mania aren't primarily differentiated by duration of symptoms, necessarily. @dianthus: I just mean if you say or speak "mania" it's shorter to speak and write then hypomania. Not about the episodes... About the second you're right; MMmm I am making many mistakes, logic it's time to take pills...
  2. I have survived university (and graduated in the past) thanks to medication, good support and stable of episodes that time phrase and also the very good teachers (I mean their personality was inspiring for me)!! I loved that time, I will never forget that, best time in my life . My tips where/are: No drinking like alcohol, taking medications, rolling in course WHEN stable, healthy lifestyle, visiting every month pdoc. Report your disability so they known about it. My meds where at that time: Abilify 5 - 10 MG && Omega 3 (Fish oil) === But if I have to do it again this moment of life I wouldn't from the beginning succeed. It's just a miracle I made it true that time ...
  3. Sometimes docs just say "manic" and mean "hypomanic", because of a terminology mistake or they are lazy (manic = shorter then = hypomanic). But it's a good question for you to hesitate about her explanation. Ask you tdoc if she's sure for BP 2 and the terminology combined with. BP 2 doesn't meet the criteria for BP 1. BP1 = manic or depressed with mostly psychotic features like grandiosity. BP2 = manic or depressed without mostly psychotic features. She's giving you a diagnose but it raise more confusion due 1 vs 2 type. You feel like this? ==> Good luck...
  4. Very hard indication of hypomania. Best is to start really quick to prevent mania. Reduce stimulants like sound, music, people, light. Reduce activities, but choice to do more relaxing sports like walking. No heavy sports later then 8 PM. Press in your breaks; You feel good so you would do more then 1.000 things, well replace it with one thing because you're ill now. Talk with your pdoc about medication change. I would try to talk so a.s.a.p. with your pdoc. for medication tweak, before the situation gets out of the box. The key concept to threat mania = medication + enough breaks and no stimulants like cola/coffee + enough sleep + if very manic the patient most be isolated. Tip: If you would pump a manic patient full with medication and put in him in place full of the crowd or a discotheque. This wouldn't be effective enough. Antipsychotics do work antimanic + antipsychotic + makes you calm. They hit all 3 issues in one step. But they do have side-effects and even more on high dosage. Good luck and your not alone in this situation.
  5. In the past: Abilify&Zyprexa&Mirtazapin At this moment: Mood stabilizers
  6. Positive triggers are mostly ~personal, but some do have global subjects. Here are some tips/triggers to boost you up: - A hot bath/shower - Walking (with family member(s) and/or dog(s)?) - Playing with animals like a dog - Trying to put the focus on activities and not on internal mindset - Listening to music that individual likes to listen - A little bit of Chocolate improves mood - Some sports like running do stimulate Endorphins, which increase positive mood. !!
  7. That's sound horrible! I have had mixed episodes in the past before and this looks the same. A big virtual hug! Keep us updated if possible.
  8. Same here... Good administration, documentation and letters from pdocs/tdocs is one thing. The paperwork is very important (don't forget it!). But they saw how crazy I was so, didn't try to ask it because it was really obvious.
  9. Reintegrating is not easy for socializing, if your been very ill for long. But your perception is good, that you have so many questions to improve your skills and life. I admire your courage that you say you won't go back to that life style with substance abuse. Thumbs up! The friendships you want to keep, have to be: the one who support you in difficult times the one without a unhealthy lifestyle the one that give you courage, help to take care of issues the people that don't wan't to take advantage of you no bad people Ban/avoid a bad lifestyle, replace it with a healthy one. An extra push to help you with socializing: Search a (new) hobby you like and try to make friends with people in the same hobby range Follow an assertive course to be more assertive Follow a course to improve your social skills Learn CBT (Cognitive Behavoir Therapy) , books enough Take care, just some extra steps to do on the stepladder and you're there. You came from a dark place under the ground and now just some extra little steps to achieve your goal(s). Good luck!!
  10. Most people with bipolar, schizophrenia, SZA-disorder or depression or other mental health issues like the advantages from Zyprexa (Olanzapine) Pro's: good mood stabilization (+ reducing psychotic symptoms) + reducing stress & panic Con's: Some people get weight gain Neutral: Some people found it's sedation a pain in the ass and others like it. Side effects depends from individual to individual. Just try-to keep the dosage low or step for step to prevent side effects. Good luck in your recovery.
  11. Communicate a.s.a.p. with your doctor(s). The symptoms look like panic attacks combined with a manic/mixed episode. Are you experiencing psychotic symptoms? Panic attacks? Maybe something will come out the neurological exam. Good luck!
  12. This situation quite shocks me about the Health Care for you It's not your blame!!! Try to contact your GP for a transfer Try to contact/search a social worker to explain all issues. They are mostly good in administration and paperwork and sometimes this does more. Try to find a new psychiatrist/pdoc, the one you know have doesn't provide good care for his patients. Good luck! I hope your situation improves! If your better and recovered, I would sent a complaint letter to your psychiatrist, the ER.
  13. I also have Rapid Cycling pattern, but if it's (very ~= sometimes) severe for me . It even can going cycling faster if my brain wants to do that. Do some other issues my previous medication was stopped in the fall and I had developed a really irritating RC pattern. After some treatment, I have been mostly manic in the winter. And now I mostly hypo manic. But RC is still in it AND I DON'T LIKE IT. RC is an indication BP has got worse and even will worsen if not threaded successfully. @shesellsseashells: It's very exhausting cycling so fast as you, I known what your talking about. Because I sometimes have the same issue. For example I can have this a week what your describing and then the cycle goes still fast but not so fast anymore. I have a full team; pdoc, tdoc, .... Best wishes for everyone and good recovery for every illness!
  14. The boundary between a normal happy day and hypomania day are very close. I am a rapid cycler (RC), I even have the same symptoms like "shesellsseashells" is telling. RC sucks for sure.... It's an indication the bipolar is getting worse. It's mostly triggered by antidepressants, not for me; I don't take one... "Does your mania/hypomania come in waves?" I suppose your waves are the rapid cycle, making the bipolar worse. I recognize also things Titania is telling about the fluctuation in mania during day.
  15. - Volunteering work like Wooster suggested. - Creating new hobbies that fits into your interests. - Exercising a sport. - Doing things together with family if possible. - Learning something new if it's possible. For example: a new language, .... - Learning CBT - Personally I have a book about CBT for dummies. The book learns copying strategies and improving life style. - Learning about your illness. - Create a day schedule for your life. - Use someone that can evaluate if your interests are triggers | aren't triggers - Learn the 'SMART' technique => http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMART_criteria to use it into life. For example use them for reducing and avoiding triggers: Specific – target a specific area for improvement. Measurable – quantify or at least suggest an indicator of progress. Assignable – specify who will do it. Realistic – state what results can realistically be achieved, given available resources. Time-related – specify when the result(s) can be achieved. You get my thumbs up, it's a good sign your asking these tips in normal life.
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