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  1. Are you still using Brintellix....I realize how old these posts are, but you were so good at posting your effects from the meds.  Thanks

  2. Jamie- I would see about going up to 20 mg to help with your anxiety. Also make as much time for yourself and relax. Can your older kids watch your 10 yo? It sounds stressful to be on your own until June! Casting- do you think the Brintellix would have worked in combination with something else? After a week on 30 mg Brintellix I'm going right back down to 20. I now have stomachs pains, nausea, headache, achiness, and feel awful. 30 was way too much I felt like my head was going to explode. I started on adderall with the theory that I may have ADD. It actually helps clear my head instead
  3. Hi there, sorry my posts are so far and few between. I'm so happy for those that the brintellix is working for and sorry for those it's not. My advice is to hang in there if you're having trouble with it. I just went up to 30 mg, has anyone been past the 20 mg mark yet? I definitely get some nausea if I don't eat, have noticed some itchiness, maybe a little anxiety? Would be interested to hear from anyone who has gone above 20 mg.
  4. Evolving mind- please let me know if you do better at 10 mg Brintellix than 20 mg. I would find that very interesting! I was doing extremely well at first and then it fizzled out (but I also discontinued Effexor). After I last posted I contacted my pdoc and was put on cymbalta in addition to the Brintellix. I feel better than I did, now I have good days and bad days. Unfortunately not even close to as well as I was when I first started the Brintellix.
  5. Katy I was having a little setback each time so I've been trying my best to pull thru- I've been off the effexor for 10 days total. I really don't want to go back on it knowing how hard it was to come off! I just keep feeling worse though in so devastated because I was doing so well on the brintellix! Has anyone tapered off effexor? Should I give it more time? I feel like I should be getting better at this point.
  6. I was doing so well on brintellix, I mean better than I had in 5 years of more. Then I started the taper off effexor. I finally got off the effexor for good a week ago Saturday and now I'm back to depressed and anxious. I'm sitting here feeling like I want to sleep and cry while my husband is at work and my kids are both climbing on me constantly wanting something. I don't know if I should call and ask to go back on the effexor? It was so hard to get off of. Thoughts?
  7. My insurance wasn't covering brintellix and my doctor filled an appeal- it's now covered until 2036! Not sure why the random year if it isn't covered by your insurance definitely look into having your dr file with them! For constipation (the only side effect I've experienced)- there is something called lifeway keifer, get the large bottle and drink 1/2 bottle a day! Should keep things moving. It's like drinking yogurt.
  8. Wow I am so thrilled to hear of so much success on Brintellix!!! So I have been on Brintellix now for 6 weeks and 3 days- 20 mg for 5 weeks and 3 days. For the most part I am doing really well! Especially considering where I started! Mommy Sue- oh I know how hard it is coming off the Effexor! I was at 300 mg if you've been following this. I started the Brintellix when I got down to 150 mg. I don't think I would have survived coming off the Effexor anymore without Brintellix! I am now taking 37.5 every other day. Then will drop to every 3 days. Then hopefully off soon! Right now when it gets
  9. Carly and harp- how are things going for you two? I hope to get some good updates from everyone! Coming off the effexor (75 to 37.5) and seroquel (200 to 150) has brought me a little down again. I'm combating it as well as I can and hoping the brintellix will fight back! So determined to be off of effexor and seroquel, at least.
  10. Drugs- how are things going on the fetzima? Are you still experiencing increased energy? I hope a lift in depression! Katy- have you seen anymore improvement in depression? How is the anxiety? Anymore luck with tapering off the benzodiazepine? How's your sleep?
  11. I have been on brintellix for a month, I started on December 30. I don't have time at the moment to reply individually but wanted to jump in here and say how thankful I am for this medication. My life has changed dramatically this month. It's hard to remember how bad things have been when you're in a good spot (as it's hard to remember things get better when you're in a bad spot. This is the first time I have felt like my future will be successful in almost 8 years. All these ideas keep coming to me. Last few years my brain had flat lined. I used to be a truly intelligent person, my brai
  12. Ihatedrugs- I hope the fetzima works for you. I've never heard of it. I understand needing help with energy, I have also always struggled with low energy and then when something gives me energy I become overstimulated/anxious and can't sleep. I haven't had that problem with brintellix. This week hasn't gone quite as well but both my kids are sick and very needy and my husband and I haven't been getting any sleep or time to ourselves so everyone around here is in a bad mood- I think it's mostly situational. Hoping for healthy people here soon.
  13. Casting couch- the pharmacology aspect is a little over my head but I've never been a smoker so I can't help you out there, sorry!
  14. Ihatedrugs- I can understand, I have been on some form of medication since 2006 and never felt truly stable with the exception of a short period between recovering from postpartum with my daughter and getting pregnant with #2. At that point I was taking Viibryd and topamax, seeing a very good therapist, on a great exercise routine, diet, taking care of myself, socializing properly- all things I think are equally as important as the right medication; however, impossible to put into place unless you feel good enough to get on track. The following is a list of medications I have taken at least
  15. Sunday marked 3 weeks on Brintellix for me and things are going well!! I've been at 20 mg for 2 weeks tomorrow I believe. My whole perspective on life has changed in just a few short weeks. I'm enjoying being around my friends again, and actually looking for ways to fill my day. Less than a month ago I was waking up and forcing myself to do the basics for my kids wishing bedtime would come so I could breathe, sleep and repeat. Not anymore ! I have been wearing sweatpants and tshirts almost everyday. This weekend I've been getting dressed with jewelry, makeup, etc. I'm talking and laugh
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