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  1. true! Truest love ever they say. The person below me has changed significantly in the last 4 years.
  2. hi everyone, its been SO long since I've posted. Last time was in March but I don't know, that just seems worlds away. Anyway, anyone have any ideas on kundalini and psychosis. I'm quite convinced I'm a twin flame and was wondering if anyone has any experience like this that I can relate to. Thanks and I hope this post finds everyone ok
  3. hi everyone, so ive been hospitalized a total of 2 times in the last 4 years (once was during my initial diagnosis). initially, i was given the diagnosis of 'psychosis nos' but the second time i was hospitalized, my hospital papers said 'schizophrenia' but no one discussed it with me. there's a lot out there on schizophrenia, but how do i know if i have it or not? im interested because i believe it will help me understand my condition better and deal with it better. ive been off my meds for a month, and im starting to realize that i -do- have some of the symptoms that are normally attributed to schizophrenia. for example, during the last few days, i have found myself terribly lost in my thoughts and totally consumed by past failures and i read that this is a symptom of schizophrenia (it was just on one site, but nonetheless). also, i do kind of rehearse conversations sort of out loud (meaning i move my mouth but dont say anything). thats also a very typical symptom of schizophrenia from what ive read. and of course, i do have some of the more obviously psychosis related symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations. but, only when im off meds... in fact, all of this is without the meds. very little happens when im on them. i also have another question... does anyone else experience loss of appetite prior to an episode. ive only had like 3 but i think this has been a common thread in all of them so, any thoughts, especially on the part about what its like when youre schizophrenic?
  4. false. not really a fan of eggs these days the person below me is 5'8 or taller
  5. okay, thanks for the info. im curious - any weight gain on the med for you? I've lost some of the 15 extra lbs from the seroquel but id like to return to 160, which i havent as of yet. admittedly havent done any exercise though to combat the weight gain, really wanna start doing that
  6. false. how sad now that i think of it the person below me is an introvert
  7. wow, you've opened me up to a whole new world of dieting ideas! thank you so much for sharing - i dont know that i can hold back on the evening chow fest though. not eating after 6? - how do you do that!
  8. wow so much information! thanks everyone! gotta reply to all of these, promise i will
  9. this is a lot of interesting information, thanks everyone. ill try to look at the links as soon as i get the chance and reply to all of your responses
  10. hm, interesting. can i ask what about physics helped you with this diet?
  11. but dont you end up eating more if your diet just consists of carbs and no fat? carbs are used immediately for energy while for the fat you'll have to wait a little longer for it to kick in energy wise. i think i learned in health class that fat can help you feel fuller for longer because of that this is interesting! ive also heard of that 8-hour rule recently as well. dont know if i have the discipline to just eat within that time window (aka i find it hard to ignore my appetite)
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