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    New Sharon, IA
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    Writing poems, babysitting, reading, love to watch The Fosters & Chicago Fire.

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I'm 19 years old, have ADD (I take Vyvanse), have been on birth control since I was 12, was depressed and suicidal still have a few problems with depression, parents are divorced, I feel like I have Borderline Personality Disorder, going to college for general classes then Physical Therapy Assistant after I have a few terms of college under my belt, my mom and the girl I lived with made me feel stupid all the time.  But, now that it's just my mom and I at the house on the weekends its a lot better.  Anyways, in my free time I love babysitting the kids that have impacted my life, reading, writing poems, attempt to draw tattoos or different things.  I hate telling people I have ADD because if you have any learning disability at my high school you was automatically called "weird" and so many other things.  I've already felt weird enough in my family I didn't need to feel weird at school too.  So, that's about it..email me if you want to ask any questions I'll gladly answer them. :)

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