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  1. Oui-yes although I still tend to prefer paper over the eBook The person below me reads a lot (ie 1 book per week or more).
  2. Buy a new pair of jeans (okay, really a used pair of jeans but new to me!)
  3. Tylenol won't even touch one of my migraines, regardless of the dose. Neither does Advil, Aleve, or any other over the counter medication. For me, the only medication that will stop a migraine is Imitrex.
  4. Things going okay for the most part. Nervous about graduating from my daily IOP group tomorrow and moving into a once a week group. I have never handled changes to my routine all that great, but already have an appointment with my tdoc setup for Monday. So doing okay, just a bit stressed :/
  5. The sound of rain hitting against the side of my room
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