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  1. San, what is the point of your post, made four months after this thread died, other to antagonize a person who left this place because of the shitty way mods like you treated her? And FWIW, you clearly have not been to a busy pharmacy on the west coast of the US. First of all, they can easily make 6 figures. Second of all, they're often so busy that they can't do much more than counting pills. And I've had a number of med interactions, and not one single pharmacy EVER, EVER, EVER caught it here, not even with the computer programs that are supposed to do it for them. But for my pdoc, no med in
  2. I'm sorry, but i just can't subscribe to this stuff. I think it's all bullshit, quite frankly, and if you experience any relief, it's due to the placebo effect. That's not necessarily a bad thing. If it works for you, that's great. You've found a (hopefully) cheap solution. But if you're a skeptic, don't be surprised if it doesn't do jack shit for you. When I was younger, I tried a couple alternative therapies in desperation, and they never worked. In fact, one of them made things much worse. I'm sorry, but Chakras? Really? This is form of religion that has no basis in reality. REAL scientists
  3. I have serious issues with different skin care products. I'm a fan of clear aloe Vera gel, dove sensitive skin soap, and (but only when really necessary) Cetaphil cream. Nothing else touches my face, save for water, if I can help it. I have weird-out issues with stuff so bad that I can't eat hot pizza with my hands. The thought of getting the grease from the pizza on my hands, my mouth, and my face is just too much. I can't deal. Fork and knife are required. If I eat ribs or corn on the cob, I immediately have to wash my face afterwards, even if only the tiniest speck of fat got on me.
  4. I started having cystic acne around age 26. That means really deep, big bumps that are way below the surface of your skin. I have no idea why it started out of the blue then, but I was on antibiotics for a very long time after that. I started with tetracycline, then graduated to minocycline. And then it was Keflex. And I forget the fucking name of the one after that. And it just all failed. And so I went on accutane. I had to stop it month early, because my hair was falling out in big clumps, but that treatment has proven to be pretty effective. Once in a while, I get a big red area, but it c
  5. OMG! I absolutely understand this. I had a year of remission, but I still had this problem. There was simply no motivation. I have yet to find a solution, and things are worse now since I'm depressed again. I often just don't care. I have purchased tons of concert tickets, and not gone to any of them. I rarely leave home. My driver's license ismabout to expire, and I'm not sure I really give a fuck. Everything seems like such a hassle, like some task that only Hercules could complete. So I let it all slide, and then deal with the fallout as best I can. I need to go to the optometrist today, bu
  6. OMG! I was out with my grandparents in their sailboat one time, and there was this big bump that hit us from underneath. And then we saw this big white thing, but not enough to know. I was convinced it was a shark and got into the center of the sailboat. My grandfather thought it was a sea lion, but nobody really knows. It was only a year or two after I saw Jaws at the drive-in theater, which absolutely terrified me. My parents thought I would have fallen asleep after the pink panther and woody woodpecker cartoons, but I was up for the whole thing. I had nightmares for years. Anyway, I still
  7. True. I've had three, plus a really mangled broken wrist that was reset. TPBM takes a probiotic and/or prebiotic.
  8. Oh man, that really sucks. I hope the antibiotic you got works quickly. I recently went without Antibiotics for a sinus and ear infection, and it took a long time to get over, which was very painful. In the past, a course of z-pak (zithromax) would often end the suffering in just 3 days or so. Is there a topical med you can apply that would give you some relief?
  9. The thing with depression, is that it can go on for a really long time. As I've aged, all of my episodes have gotten much longer. Not treating them and just waiting for them to end is not an option. But depression is the thing that has proven most difficult to treat for me. It doesn't help that many of the meds used to combat it take a long time to work. And the side effects can be nasty. And you might find meds that work really well, but cause side effects that are problematic. So maybe you go off of them, it turns into a big mess, but they don't work the second time around. Or maybe a med ju
  10. It's my little toe. I turn my foot inward as much as possible, but it's still painful in shoes, even if just walking a few blocks. I am just wearing socks at home now, and that's much better. I have issues leaving home, so I don't leave unless I absolutely have to. I think that's helped the healing process a lot.
  11. For me, hypo makes me enjoy things a little too much, especially things like cleaning, or spending endless hours making spreadsheets about the income tax system for the past 100 years. Or researching certain issues in biochemistry. Or making absurd plans to remodel my basement into an indoor swimming pool with hydroponic gardens. When I feel TOO good, I know I'm screwed.
  12. That's a good question. During a mixed episode, I might be only briefly manic, but it keeps on recurring, along with mixed and depressive stuff. My longest hypomanias have lasted about 3 months, while my longest manic periods have maxed out at about a month. The depression side of the equation is a whole other ball of wax, unfortunately. A year or more is totally possible. I think it's fair to say that the manic side of the equation responds better to meds for most people. And that makes the whole deal seem really unfair, as your highs get quashed, but your lows persist. So you feel gypped (be
  13. False. I retired 13 years ago this month. I sometimes think it was a mistake, but I honestly don't know how I could possibly keep a job noawadays, as my MI has gotten so much worse. It was bad enough in the past, as my life would blow up all the time, but I can barely even leave home nowadays. How do you work when you can't go to work? The idea of having to leave home five days a week is beyond terrifying to me. TPBM has petted a dolphin.
  14. Mostly 70s the next 10 days, but we have a few hot days (85-90).
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