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  1. Bucket, I really think the voices are hurting you, and that you wanting to keep them around is a sign of still not doing so well. I know we don't talk a hell of a lot anymore, which is mostly my fault, but I still want to see you do well. I will try to make myself more available on Hangouts, or wherever you would like to talk to me, if you need someone to vent to about the voices. I can still relate. If you feel you can't talk to me about them anymore, or you'd rather not, that's fine too, I just want to offer you someone, something. I hope your search for the new psychiatrist and therapist treats you well, and that you are able to find someone that truly listens and will help. All the best to you! And come find me when you're ready for someone to talk to. Your friend, Kylene
  2. The tiredness was short lived for me. And the Haldol was really helpful, for about almost two years. It's a really good med, and worth a fair shot. I'm glad you're finding it's not so bad.
  3. I was on Haldol for over a year, at 10mg. It was very helpful, but it just stopped working, and my psychiatrist wouldn't go any higher on the dose. Cogentin really helped my stiff muscles and shakiness. Nothing was permanent in that sense either. I'm on Seroquel, Invega, and an older AP, Loxapine, and I don't really shake as much and my muscles are usually relaxed. Anyway, good luck to you, Cheese!
  4. I just got out of the hospital yesterday. Discharge summary says PTSD, SZA BP type, Asthma, and GERD. My meds stayed the same, except for 100mg Trazadone and 600mg Seroquel XR, instead of the previous dose of 300mg. I feel a little better. I'm not as agitated or angry, and I'm actually sleeping again, whereas before I was up for a day at a time. I'm headed back to Canada on Monday Which makes me sad. I see Dr. G on Tuesday. They wanted fast follow up. But all in all, I'm doing better.
  5. I am on 1250mg of Valproate, and 300mg of Seroquel XR. I just started the Seroquel, so my dose is small. The target dose is 600mg. So far, the more Seroquel XR I take, the less hungry I am, which I know is not a typical reaction to Seroquel. I do believe Valproate has made me gain some weight in the six years I have been on it. So far I am not really sure how the Seroquel XR works, but Valproate has always been really helpful. I've never heard of them cancelling each other out. Anyway, I wish you the best with everything
  6. Check your email!

  7. I had a pdoc that once thought I had BPD and pseudo hallucinations (not that the diagnosis is relevant). But she said they are voices inside your head, usually brought on by stress and such. It really does depend what pdoc you talk to though, because my voices are inside and outside of my head, and my current pdoc refers to the ones inside my head as "intrusive thoughts". Anyway, I hope you can find some help with what you are experiencing
  8. You can always Google ideas and print them out and give them to the artist as well. I've done that. I just want to warn you, if you are going over scar tissue, it can sometimes hurt a little more than if you aren't. But usually the end results are worth it. I hope you find something you really like! Good luck to you
  9. I took Geodon for a little while, in the morning and at dinner time. With food. I usually woke up when my grandma did for work, and she would give me my Geodon with a muffin or two and some fruit juice. I'm not so sure if it worked well, as in how effective the med was, I got major migraines from it and had to come off of it after a few weeks. I do know it usually doesn't work when taken without food, though.
  10. It's a four month waiting list before I will see anyone in the SZ clinic. I think I have to have an assessment to see if the specialist pdocs there agree with my current SZA diagnosis. But if they do agree, I may request to see Dr. L (my orginal diagnosing pdoc) again. Hopefully it will all work out. I just know, I definitely need more support than I am receiving right now.
  11. Thanks for all the support and encouragement, guys. I'm hoping it will work out better than my current situation. Melissa, I'm not sure what pdoc I will get, but I do hope I get the one who originally diagnosed me. He was very nice. Even my mom and my case worker from where I was living at the time really liked him.
  12. I am changing pdocs and going into a more intensive care clinic, specifically for those with SZ and SZA. The pdoc who originally diagnosed me apparently works there, so I am hopeful. I'll see a pdoc once a month instead of the once every three or four months I see my current pdoc. I will also have a "Most responsible clinician" who I will be able to see once a week. My only current support is my infrequent appointments with my pdoc. I believe this clinic has support groups and vocational and recreational therapy too. So I am optimistic. I am a little afraid to change pdocs, but it has to be done, I'm afraid.
  13. Lamictal didn't work well for me either, but Depakote really helps me. I'm not sure it helps the mumbling I occasionally still sometimes hear, or thoughts that run through my head that I'd rather didn't. I don't think any medicine has really helped with that. My Invega sometimes helps with that, but not often. Depakote mostly helps me not experience mania. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Best of luck finding something that will work for you.
  14. I have horrible dental hygiene. I refuse to brush my teeth. I'm not sure why, I think it's because it hurts, and I fell out of the habit when I was in residential, because I didn't like the sink in the bathroom there. Every time I go to the dentist I have anywhere between 5-9 cavities. It was embarrassing at first, but then I realized that my dentist is aware of my ASD/SZA and he is very nice to me. He always gently reminds me that I need to brush better, etc. But he never gets mad. I do agree, let them know that you are a little anxious. I usually do so when I go. I also bring a small stuffed bear to hold onto in case it hurts or I feel uncomfortable or anxious. Kind of like self soothing from Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. I just take Tim out of my purse and squeeze him. It works quite well. But I do understand not everyone wants to carry around a stuffed bear.. lol Anyway, whatever way you decide to go about the appointment, I hope it goes well for you! Good luck!
  15. Geodon, or Zeldox as it's called here, gave me wicked migraines. I couldn't get out of bed. I didn't give it a chance to work, I stopped it after a few days. Latuda I couldn't remember to eat with, so it didn't really work either. Somehow I usually remembered to eat with Geodon (my pdoc said Latuda and Geodon require a certain amount of calorie intake to work). I don't think it's fair of me to rate either of these meds, because I didn't really give them a good chance to work to their full potential. Abilify didn't work for me either. It was like taking nothing. I had to walk around and pace all the time when I was on it. And I was always thirsty. Probably a 2 or 3/10. Right now I'm on 12mg of Invega. It works pretty well, I'd give it a 9/10.
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