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  1. I've been prescribed Zopiclone (Imovane/Lunesta) to help with my sleep. However, I'm quite apprehensive about taking it - I'm worried about potentially sleepwalking out of my apartment, or turning the stove on, or texting/emailing crazy things etc while under the influence of the medication. Has anyone taken this, and how did it go for you? I plan to start with a very small dose.
  2. Hey Rosie Thanks so much for your reply... what you said here really resonated with me. My T is always asking me to rate how I feel on a scale from 1 to 10 (with no set definition for the numbers) and honestly I never really know what to say. It's hard to know how I feel, I'm not sure why. It just is. Perhaps stuff like this will help me describe how I am in general, outside of the 1-10 scale. I want to be more engaged and not just say 'I'm fine' when asked, but it's hard to know what to say. I kind of don't feel anything a lot of the time. I guess I will mention it. Good point... I suppose I should mention it since it might be an effect of the exposure therapy. Part of me is worried that it will become A Thing if I admit to it, but maybe that's my anxiety talking. What you say makes sense - that it might just become something to periodically check in on. Thanks so much for your thoughts.
  3. Hi Helen, I know this thread is a few months old, but I'm sorry that you were passed over for the promotion, and that you hurt yourself as a result. I'm 31 and have never cut myself but have had a strong desire to do so lately, so I can relate in a small way. How are you feeling now? Take care.
  4. Not sure if this really belongs here, apologies if not... I've never read or posted in this thread before because I don't SI. A little background: When I was growing up, I used to hit myself in the head, walk around with rocks in my shoes (to punish myself), snap elastics on my wrist to hurt myself, etc. I also would often fantasize of killing myself, most commonly either by jumping off the ferry into the ocean or stabbing myself through the heart with a knife (drama, I know, haha). A few times I came very close to jumping off the ferry, and often I would sneak knives into my bedroom and experiment or "rehearse" killing myself... run the blade lightly along my arms to feel the sharpness, poke it into my chest to see if I could easily stab myself. I would try out different types of knives to see if I could find an ideal one. All to say: I never actually cut myself or otherwise tried to hurt/kill myself, so I guess it was pretty harmless. I'm not sure if this is something most kids go through? I was a very anxious/depressed kid at times, but I had a good childhood. Finally arriving at the point: Almost six years ago, I was sexually assaulted by a bunch of strangers. I'm currently doing prolonged exposure therapy for this/the resulting ptsd, and lately I cannot stop thinking about walking over to the kitchen, getting a knife and cutting myself/running the knife over my skin. However, I am definitely not going to... it's just a persistent, very tempting thought. Anyway, my question is this: are these thoughts cause for concern/significant, and if I were to tell my psychologist this when she asks how I am, do you think this would matter? Would it be pointless or unwise to bring up? I am mostly leaning toward not saying anything because I don't want to seem dramatic or cause a freak out... but I also want to be open/honest about how I'm really doing. I am one of those who tends to just say, "I'm fine" and leave it at that.
  5. I bought this removeable wallpaper to accent one of the walls in my very small apartment. It was really easy to apply (easier with a buddy, though) and it looks really nice, you can tell it is good quality. However, it was quite pricey: for $200 I was able to cover one wall with enough left to cover a second (smaller) wall. That said, my roommate bought some removeable wallpaper from Walmart and does the job in her room. For the other three walls, I covered them in things like this. Ridiculously girly I know, but it's fun. I did the wallpaper thing because I'm also not allowed to paint the apartment unless I paint it back to beige before I leave. Since I don't plan on being here for several years, I figured the investment in time/effort wasn't worth it for me. But maybe you'll feel differently? Another thing I've been meaning to try is getting a big piece of beautiful fabric (or a few) and stretching it over a large wooden frame (stapling at the back)... posting them as large panels across the walls so that they give it colour/texture without actually painting. Not sure if this would be practical for a kitchen/bathroom though, depends on the space I suppose. Those are my ideas... have fun! And if you haven't checked it out already, I love the Apartment Therapy blog for more ideas.
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