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  1. Is it possible to develop akathisia on Rexulti or any other antipsychotic after 8 months of use? I literally have had NO side effects from Rexulti before 2 weeks ago. I am really scared that I will have to stop Rexulti since it has been a GOD SEND. Tomorrow is my first day of my new job and I cannot be feeling so....restless!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't contact my doctor. Is there anything I can do in the mean time? Could this restlessness just be anxiety?
  2. I am seeing my psych today and I'm thinking about asking for Lunesta. My trazodone has been causing gnarly hangovers and ambien barely works for me. I know lunesta is a z-drug, but it could work compared to ambien, right? I also heard you can take it long term. Let me know any experiences, thank you!
  3. Hi guys! So I overdosed a week ago on methamphetamine, GHB, lorazepam, Viagra, and Cialis. Lol. You can imagine what I was up to. But yeah, it was really terrifying so I've been sober a week. Is it normal to have massive mood swings when getting sober? Today I feel like I'm high on life because I'm so tired of being depressed. I wish drugs weren't so fun. I've also been applying to jobs and had a job interview recently (didn't get the job). I just feel all over the place, and getting sober is incredibly hard and I'm so embarrassed that I overdosed.
  4. I think switching to Klonopin would help you so much. I wouldn't want to be on Xanax daily with that short of a half-life, it's kinda scary to me. I purposely try to take medications that have long, long half-lives. I'm prescribed Klonopin 0.5mg twice a day, but I usually only take 0.25mg twice a day. I feel fine on it, not sleepy at all. My anxiety and panic attacks (not sure if you get those) have been 100% controlled for 6 years, the whole time I've been on Klonopin daily. My daily Klonopin dosage has ranged from 0.5mg-3mg a day throughout the years, but it has never lost its efficacy. I really don't think you will have an issue with addiction, and it sounds like you could really use the anxiety relief. I'm an addict and I even use my Klonopin responsibly, I don't really think benzos are that abusable. They don't do anything for me. Most people I know that abuse benzos do it to enhance other drugs or to come off drugs, and you have neither of those problems. I think you should try Klonopin 0.5mg twice a day, and then eventually when your anxiety improves you can try Klonopin 0.25mg twice a day. I wish you the best of luck, and I know you will get through this. You deserve relief, so do it for you.
  5. In March I relapsed on heroin, and was using daily until May 28th. I had been about 10 days sober until I was craving it so bad, but I couldn't use because I finally got back on naltrexone. I was having a nervous breakdown because the cravings were so intense. So what did I do? I went out and smoked methamphetamine, and took GHB. I went on a hardcore, all day 24 hour binge. I feel really guilty and scared. My psychiatrist doesn't know I'm an addict, only my old GP who I can no longer see. I'm scared to try to talk to him about it, I feel like it's not needed. I know he will judge me, because all the times doctors, nurses, whatever find out I'm an addict they treat me differently. I feel like I'm living a complete lie. Only my two close friends know what's been going on with me. I am just so scared of my fucking self and my stupid, impulsive actions. All I want to do is escape this world and live in bliss. But I can't. And that breaks my heart, as bad as that sounds. I never thought in a million years I would grow up to be addicted to black tar heroin and crystal meth. I mostly just wanted to rant, because I feel really lonely and scared. I also still feel strange from the meth, I was awake for 72 hours and it's kinda messed with me. I normally don't feel myself until a week has passed. Bottom line is, I'm an idiot. A hedonistic pig. A liar. A user. I was sober for so long....what went wrong? I guess that's all. I need support. I don't want to be like this; I don't want to die.
  6. Nope, I never have! Do you like amusement parks?
  7. No and Yes. No because I have a good psych and my parents support me and I live a pretty good life, but my mental health is still shit. Yes because if I did have an irrational amount of money, I would probably spend it all on drugs, atleast in the moment I would. So I wouldn't be genuinely "well". Money cannot buy mental health.
  8. Nope! I am very lucky that I have no food allergies. What's your least favorite color?
  9. I don't know, insurance companies are really odd. I was able to fill my Rexulti script right away even though it costs thousands of dollars, No pre-authorization required.Belsomra? Yeah, they said no.
  10. I agree with everyone here, Prozac would be more stimulating than Paxil. Paxil is extremely sedating to me. I think you would be OK trying Wellbutrin too, since you are on an anticovulsant.
  11. No I don't, even when I was at my worst anxiety/panic-wise, I was never anxious about making or receiving phone calls. What is your favorite memory?
  12. Both do. But to me, dopamine stimulantion feels more.."awake" while norepinephrine stimulation feels more "energetic" the latter feeling more physical.
  13. Have you tried an Amphetamine-based stimulant such as Adderall, Dexedrine, or Vyvanse? I don't know much about psychosis, so I don't know if those would be better. Is there NO way your doctor would let you try Bupropion, even though you're on an anticonvulsant? Bupropion definitely made me more awake, but really...well twacked out. LOL. The closest thing to Bupropion you will find is Strattera. I believe there is also a TCA that inhibits norepinephrine only, but I forget the name. I am happy that your anxiety is finally better though, what a freakin relief that was when I got mine under control.
  14. Uh, neither. You have two choices. 1.) Try to reduce dosages of medications that are known to cause sleepiness, or 2.) add a stimulant/stimulant like med such as Provigil. I guess Strattera would be the answer out of the two, but my approach is to try to be on the least amount of medication possible. I don't let my psych increase my dose if I feel like I won't get any more effect. Have you had a med increase recently?
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