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  1. Its not strong enough, I have a fairly extensive amphetamine prescription history. I seem to recall my old Dexedrine regimen being solid for me (30mg AM, 30mg noon and 10mg 4pm) but ill continue giving my Vyvanse a chance. I'm guessing maybe my Adderall IR tolerance started the Vyvanse off a bit rough
  2. I'm starting to wonder if that may be my situation as well. I'd taken Vyvanse before in the past but I also had no amphetamine tolerance at that time
  3. I just about 3 days ago started taking 70 mg Vyvanse after being on IR Adderall for quite some time, ending at 30mg IR twice a day (8am and noon) Since switching off of Adderall Ive noticed my moods have been drastically different. I feel fine in the morning all day up until about 3pm Ive noticed. Im not sure if this is situational stuff or not, but things throughout my day that upset me or stress me out trigger a much bolder response (ie: being frustrated with someone/I react in strong anger) where as on the Adderall I found it easier to think before reacting. Anybody else have experience moving to Vyvanse from Adderall with mixed results?
  4. I met with my psychiatrist today and we discontinued the Remeron and switched back to Trazodone 150mg, and changed my Adderall from 30mg in the AM and 15 at noon to 30mg twice daily. Hoping this works out better
  5. I've been taking Adderall IR for a little while now (few months) taking 30mg at 8am and another 15mg at noon, and recently just added Remeron 15mg every night for sleep. I've been noticing a major fluctuation in my moods about 1-2 hours after taking the Remeron. So in addition to the somewhat slumped feeling I had already from the daytime meds wearing off, once the night med kicks in I am just like totally depressed and out of it. Has anyone else tried this combination and what effects did you see occur?
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