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  1. Granted, but now you compulsively pick your nose whenever you are in public. I wish I could read people easier.
  2. I tried MoodGym back when it was free and it worked surprisingly well for me. It’s unfortunate it costs now. It was CBT based so I liked it quite a bit.
  3. I’m sorry you are struggling so much @Angerr and that you are not getting the treatment you need. What meds have you tried?
  4. I quit concerta after having been on it for over 10 years and I felt a wider range of feeling and had more energy without it. It felt like it had flattened me a lot and made my range of emotion limited. I do not want to go back on meds for my ADD because I’ve found ways to deal with it that are behavior based and they work just as well for me for the most part as meds did.
  5. I can’t sleep without something heavily sedating and I’m getting tired of it. No pun intended. 

    1. Wonderful.Cheese


      Sorry to hear that. I am exactly the same way. 

    2. saintalto


      @Wonderful.Cheese so far all that’s working to get me to sleep is olanzapine and I’m so terrified of gaining weight on it that I’m eating next to nothing. I just feel so drugged that half my day is spent groggy and also  overwhelmed with food cravings that I can’t respond to out of fear I’ll put on weight. 

    3. Wonderful.Cheese


      @saintalto oh no! I too rely on olanzapine for sleep. I’m lucky I guess because I’m losing weight on it compared to seroquel. But I’d seroquel low dose an option for you? It might be more weight friendly. Or lunesta? I took that for many years. Trazodone. Remeron. Ambien. I’m worried about you not eating. It isn’t good for you physically or mentally. Can you get in touch with your pdoc ASAP about this? There has to be a better solution.

  6. Latuda was activating for me at 40 mg, I could take it during the day. As soon as I went up to 80 it became sedating and I had to take it at night. I can’t remember if I had anxiety at first or not, but if I did, it went away. Now all it does is make me a bit sleepy and it gets rid of psychosis. Unfortunately a PI is just going to tell you that’s a bump in the wall, nothing more.
  7. Granted, but once you start losing weight you can’t stop and it’s a Stephen King kinda situation where you just get keep getting smaller until you die. I wish my dog had less energy.
  8. Granted, but the only car you can buy is one of those itty bitty smart cars that look like miniature boxes on wheels. I wish that someone would come pick up my tree for me because I’m not sure how to get rid of it right now.
  9. Granted but now you have to wear dirty rags for the rest of your life. I wish Christmas lights were up for longer.
  10. Granted, but now you are afraid of air instead. I wish I had the power to keep plants alive.
  11. Granted, but you have the gear glued to your body and can never remove it. I wish I had a pool.
  12. Granted, but they’ve got a dust and water phobia so they’ll be limited hugely in their ability to keep the house clean. I wish I had the ability to paint only things that I like.
  13. Before my meds worked I nearly hung myself because I thought North Korea was after me and it was important I do away with myself before they had a chance to torture me. meds saved my life
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