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  1. Now I’m getting ads for the NRA... honestly. 

  2. I’m on lamictal and Tylenol doesn’t affect me. I didn’t know it had the potential to make a person depressed.
  3. Why on earth am I getting targeted for ads to re-elect Trump? 

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    2. Unstrung Harp

      Unstrung Harp

      To make America great again? 😐😬😭

    3. CrazyRedhead


      IMO, because Trump is really scared he's gonna lose next year--I get pro-Trump ads, too.....It's so annoying...!!

    4. Juniper29


      I am too, and I'm a socialist, sooo ...

  4. Debating whether to go to a group today. I feel well, like I don’t need that sort of thing anymore, but I also like the social element and getting out of the house... so I don’t know. I have awhile to decide.
  5. Walking around with a dog tethered to me most the day. Can’t trust her out of my sight though. 

  6. I had to get my heart checked out periodically when I was on seroquel. Not sure why but it was done a few times.
  7. Dog is still having accidents at 8 months so I’m going around with her leashed to me. This way I can monitor her at all times. She isn’t happy with the situation.

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    2. CrazyRedhead


      Hmm........Well, it might sound a bit extreme, but you could try keeping her in crate. then take her directly from crate to outside till she goes potty outside, then put her back in crate, rinse and repeat until she gets the idea.

      When she pottys outside successfully ,praise her and give a dog treat every time......It might take awhile, but this method can work for stubborn dogs if you are persistent.

      Just to let you know, before I became disabled due to MI, I worked with dogs professionally.

    3. saintalto


      Thanks for your help, it’s much appreciated. What I did yesterday afternoon and today that seemed to help was to leash her to my side and always have her in sight and she didn’t try to go inside. I’m hoping to avoid crating her for too long bc she’s a super energetic girl. :( we had to crate her a ton after heart surgery while she was healing and she got so stir crazy. Does this seem a good idea? I will try treating her when she’s outside peeing now.

    4. CrazyRedhead


      If your plan (leashing her to you) seems to be working so far, I think it's a good idea.....Yes, give her a treat if she potties outside, that will reinforce the idea that going potty outside is a good thing.

  8. @CrazyRedhead If I take Latuda in the day at any point, food or no food, I throw it up. No one ever told me to take it with food, but even if I do, I couldn’t take it when there’s any light in the room or I’m moving at all. It makes me violently ill unless I’m laying down still in a dark room about to go to sleep. Seems to work for me fine, I’m stable, so I’ll just continue how I’m going. I hate the violent nausea that can happen and at bedtime is the only way I’ll keep it down.
  9. @mikl_pls I do not take Latuda with food, I was told to take it before bedtime. No instructions for food from the pdoc.
  10. Latuda at a high dose dealt with my psychosis really well. I was on 160 mg at my highest dosage. Give it a chance, 100mg is still a fairly low dose.
  11. My niece started posting revealing photos on her account when she was around 14 and it made me raise my eyebrows a little. Double standards, sure, but I couldn’t help be a little taken aback when I saw. I probably did judge a little. Just my experience being the aunt who saw the photos.
  12. Pet insurance has been my saviour. Our dog had to have heart surgery and it cost 10k, but pet insurance paid 90 percent of the costs. Later, our dog was attacked by another dog and the 1000 dollar emergency bill came down to 100 dollars. Plus it paid for all her medications and tests etc... I don’t think we’d have this dog without having had the pet insurance. It’s a wise move.
  13. Sunny, 70 degrees. Meh. I was liking the rainy, chilly weather.
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