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  1. If your pdoc doesn’t like the combination and says there is potential for interactions, I’d listen to them and take their advice. We are not doctors here.
  2. I have taken Lamictal for 18 years and I can’t remember if it energized me at first. If it did, the effect faded because now I take it at night. You usually have to take a mood stabilizer when you have Schizoaffective because the mood component of the illness is just as dangerous as the psychosis. Psychosis also worsens when you are suffering mood symptoms like mania or depression. So the mood has to be treated and most people who have this diagnosis take both anti-psychotics and a mood stabilizer.
  3. I’m sorry you are struggling so much. Maybe cover the mirrors in your house until you start feeling a little better?
  4. When I was symptomatic from 19 to 34 I thought my illness was just a part of me. When I stabilized I was finally able to seperate myself from the illness. I think you have to be completely clear headed to be able to do it. When you’re in the midst of symptoms it begins to feel like it’s your personality.
  5. Do not tell people what to take and not take. You can relate your personal experience here but you are not a doctor and are not in a position to say what people should take and what they shouldn’t. Not everyone has the same side effects from a drug. Plenty of people take seroquel and benefit from it. You can’t say for certain this person is going to have the same experience you did.
  6. Hello, when I am psychotic, at first I am well aware the delusions aren’t real. Doesn’t stop my mind from constantly making connections with everything, usually something related to me somehow. Every coincidence I encounter and every sense of déjà vu (I get it a lot when I’m psychotic) is a sign for just me. It takes a while after being psychotic for me to stop being able to identify what’s a symptom. I really have to let it go for a long time.
  7. Knowing a parent is complicit in your abuse is hard. I love my mother still but I found out she knew about and allowed the abuse to happen. I don’t really know how to process that. A mother should protect you.
  8. PRN time. Take your Zyprexa PRN like you are supposed to when you have breakthrough symptoms and it should help you get to sleep. Remember it’s your miracle drug so don’t ignore it. You’ve told us so many times how much it helps.
  9. The fact you have run out of meds and are off some could be the reason you are hearing these voices and having these sorts of thoughts.
  10. We are not medical professionals here and cannot tell you what meds to take or not take. You will need to ask your treatment team about this. We can relay our own experiences with meds, or offer information about a med, but as to advising you on what you should take, we leave that up to your doctor.
  11. I am like this when I am psychotic. It clears up when I’m stable. Meds make me stable more than therapy.
  12. I cut ties with my dad for many years and it improved my mental health hugely. Then when he got cancer I moved back to be close to him while he was dying and help my uncle take care of him (I’m close with my uncle). That was probably one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made. I suppose I was waiting for some ounce of remorse for all the things he did but he never said a word about it and died comfortably and without any words of apology. Nothing. He should have gone to jail, not died in a cozy rest home having lived his life free of any consequences. Sometimes cutting ties just needs to be done if you want to heal. .
  13. You could buy an older generation Apple Watch for not that much. I use an Apple Watch and it’s fantastic. I’m not sure if you have to have an iPhone to use the Apple Watch though.
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