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  1. It’s been a positive thing for me with no side effects besides a decent night’s sleep.
  2. I feared weight gain from Zyprexa so I was put on Latuda which I really love. I haven't had any side effects from it which is a welcome thing. If you fear weight gain from a drug, you can always push for something else, that's what I did.
  3. Plus size clothing and something for the local Shamrock run. So I'm suggested to do a run and I apparently need plus size clothing.
  4. Coming home from the beach today to pick up my dog!!!

    1. Unstrung Harp

      Unstrung Harp

      There’s nobody happier to see you than a dog being picked up after vacation.

    2. jarn


      Happy dance!


  5. Listening to the waves of the ocean and feeling at peace.
  6. Chewy.com FINALLY something relevant to my life
  7. Rugs, socks, and small wallets.
  8. My husband tried it in one of his many attempts to quit and said it did nothing for him. He's on it now for depression and it again did nothing for the smoking. Maybe you'd have a different experience though. The only thing that has gotten my husband off of cigarettes is vaping. It's not a perfect alternative, but it's a lot better than cigarettes.
  9. I lost 50 pounds by getting into running. I'm not talking just a few 5k's a week though. I run 6-8 miles 4 days a week, and a 10+ mile run on the weekend. It's helped me shed the weight I gained on my medications that my body would not let go of for over 10 years. I also watch what I eat very closely... every calorie is accounted for. You'd be surprised what can sneak in there if you are nibbling on this and that all day, even if it doesn't seem like much.
  10. I don't want to chime in negatively, but I was on clozapine briefly and had a bad experience. I wet the bed every night, drooled all over my pillows, and gained an excessive amount of weight. I also was taken off all my other meds cold turkey when I was transitioned (I moved up fast too) and had a lot of issues with my mood going wild. It was a bad experience, but I think I'd be willing to try it again if nothing else worked. This time around I'd demand to go up slower in dosage, not be taken off every other med cold turkey, and I'd go on a low carb diet when taking it. There are a lot of other meds I'd try first before going back on clozapine though. It would be an absolute last resort. I reached the bottom of the barrel of what was offered in New Zealand, so clozapine was my last option there. The US has a lot more options in drug choice, though, so I still have a lot of things I can try out before I have to think about clozapine again.
  11. You do not necessarily need to treat ADD with medication. It's more important to me that I not have psychosis or mixed moods and almost all ADD meds cause that in me, so I'm not really allowed near a stimulant medication. I guess I could take Strattera, but I've learned tools to manage my ADD without meds now and I don't really see any need for it anymore. You just have to be well aware of your symptoms and what works to counteract them. It's more work and a lot of trial and error, but I have to say that ADD meds flattened me to a noticeable extent and I feel I laugh easier and express myself creatively more effectively without them anyway.
  12. Reading outside. Do you resent cellphones?
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