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  1. Managed to sleep without olanzapine for over a week now. Appetite has gone back to normal and I feel a lot more energetic. 

    1. Wonderful.Cheese


      I’m glad you are getting good sleep! That’s really important. :) 

    2. saintalto


      @Wonderful.Cheese Yeah, I struggled with it for months and my sleep pattern finally seems to be normalising again. I still take trazadone though. 

  2. @Unstrung Harp You did pretty well yesterday. Today: 1. Dog walk/brush dog’s teeth 2. running/shower 3. Russian lesson 4. Drawing lesson 5. Dishes/tidy house 6. brush/floss teeth 7. Call garbage company 8. Clean downstairs 9. Put Laundry away 10. Video chat with friends Things that made me happy today Walking through the neighborhood this morning with pups. The gardens were so brightly colored and it smelled so good. And the birds... so many pretty little birds chirping away. Listening to Xray.fm while cleaning the house. They have the neatest shows from local Portland DJs. Always something new to be had. I feel industrious! Running in the warm afternoon, I felt swift today.
  3. 1. Dog walk/brush dog’s teeth 2. shower 3. Russian lesson 4. Drawing lesson 5. Dishes/tidy house 6. brush/floss teeth 7. Laundry 8. NAMI volunteer video chat 1pm 9. Therapy 5pm
  4. To get a job, just show up and ask for applications. When you’re looking for the kind of job a teenager gets, it’s not unwelcome. That’s how I got all my jobs when I was young, just going in places and inquiring. I had three at one point during high school (I worked weekday afternoons and weekends) because i liked making money too and had very little growing up. I was a nursing home cafeteria assistant, I worked at a taco stand, and I was sort of an assistant at a pre-school (I filled in where ever I was needed). I had to get my working permit at first because I started working at the nursing home when I was 14. Just get out there and start inquiring once this pandemic lets up. Also, I don’t drive, nor have I ever. I do well enough.
  5. Trump ads sure use a lot of airbrushing. They’re attempting to make him look more noble I suppose. Can’t have him looking like a shrivelled up orange. I’m very sick of internet ads thinking I’m a gun loving republican. I get so many ads for guns, the NRA, and Trump. 

    1. Gearhead


      Republicans have been calling us, too. The first time my husband answered a call he was so astonished he wasn’t even able to be properly rude.

      He has since corrected this misstep. 

    2. saintalto


      @Gearhead I haven’t had a call yet but I get a lot of spam calls. I giggle too much when I try to mess with spammers but my husband is excellent. He has different characters he uses depending on what kind of spam it is. He’s got Gary the Australian farmer who got kicked in the head by a horse for doing something the horse didn’t like (a fact he tries to state as many times as possible) and Gregory who is an elderly gentleman who loves taking trips to Thailand to spend time with his little friends. The goal is to get hung up on by the spammer. Sometimes they power through it and other times it doesn’t take very long. 

  6. @chem Ooo neato. My husband works for a cancer research center and some of their labs are now working on a vaccine. He got tested for antibodies the other day. One of the doctors grabbed him out of the hall and asked for his blood.
  7. There are people on here with the OCPD diagnosis. @ananke I believe you might be able to help?
  8. 1. Dog walk/brush dog’s teeth 2. running/shower 3. Russian lesson 4. Drawing lesson 5. Dishes/tidy house 6. brush/floss teeth @chem what kind of lab do you work in? @Wonderful.Cheese that’s an ambitious day!
  9. When I lived with abusive people I used to just give back what they gave me as much as I was physically able. Nowadays, in my much more peaceful life, when I hear a loud noise or anyone barely raises their voice to me (and I mean barely), I cringe or jump. Perhaps because your husband didn’t used to be this way, it is harder for you to digest his abusive behavior. You should never have to put up with abuse at all, but I think this is something you don’t have a history of with him so it’s much harder to deal with it being a recent development.
  10. @Gearhead I started brushing her teeth from when she was a tiny puppy to acclimate her to it. Now she jumps on my lap for it. She loves the taste of the chicken toothpaste I use. I brush one side of her mouth, treat her with some paste and let her lick the brush, then I do the other side. Then I treat her again. I initially decided to do it because the vet told me dachshunds have notoriously bad teeth and she only eats wet food which is not exactly great for teeth either.
  11. @echolocation Showering, brushing/flossing my teeth, and not wearing the same outfit three days in a row are hard to keep up with. I find it helps if I exercise because I can incorporate it into that routine as something I do immediately after. I have been showering more regularly this way. Today’s list 1. running 2. Shower/brush teeth/FLOSS TEETH 3. Walk dog/brush dog’s teeth done this morning and I loved watching the geese at the park today. Margot tried to chase them. It’s a lovely day too. It smelled so good out in the fresh morning air and all the spring flowers. I need to remember how enjoyable a morning walk really is. 4. Study Russian 5. Do one lesson from my drawing book 6. Dishes/Tidy house a bit 7. Trauma group at 7pm I think that’s enough
  12. Got everything done so far except the Russian and besides some alphabet review, I don’t think that’s happening tonight. Clean! I feel so clean!
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