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  1. 4:12:51.42 was my finishing time!!!

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    2. Will


      Very good time.  How many miles per week did you train & how long? 

    3. saintalto


      @aura & @echolocation Thank you!

      @Will I trained 50 miles at my highest point and tapered down to 24 in the two weeks before the race. I think I’ve been training for around 4 months but before that I was running 35 - 42 miles a week on my own. 

    4. Will


      That's minimal.  9 and 1/2 minute miles?  Never ran a marathon.  I concluded a 5K or maybe a 10K would be what I wanted to do.  But I would like to have 1 marathon to my credit.  Knees too bad now to think about it.  So you did well.  The few people I know who could run at my age kept their weight really low, so that's something to think about if you continue

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