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  1. You're not a fraud darling - sounds to me like you have an enormous amount of anxiety right now and that shit does crazy stuff... can turn you inside out.. do you have anything you can take PRN to help? Thinking of you Cheese! x
  2. The muted TV bit sounds like disassociation... I tend to find that the world around me "tunes out" for a period of time and yes, does become muted... I also feel like I am receding backwards into my head if that makes sense...
  3. Ok - never knew that - so Lithium is good for suicidal thoughts? Is that because of its affect on depression? cheers
  4. Yes one of my concerns is being too flat... and I want to be very sure it is doing what I am taking it for. I am also med sensitive, so will keep that in mind. I wonder if anxiety is significantly helped by lithium? And can you take a dosage less than 600mg or is that considered the lowest dosage? Lots to think about... specifically whether it targets anxiety in and of itself? ?
  5. Hi Unburdened - I have been on anti-depressants for over 20 years and through a combination of trial and error I have a solution that works for me like a dream and probably would work for other people too. Given that anti-depressants block the sympathetic nervous system from building to orgasm, if you take a teeny bit of Valium (less than a 1/4) this relaxes you enough to actually "get there." Give it whirl, experiment with what amount works for you - the orgasm is not as intense - but it happens. x
  6. Howdy - hope all of you guys are doing well!! I have a psychotic illness (schizoaffective) and anxiety... and my pdoc is talking to me about Lithium.... are people feeling in the mood to share their own experiences on this drug? I guess I would be keen to know what dose you are on, what your experience has been and if people have any knowledge around it they would be willing to share to help me to make a good decision.... I am fighting to keep my job at the moment given my paranoia and HIGH anxiety and would so, so appreciate any insights/feedback/info that you are happy to share with me (an everyone else) How long does it take to work is it good for anxiety? Psychosis? Paranoia? etc. Thanks and Happy holidays!
  7. Hi - it has been quite a while since I graced these boards with my presence... lol - just wanted to say hi to anyone who might remember me and connect to all of the new peeps too!! So hi and happy holidays! x
  8. Howdy beautiful Crazies - haven't posted on here for a while. My anxiety has just been so terrible recently and I have gone back on to Effexor (that was/is a nightmare all unto itself) and my Pdoc is talking to me about adding Lithium into the mix... what are your thoughts/experiences here with Lithium for anxiety? Many thanks and happy holidays!!! x
  9. i've felt physical sensations. in my head. i've heard them through my skull, too.

    i read your post and i'm not posting on the forum anymore, but didn't want to leave a friend feeling alone. i hear you and that's happened to me. xx

  10. My delusions are quite bad I think..... it is hurting my brain... I can't remember feeling this before... but every time I think about what is happening it hurts my whole brain physically!!!! Can anyone else relate?
  11. Definitely start at 20... 40 made me anxious.... 20 for at least a fe weeks....
  12. I had an awful experience on it - I got maybe 5 hours of sleep a night and was constantly anxious.... came off it after struggling through a week and a half... ugh!
  13. hi, you experience real thought broadcasting, satorare where people react by repeating what you just thought, what you think, memories, dreamt etc.?

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