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  1. If you can manage to get your insurance to pay for it, please tell me how you did it. My insurance won't cover it because it's a "weight loss drug."
  2. There's also protriptyline (Vivactil). It's stimulating for me.
  3. They have done studies with Victoza (liraglutide) and found that it helps bipolar disorder at least that I've read. I found that I kinda felt listless and depressed on Victoza, not sure if that was just a coincidence or the Victoza. The daily injections I didn't mind at first, but when I started getting the bruises and knots, I got tired of it and switched to Trulicity (weekly injection) which didn't do much of anything for me. Now they have Ozempic (made by same people as Victoza), and it's pretty much Victoza 2.0. lol It's weekly injections, more weight loss, more A1c control, more blood sugar control, and probably better effects on the heart and maybe even mood. I was on it for a while but my endo broke his hip and he's been out of comission. I tried to get the Ozempic from my gdoc but they wanted a PA and it was turned down "because I hadn't tried metformin or other diabetes meds before." The hell I haven't! I've tried metformin up to 2000 mg (the IR version, I HIGHLY don't recommend trying that), and had to give it up because of the diarrhea... it was so bad it was almost like having fecal incontinence. I was always searching for bathrooms in public "just in case" and had to start bringing extra pairs of underwear if I would be out anywhere for an extended period. That may be TMI, but lord that was something I hope to never go through again. I don't know why I didn't switch to the XR version... I guess because my sister said she didn't lose any weight on it. I didn't lose any weight on either, so... But TL;DR: Ozempic > Victoza > metformin. I'd try Ozempic first, but it's your meds and you're entirely entitled to do Victoza because it's tried and true. I wish I could've tried Saxenda, the weight loss version of liraglutide that goes up to 3.0 mg instead of 1.8 mg. But Ozempic is supposed to be better anyway, so... Oh, and if you don't want to do injections, Ozempic has an oral tablet form... Rybelsus... it's taken daily. I don't think it's quite as robust as Ozempic, but it still does a good job and it's the only oral GLP-1 agonist.
  4. Feeling lower than low and worthless.

    1. Blahblah


      I'm sorry, that's crap 😔 Did something trigger it?

    2. 0112358


      I hope the feeling doesn't last

  5. I also got some similar side effects with lamotrigine (Lamictal), mostly just the feeling wired and feeling anxious though, not so much the euphoria. I also had some rashes and bad acne breakouts. At 100 mg, I felt pretty euphoric after thing settled down, at 200 mg I felt very STABLE, something I hadn't experienced at theretofore at that point in life. 400 mg was just too much... everything was a shade of gray, no black and white or color... seemingly. I was totally flat, no more improvement in mood... So TL;DR: the side effects will go away (except some like skin rashes and acne if they happen), 100 mg may be stimulating, 200 mg stabilizing, 400 mg flattening (for me). I agree with what @notloki said, give Lamictal a chance until you get to your "target dose," whatever that may be, and take it for a little while, before you judge Lamictal. (Unless you get the SJS rash of course...)
  6. And that's on toxic masculinity! lol!!
  7. It cleared my insurance just fine with a PA. Insurance copay card lowers copay to just $15. Very pro-cognitive, somewhat stimulating, appetite suppressing, weight loss inducing (at first), potent antidepressant and antiaggressive effects, potent antipsychotic effects, all around a very great antipsychotic.
  8. I have had to give myself effectively what is called a "B52." It consists of Haldol 5 mg and Ativan 2 mg. I follow that up with about 1 mg Cogentin to prevent acute dystonia from so much Haldol. That is a sledgehammer for psychosis or agitation of any kind. Otherwise, Zyprexa (which I know you take) helps me, and Saphris helps me heaps. Just 5 mg Saphris is all I need. Never noticed any additional benefit from 10 mg or more.
  9. Depends on whether you're an exclusive top or not... If you're versatile or a bottom, you're fine.
  10. I've been doing betterhelp for about a month now and I love my therapist. She doesn't seem to like betterhelp, but has her own private practice here in Alabama, so I imagine if things got hairy with us and betterhelp, we could just do our own thing, and my insurance would probably accept her practice. lol She's really great though, she reminds me of my first counselor who I saw for 20+ years. I say give it a try and at least get matched up with a good counselor. Then you can maybe split off and do your own thing assuming they live in the same state as you.
  11. How's everybody feeling out there? Just know regardless of how you're feeling, you matter! :)❤️ 

  12. I had forgotten just how sweet Adderall tastes! Why is it so sweet?!

    1. Cerberus


      You make it sound like candy. Adderall isn’t candy. It’s a psychoactive stimulant with a significant potential for addiction. What are you pushing, candyman? Besides, you’re the one who’s supposed to know all about how these meds work - if you don’t know why it tastes sweet, why should we believe anything else you might have to say about its action?

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