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  1. Took 40 mg Xanax and 6 Fioricet and it didn't even phase me. I'm disappointed. I wanted tonight to be the night. Maybe I need to mix alcohol in the picture. I'm so sorry I bitch and moan about this all the time. I promise I will try not to do this anymore in the future. If I pass, I want it to be silent. I refuse to go back to my pdoc, and I refuse to go back to the ER. Complete wastes of time.

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    2. Gearhead


      You very much belong here. We need you. Please check in.

    3. Blahblah


      Thinking of you and worried, please take good care of yourself. We need you here .

    4. Wonderful.Cheese


      Worried too. Please check in. I care. We all do. 

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