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  1. If you can manage to get your insurance to pay for it, please tell me how you did it. My insurance won't cover it because it's a "weight loss drug."
  2. There's also protriptyline (Vivactil). It's stimulating for me.
  3. They have done studies with Victoza (liraglutide) and found that it helps bipolar disorder at least that I've read. I found that I kinda felt listless and depressed on Victoza, not sure if that was just a coincidence or the Victoza. The daily injections I didn't mind at first, but when I started getting the bruises and knots, I got tired of it and switched to Trulicity (weekly injection) which didn't do much of anything for me. Now they have Ozempic (made by same people as Victoza), and it's pretty much Victoza 2.0. lol It's weekly injections, more weight loss, more A1c control, more blood sugar control, and probably better effects on the heart and maybe even mood. I was on it for a while but my endo broke his hip and he's been out of comission. I tried to get the Ozempic from my gdoc but they wanted a PA and it was turned down "because I hadn't tried metformin or other diabetes meds before." The hell I haven't! I've tried metformin up to 2000 mg (the IR version, I HIGHLY don't recommend trying that), and had to give it up because of the diarrhea... it was so bad it was almost like having fecal incontinence. I was always searching for bathrooms in public "just in case" and had to start bringing extra pairs of underwear if I would be out anywhere for an extended period. That may be TMI, but lord that was something I hope to never go through again. I don't know why I didn't switch to the XR version... I guess because my sister said she didn't lose any weight on it. I didn't lose any weight on either, so... But TL;DR: Ozempic > Victoza > metformin. I'd try Ozempic first, but it's your meds and you're entirely entitled to do Victoza because it's tried and true. I wish I could've tried Saxenda, the weight loss version of liraglutide that goes up to 3.0 mg instead of 1.8 mg. But Ozempic is supposed to be better anyway, so... Oh, and if you don't want to do injections, Ozempic has an oral tablet form... Rybelsus... it's taken daily. I don't think it's quite as robust as Ozempic, but it still does a good job and it's the only oral GLP-1 agonist.
  4. Feeling lower than low and worthless.

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      I'm sorry, that's crap 😔 Did something trigger it?

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      I hope the feeling doesn't last

  5. I also got some similar side effects with lamotrigine (Lamictal), mostly just the feeling wired and feeling anxious though, not so much the euphoria. I also had some rashes and bad acne breakouts. At 100 mg, I felt pretty euphoric after thing settled down, at 200 mg I felt very STABLE, something I hadn't experienced at theretofore at that point in life. 400 mg was just too much... everything was a shade of gray, no black and white or color... seemingly. I was totally flat, no more improvement in mood... So TL;DR: the side effects will go away (except some like skin rashes and acne if they happen), 100 mg may be stimulating, 200 mg stabilizing, 400 mg flattening (for me). I agree with what @notloki said, give Lamictal a chance until you get to your "target dose," whatever that may be, and take it for a little while, before you judge Lamictal. (Unless you get the SJS rash of course...)
  6. And that's on toxic masculinity! lol!!
  7. It cleared my insurance just fine with a PA. Insurance copay card lowers copay to just $15. Very pro-cognitive, somewhat stimulating, appetite suppressing, weight loss inducing (at first), potent antidepressant and antiaggressive effects, potent antipsychotic effects, all around a very great antipsychotic.
  8. I have had to give myself effectively what is called a "B52." It consists of Haldol 5 mg and Ativan 2 mg. I follow that up with about 1 mg Cogentin to prevent acute dystonia from so much Haldol. That is a sledgehammer for psychosis or agitation of any kind. Otherwise, Zyprexa (which I know you take) helps me, and Saphris helps me heaps. Just 5 mg Saphris is all I need. Never noticed any additional benefit from 10 mg or more.
  9. Depends on whether you're an exclusive top or not... If you're versatile or a bottom, you're fine.
  10. I've been doing betterhelp for about a month now and I love my therapist. She doesn't seem to like betterhelp, but has her own private practice here in Alabama, so I imagine if things got hairy with us and betterhelp, we could just do our own thing, and my insurance would probably accept her practice. lol She's really great though, she reminds me of my first counselor who I saw for 20+ years. I say give it a try and at least get matched up with a good counselor. Then you can maybe split off and do your own thing assuming they live in the same state as you.
  11. How's everybody feeling out there? Just know regardless of how you're feeling, you matter! :)❤️ 

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      Unstrung Harp

      You too, mikl.

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      Banana Smurf

      You matter, too.

  12. I had forgotten just how sweet Adderall tastes! Why is it so sweet?!

    1. Cerberus


      You make it sound like candy. Adderall isn’t candy. It’s a psychoactive stimulant with a significant potential for addiction. What are you pushing, candyman? Besides, you’re the one who’s supposed to know all about how these meds work - if you don’t know why it tastes sweet, why should we believe anything else you might have to say about its action?

  13. Yes, brand name is Muse, generic name is alprostadil urethral. Yohimbine (Yocon) is another medicine, but it can really ramp up anxiety if you are prone to it.
  14. Yes I remember him. His stuff was free, then he maid all his stuff pay to view, which kinda miffed me, and then he disappeared. Now suddenly his stuff is reappearing, and it looks as though someone is recording these videos on a phone camera while they're playing on a computer or something. He was pretty quirky alright. He had what I think is called reactive attachment disorder, which he talked about in one of his videos. My mother was a 1st grade teacher for a while after she went back to work after having me, and she had a girl in her class room with RAD and other issues, and that girl was *LEGIT* nuts. I kinda agree on some of the things he talks about, but I am also kinda under the impression that he is very, very conservative. Like he said he would never prescribe a stimulant with venlafaxine and whatnot.
  15. I saw my sleep doc today and brought up how my pdoc diagnosed me with a circadian rhythm sleep disorder (CRSD) years ago, but didn't specify which one... I speculate that I may have delayed sleep phase disorder (DSPD) or non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder (non-24), the latter of which I understand is very rare in sighted individuals, but it can progress from DSPD if not treated properly. Also, ADHD, obesity, and OCD are all comorbidities associated with DSPD, and bipolar a comorbidity with non-24. My sleep doc wants me to download an app that uses my smart watch to track my movement during the day and night, basically to use my smart watch as an actigraphy device. He has an app called "Sleepwatch" that uses the Apple Watch to do this very thing. It's a very advanced app, I read about it. I have scoured (so I feel) the Internet for an alternative for an Android app that does the same thing, and have come up empty handed. All there seem to be are "sleep trackers" and "smart alarm clocks" and such for Android. Does anyone around happen to know of an alternative or equivalent to this app for Android that does the same thing? I need to have the data for my sleep doc by next visit (next month) so he can have something to go off of.
  16. Yes I'm on Caplyta. The difference in me is night and day since being on it. It has been a total life changer. I would highly encourage giving it a trial if you can.
  17. Saw my pdoc on the 22nd of July. These are the changes she made (in bold). Caplyta 42 mg 1 PO qam Cymbalta 60 mg 1 PO bid (120 mg) Vivactil 10 mg 1 PO tid (30 mg) Doxepin 10 mg 1 PO qhs prn Belsomra 20 mg 1 PO qhs prn Zofran ODT 4 mg 1 PO bid prn On the Caplyta, I told her I felt like maybe it wasn't stabilizing me enough because I've been having to patch myself up occasionally with Stelazine, and she said sometimes with brand new antipsychotics, it can take up to 9 months for them to really start working, so she wanted me to give it the full 9 months trial before we consider starting something new. Zoloft pooped out rapidly and started causing withdrawal symptoms even while taking up to 150 mg (I was prescribed 50-75 mg down from that dose over a long period of time). Brain zaps, anxiety, impending doom/death feeling, panic attacks, dark ominous cloud hanging over my head, you name it. So I switched to the next strongest thing I had in my meds (bad patient, I know), Cymbalta, and took 60 mg + 20 mg for 80 mg, and eventually bumped it up to 120 mg just before I saw her. It helped immensely. Only problem is my manly parts don't want to work anymore. I guess it's a fair trade off.... Also sorry if TMI. Doxepin was just too damn strong at 50 mg. It made me sleep all day the next day, so she lowered it to 10 mg at my request. Zofran ODT is just a safety blanket since I'm an emetophobe and I've been having some nasty migraines lately where I almost got sick. She wrote it for x60 but apparently my insurance only cleared x21, because they cut up the blister packs in put them in a Ziplock baggie... lol. She took off the prescription for Doral because it wasn't doing anything. ___________ Then today (29th of July) I saw my sleep doctor. He kinda just claimed the prescriptions of Belsomra and doxepin, so now my pdoc has even less to prescribe me, and added temazepam (Restoril). He also replaced the Dexedrine 30 mg with Adderall 20 mg (why he lowered the dose I don't know...?). I started to get him to give me Evekeo but I told him it would need a PA because insurance won't cover it, etc., so he said "let's do Adderall first." So from him, here is what I have: Belsomra 20 mg 1 PO qhs prn Doxepin 10 mg 1 PO qhs prn Restoril 30 mg 1 PO qhs prn Adderall 20 mg ½ PO bid (20 mg) I do plan on telling my pdoc about all these changes, including the Adderall.
  18. Ooh that's scary. 😢 There is a set of genetic mutations that supposedly makes one intolerant to any/all methyl donors of any kind. It involves having both a COMT V158M (rs4680) (+) allele and a VDR Taq (rs731236) (+) allele. That could've been the case for him.
  19. IME, Provigil did nothing, even up to 400 mg/day. Nuvigil barely did anything when it was brand-name, and did nothing when it went generic. So that probably includes atomoxetine (Strattera) then lol I can tell you from experience (my experience anyway) that if you start with amphetamines and are used to them, methylphenidate is far weaker. But don't rule it out, especially dexmethylphenidate. It's about as potent as dextroamphetamine, and with Focalin XR you can go up to 40 mg/day for some reason. I can say from my experience Dexedrine definitely combatted my depression far more/better than any amphetamine I've tried has ever done. Evekeo was surprisingly good at bringing my "goofy, silly" side out of me, but I didn't really give Evekeo a fair trial.
  20. What about atomoxetine (Strattera)? Do you think it might do the same? I mean, it's not the greatest med ever, but if taken in augmentation with your stimulants, it may help with vigilance and wakefulness. (I believe norepinephrine is highly related to the "wakefulness center" of the brain or something like that? Don't quote me on that...) Then again, dopamine has a strong wakefulness promoting effect too... That being said, perhaps augmenting (instead of switching) to modafinil/armodafinil could possibly help. They're not primarily dopaminergic, if anything orexigenic and histaminergic, but armodafinil is a D2 partial agonist I believe. My pdoc said that 200 mg modafinil = 150 mg armodafinil if that info is of any use. Modafinil is typically dosed up to 400 mg/day, but can be dosed even higher (with yet another PA I'm sure) up to 600 mg I've seen, and while armodafinil is typically dosed only up to 250 mg/day (highest dose pill they make), I've seen some people dosed up as high as 500 mg/day of it (they had to fight their insurance company tooth and nail, but they finally got them to approve it and they say it's totally worth it). I personally wasn't a responder to modafinil (up to 400 mg/day), and 250 mg armodafinil barely really did anything much for me except boost mood and cause extensive weight loss on top of the tremendous weight loss I had from first starting Adderall earlier at that time. I wonder if trimipramine (Surmontil) would throw you into mania? 🤔 Trimipramine is considered an "atypical tricyclic" because it has no monoamine reuptake inhibition to speak of. It works mainly as a 5-HT2A antagonist and a presynaptic D2 autoreceptor antagonist (releasing dopamine) (kinda like low doses of low-potency antipsychotics and some high-potency antipsychotics like flupenthixol, sulpiride, amisulpride, etc., none that are in the US, as well as low doses of buspirone). Trimipramine itself, in high doses, is sometimes used in schizophrenic patients because its antipsychotic properties are very close to those of clozapine. (But you're already on clozapine so...) Just wondering to myself aloud... lol. Don't get me wrong, Dexedrine has a "kick" all to itself, but it's just... "different" than Adderall's. I do wonder if I should go back to Adderall though because I have been so unmotivated to do anything. My room has become a maximal disaster zone. There's basically just a path (barely) from my door to one side of my bed and that's it, and I can't find anything. My keys have been missing for a week. No idea where they could be. Everywhere else, shin-deep in clutter and papers (probably mostly unpaid bills). Since my prescriber accidentally mistakenly wrote my Dexedrine prescription for 30 mg/day, I actually have noticed I have a lot more motivation to get stuff done (but I'm a lot more tired and want to take more naps). I kinda wonder if 60 mg was too much Dexedrine? And like I said, I also wonder if I should try going back to Adderall? 60 mg should suffice, but I may need 80 mg or higher to equate to the 60 mg I was used to in Dexedrine (although lower might be better). I've also considered giving Evekeo another spin but at a higher dose. It's not nearly as potent a CNS stimulant as Adderall or Dexedrine, more peripheral nervous system stimulant than anything, but I imagine the "kick in the butt" effect is pretty strong with Evekeo if it's 50% levoamphetamine. Next appointment I honestly may do Adderall and then Evekeo after that (sort of to transition from the ratios of D-:L-amphetamine more gradually) because I've been extremely curious about Evekeo. I was also curious about trying oral selegiline for the L-methamphetamine/L-amphetamine metabolites that it confers along with the Dexedrine (that way I wouldn't have to make a switch). I do believe my reward center is just completely broken which is why I can't motivate myself to do anything (dopamine thing rather than noradrenergic thing I believe), but having selegiline on board would give the L-methamphetamine/L-amphetamine (which are basically selective norepinephrine releasing agents and hardly work on dopamine at all), plus the selegiline, which in the doses I'd be taking (5-10 mg PO) would be selective for MAO-B inhibition, so theoretically it should be safe to take with the rest of my cocktail.
  21. I get you on wanting to put it off for the current reasons at hand... Wow, I can't believe my memory served me right for once! Lol usually my memory is terrible lol. I think I have associated your profile picture + your avatar with some of your meds somehow... (I don't know why or how those things have made a connection in my mind...) I got off Victoza for the same reason. I was getting knots in my tummy where I would inject. My tremor is too severe to inject in my thigh or upper arm, and it hurts worse since I have a WHOLE lot more fat in my belly lol. If you go for any other GLP-1 agonist like Victoza, I would highly recommend Ozempic. It has been wonderful for me. No GI side effects (particularly nausea) starting up like with Victoza, the injections aren't as painful (somoething to so with the Ozempic itself maybe?). I just love it all around. Trulicity was okay but I didn't feel like it was really doing anything for me. Never taken any of the other GLP-1 agonists, but haven't heard too many good things about Bydureon/Bydureon BCse, Byetta, or Adlyxin. Tanzeum got discontinued I think. They make an oral form of Ozempic, called "Rybelsus," if you don't even want to bother with weekly injections, I almost forgot. GLP-1 agonists are kinda the future of weight loss, weight management, and diabetes management I feel, as does my gdoc. There are DPP-4 inhibitors that sort of act similarly to GLP-1 agonists. They stimulate insulin release and I believe inhibit glucagon release (a hormone that causes your liver to generate glucose from glycogen stores). They are weight neutral I believe, perhaps can lose a couple of pounds on them, but nothing serious. Stay away from the SGLT2 inhibitors (Invokana, Jardiance, Farxiga, Steglatro) or any product containing one... A fellow user on this site got the infamous genital mycotic infection and had to have skin grafts on his genitals from it. They also have black box warnings for increased chances of limb amputation. They're nothing to mess around with. They basically make you pee out extra sugar in your body. They can cause weight loss. But none of it I don't think is worth the potential risks. But you can't go wrong with good old metformin (if it works for you that is, I don't think it really does anything for me).
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