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  1. So I got a copy of my file, and to cut a long story short, there is a sentence that reads “impression is BIpolar .....on a background of BPD” Now, I was fully aware of the bipolar, and as far as I had been told I had BPD Traits, does that sentence mean he has decided I have full diagnosis BPD? can anyone help me understand the wording?
  2. Hey all, thanks for all the replies. I wouldn’t say I’m unstable on what I’m taking, I had a few weeks of depression recently and a good few days of improvement in mood this week. Things were pretty rough late last year, but that was probably more due to BPD traits than bipolar (that’s what I was told anyway). The thing about switching is, I’m in New Zealand, and this is the public system and where you go for treatment is dependent on where you live. There have been changes in my area recently splitting it into two. This is why I’ve had to change. The annoying part is, we are building a new house which will put me in the area serviced by my original clinic. I’m gonna end up back where I started anyway with my old doctor most likely. So I’ll prob only have to deal with this guy for this year, i don’t want to change my meds and then change again you know? just frustrating really.
  3. So, long story short, i was transferred to another psychiatrist and saw today. Within ten minutes he was trying to get me back on anti psychotics, and didn’t really seem to be hearing anything I was saying. Maybe I was rushing to catch him up on five years of my history (since he clearly hadn’t read my notes) he prescribed me Amisulpride, he wants to get me off lithium and sodium Valproate, and was concerned about my clonazapam?? So he wants to use only one medication he said was his goal. I am extremely uncomfortable with this. So I googled the guy, I find heaps of his research published online, he seems to do a lot with schizophrenia and antipsychotics, maybe I’m being paranoid but it seems like he’s real keen to get me on antipsychotics for some reason. What I’m on isn’t perfect but it seems drastic to drop a complete med regime without real cause to, you know. maybe none of it’s as bad as I’m making it up to be in my head, I don’t know. Any thoughts?..
  4. I don't post often, but this is bugging me and this topic is pretty much what I'm thinking about. so I saw a psychotherapist today for the first time, and well, it seemed that she questioned my diagnosis. I don't know if it's because I have had a stable relationship for the last 11 years, and that I'm in an ok job, am I too functional to be considered bipolar? I've been up and down this year for sure, and now I feel like something that is so integral to my sense of identity has been, albeit indirectly, questioned. I feel really preoccupied by this now, has anyone else ever been in this situation or similar?
  5. Not really any plan as such no, in fact he "discharged me to my GP" a few months ago. Kinda feel left out on my own to be honest. At the time my moods were getting more stable. As far as stress goes, work can be a stressful at times, and stress was a major contributor to my big mixed episode that led to the diagnosis. I'll call the doctor tomorrow i think.
  6. I've been thinking that, I'm on sodium valproate morning and night, it's not as good as the antipsychotics but they made me way too sleepy, I was kinda wondering though if a short burst of them might help
  7. Sorry I havnt posted much, but I am, I believe in the beginning stages of hypomania, it was all good until I became aware that i was pepped up. My fiancé has gone to see her sister for Easter, so it's just me and the dogs, So long story short, I was depressed for like the last two weeks, I get anxious with it as wel so I was taking lorazepam, and when I have to take one I know I'm getting bad I usually just grin and bear it. But anyway I was depressed thinking about ending my relationship and moving away and all this stupid dark shit, and now I'm flipped, but now that im aware im " up" I'm worried that it's becoming a mixed state, which I'm prone to, because the happy bit is gone and I'm just kinda not right, feel really worried concerned, not anxious just bothered. Sorry I guess I'm rambling, I know my thoughts are sorta jumping all over the place. So yea does anyone else get that when they become aware that they are hypomanic or can you just lean into it and go with it?
  8. Thanks everyone for the very helpful replies. I agree with the idea of not letting myself get carried away with trying to explain my whole lige as symptoms, I'll give him another chance, but I don't know if I really have much choice. I'm in new Zealand and everything's public, which is good but you're kinda stuck with whatever doctor you get referred to ( I think) unless you want fork out for it, which I can't afford. I guess this way I'm getting medication which is finally starting to work, I mean apart from that one comment I have no problem with him, so I'll give him another shot and hopefully as we get to know each other better, he'll maybe loosen up and whatever. I would kinda like to see a therapist or counsellor but again I think I'd have to pay, unless I get referred maybe I don't know.
  9. I'm sorry if there is a thread on this. I'm new to everything. I've just been diagnosed in the last couple of months, and so I'm still trying to figure out everything. So long story short I'm 27 and have had depressed episodes for at least the last ten years. Started having what turned out to be mixed sort of episodes and was rapid cycling between mixed depressed and hypomanic. Was put on citalopram, made shit worse, eventually got diagnosed and now I'm on quetiapine and sodium valproate. So anyway I had my second appointment last week, and I was asking questions about things I had thought about over the previous month, and he goes "I doubt you would be able to maintain being hypomanic for that long, let's not make everything into a symptom." I was kinda taken aback, I felt like I'd been reprimanded. And it's been bugging me ever since, it was like shut up, take the prescription and go away. It felt like he feels I have no right to ask a question. Is it wrong to be trying to figure out how long I've had this and how it presents itself in me? I don't think so.
  10. "I can't take this shit anymore, seriously Mike, I'm fucking over it" That kinda hurt, from my fiancé. She tries really hard most of the time, I guess everyone has their breaking point though.
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