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  1. i know this has been posted before, probably by me i dont remember, but does ANYONE have some kind of remedy for the shakes? i shake constantly and i have this wierd thing where i shake when i drink out in public which is very embarrassing. im worried about going on a date theyre so bad. is it my meds? i read up a bit and i think it might be the olanzapine. opinions? anything helps. thanks!
  2. no they are all my pdoc with the exception of the lexapro. he'll be cool with it though. everybodys different, i need what i need, judgement is not welcomed here
  3. looks like i started a shit storm. its been very informative and entertaining thanks all. and you ^ are almost spot on. my father is a physician and he started me on lexapro for long term anxiety treatment. the question came because i don't see my pdoc for another 3 weeks and i've been feeling some side affects that make me want to consider changing. however i don't want to change if it "starts over" because i want to see how well having an ssri for anxiety really works. "starting over" would prolong that.
  4. say it takes 6 weeks for lexapro to fully kick in if i took it for 3 weeks, then switched to a different ssri, would the new ssri pick up where the other left off, or would it start over completely. make sense?
  5. I don't have an OCD diagnosis (never have), but I have intrusive thoughts that sound very similar to these, all the time. I always figured they were part of anxiety. me too, thanks for posting these everyone, it makes me feel very much not alone as i deal with these things too!
  6. i also drink as much as i want on them and have never felt or experienced any reason not to. my two bits
  7. i see a therapist from time to time, im not crazy about her, but maybe i should lighten up. lexapro has also crushed my sex drive in a matter of days. any advice on that? olanzapine did similar things to me and m y pdoc gave me a bunch of cialis samples to help cope. i just think its weird that a 25 year old man has to take boner pills...
  8. anybody have success with this? i started Lexapro about 5 days ago, how long does it usually take to really sink in?
  9. So I started taking lexapro in the morning now for about a week to help with anxiety issues. It seems to be helpin except for the fact that it has given me the shakes relatively BAD. I really would like to stay on lexapro for another week (i understand that it takes antidepressants time to kick in) and they dont really bother me that much but it is rather embarrassing, that and people at work have called me out on it. anybody have a remedy for the shakes and or another ssri that doesnt cause such bad shaking?
  10. My deepest fear as a manic depressive with anxiety issues, is that i won't be able to live a "normal" life, one where I am able to follow my dreams, as a result of my mental illness. Dr. Kay Jamison has been very inspirational to me, (you should read her book "an unquiet mind" if you haven't its phenomenal), and i love to hear of people with mental illness living their lives to the fullest. I am a server, desperately looking to change career paths, so, if you don't mind, what do you do? thanks! dangerousdave
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