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  1. Maybe she felt more free to express compassion when it came to seizures. I mean, it's just a thought, but people tend to tread lightly about their responses about MI, even if they themselves feel something more about it. I even find myself doing this with acquaintances with MI because I don't know if they're the types to even want compassion or if they'll just take it as pity or unwanted conversation. Just because she didn't SHOW as much compassion until you mentioned seizures doesn't mean she didn't have as much for your MI. I think it's likely she was just trying to be sensitive with her response and trying not to assume stuff.
  2. Ugh, this is hard. Every time I try to write, my mind goes somewhere else. You can only take so many breaks before it gets ridiculous, you know?
  3. I had Lamictal added to Lithium at one point. It was a great combination for me personally. I was able to stay on both for years with few side effects from either. If your doc's recommending it, it's worth a try.
  4. Yeah, I think I'm actually gonna do it this year! I've started and not finished so many times (Okay, more like 2 times...), but I'll give it another go. What can it hurt?
  5. Yeah, I'd talk to your doctor about it. In the meantime, if the jaw clenching is causing you pain, you might try chewing gum. I experienced jaw-clenching a lot a few years back and chewing gum gave me a controlled excuse to clench. It's not a fix, but it did provide some relief.
  6. I tend to overthink every question and then choose an answer that's not really accurate in the end.
  7. Just found out I got denied the job because of my MI. Not surprised, but, dang, I'm madder than I thought I'd be!

    1. Wooster


      damnit that sucks

    2. upset.the.world


      Yeah, I'll get over it, but it's rough. The label just scares people.

  8. I mean, is that even a thing? I've gotten a stiff jaw on other meds. Abilify used to make me clench like crazy. But Lithium's all I'm on right now (600mg at present, so not all that much for me) and it's never done this to me before. It started off just my jaw being sore. Yesterday, it hurt to chew. Today hurts to talk. I got a moderate tremor this morning; first time in a while. Could this be the Lithium making my jaw tight? Like, anyone out there have an experience that can compare? I just saw my pdoc yesterday (didn't bring the jaw thing up because I wasn't worried yet) and I'd rather not have to schedule an emergency visit over this if it's nothing.
  9. I was on Risperdal for a few years as a teen and gained thirty pounds on it. I lost the weight within months when I switched to Abilify, but I'm sure my teen metabolism helped with that. I actually went underweight with Latuda later. Even more so with Seroquel, and it's taken me six months to get back to a healthy weight from that, but I have gotten there, and that's what counts. Just be patient with it, is my advice. The effects of meds vary on any given individual and chances are your body just needs some time to get used to its new regimen.
  10. 1. Yep. 2. Make up. If I've been depressed and haven't been eating well or sleeping right, I tend to look like death and that's enough to get questions right out of the house. I hate how heavy make up makes my skin feel, but blush is my friend when it comes to covering up the zombie. I tend to do a lot of praying in my head on particularly anxious days. For racing thoughts, too. When I used to get really manic, I would count to twenty between speaking up in a conversation to keep me from hogging the floor. 3. Right now, I'm pretty stable, so one or two. On a bad day, maybe a five, excluding panic attacks/psychotic episodes. If people ask me if something's wrong, I usually just say it's my blood sugar dropping and they don't question it.
  11. Certain loved ones used to tell me my MI couldn't stop me from living life because apparently I'm stronger than MI? Now those same people freak out every time I talk about my future without the doom-vibe, saying, "Well, who knows how long this period of stability is going to last?" I just smile and nod and then go off and do what I want.
  12. I was admitted voluntarily when I was fifteen because the pharmacy screwed up my month's meds without anyone realizing (until later) and I felt really nuts. I only had to stay a few days (until my pdoc caught the problem). The staff was pretty nice and the food was bearable, but the other patients? These were teenage girls we're talking about. I can deal with crazy, but cliques are something I could've done without. Hardly a warm welcome. I was as much the one left out there as I'd been in high school. At least at school I had a few friends (took me two years to make those friends, I might add, so I wasn't looking forward to sticking it out with the girls at the hospital). I was so ready to get out of that mess. Who knew there was a social hierarchy with MI? Well, I learned it pretty fast.
  13. Besides meds, cutting gluten out of my diet has been the most successful thing I've done for my mood. I hadn't even realized gluten effected me badly until I felt the difference without it (and when I went back on). Going gluten-free for a while is worth trying if you haven't already tried it. That's all I can think of right now that hasn't been said yet. Hang in there
  14. I just wanna eat so much fried chicken and ice cream right now.

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