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  1. Wow that's a lot to be going through! I can't give you much advice on how to pull it all off, other than to just say well done; 20 hours a week cleaning and studying and tenagers as well as a house and garden, not to mention a relationship breakup. It seems to me that asides from dealing with bipolar, and the med treadmill, you have a lot going on. as an aside, As an aside, I'm a fan of lithium (Lamactil had me shedding like a cat!)
  2. I took up got obsessed with genealogy once. Couldn't work out why my husband didn't think his great grand parents being inbred was interesting. Seriously though, he has a couple of branches missing from his family tree...
  3. I don't have a university degree (I didn't finish) but I have a fairly stable productive life. Good luck, just do your best, life happens whether we worry about it or not... I wish I had known at 19
  4. Pearly, I barely suppressed an eye-roll when I got to the 'I'm back on dating sites' part of your post. Call me a cynic, but those sites seem to have little to do with dating. Good luck but please take care of yourself
  5. I get a bit obsessive about whatever is on my radar at the time (which sometimes includes people). At the moment its cows. I am banned from looking at any cow profiles until tomorrow, but I'm gonna ruminate about it until then. Actually its kinda ironic to be ruminating about ruminants -sigh-
  6. Never mind was an album by Nirvana.... song no.5 was Lithium (though I'm not sure you were asking that) hope you are ok
  7. Give yourself a bit of time Pearly to all the dear people worrying about side effects and peer reviewed studies, I'm fairly sure coffee, chocolate and wine all have studies suggesting they are the devil but I just go with what works for me
  8. So I don't know, but it seems to me that mania would be one hell of a hangover... I find concentrating for long periods hard now, and I have a fair bit of paperwork. I just have to mix up what I'm doing a bit to keep on track... Sorry I didn't answer your question, but good luck (and be careful!)
  9. It seems to work well for me, asides from 1. Gaining weight 2. No longer really worrying about dealing with no.1 I used to be able to rely on self-loathing to make me go on a diet. Now I'm a bit nicer to myself, I need to find another motivator to avoid chocolate...
  10. Call your doc and clean while you wait.... It sounds weird but I have a hypo book hidden in the cupboard; whenever I have a brilliant internal monologue going on I write it out, as if I was going to give a speech. It helps to guide my obviously brilliant mind, and stops me ruminating too much. I re-read it sometimes and try and keep up with the logic, with mixed results
  11. I'm creative, but not really productive... I tend to start some potentially very cool projects while hypo, and then feel guilty about not finishing them later on. To be honest, it made me worry a bit about having children; they can't be stashed in a cupboard a few months later when the mood has passed! (I don't stash them in the cupboard btw)
  12. Awkward stony silence works ok for me most of the time. And single eyebrow dexterity for special effect...
  13. So the dating app is a bad idea, at least not to make actual friends. Once you are in a space where you don't introduce yourself strangers by telling them you have bipolar then perhaps. You have a whole heap of interesting things for people to get to know; sure, bipolar is on the list but please, don't make that the definition of who you are.
  14. I would be 3-6 months at a time of changing the world, I'm not entirely sure where the line between extremely intense and hypomanic gets drawn.
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