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  1. Good luck! WHY THE BLOODY FUCK DO HARDLY ANY SEX SHOPS IN MY AREA CARRY DENTAL DAMS?!?! There are half dozen sex shops near me. Only ONE carries dams.
  2. I've been taking it recently after hitting a really rough patch. My pdoc prescribes me Ativan for my anxiety, but I hate taking it. It makes me feel dopey. On the one hand, if I'm sleepy and dopey, I'm not losing my mind in a panic... but on the other hand, it doesn't give me the chance to figure out how to handle the underlying causes of anxiety. After spending a week of absolutely losing my mind to anxiety, my roommate stepped in. She had me try an oral CBD oil, and my god... it's been a miracle drug for me. All it takes is a drop or two, and I am able to calm down. This calm is so unlike the dopey state the Ativan puts me in. I'm not sleepy, and I am clear-headed. This has done so much for me. Since I've found this way to calm down and focus, I have made so much progress. I was able to enroll myself in an intensive outpatient therapy program for the next few weeks. I've been exercising. I've been writing. I've been reading some books to help me better cope with stress and anxiety (one by Jon Kabat-Zinn and another by Thich Nhat Hanh.) I don't plan on using the CBD oil daily forever... it's just a tool I'm using while I sort my life out. I take a sublingual CBD oil. In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, many smoke shops carry CBD... as a topical oil, as a sublingual oil, in caplets, in vape cartridges, and even as CBD infused candy. I'd imagine the newly opened dispensaries in Massachusetts would carry it as well, but it's just easier for me to hit up the local smoke shop. I have a 1oz bottle containing 500mg of CBD. It cost around $60. It's Herbalogix brand, and contains chamomile and skullcap as well ad CBD. It's pretty tasty (like a lemon-honey-chamomile tea.) That's just my experience with it. If you have any questions, hit me up!
  3. Email tutoring client #1 Text tutoring client #2 Send out faxes for work Text the boss of my weekend job about scheduling Call someone back about a job interview Check job postings Study for as long as my ADD will allow it- math skills on Khan Academy and chemistry skills from my old chemistry textbook Try to keep my stomach calm Do some work in the studio Put away laundrry Tidy bedroom floor Tidy computer desk
  4. Yes! I'm planning a huge garden this year! TPBM usually buys brand-name dish soap.
  5. Thank you! I got through the storm, and saw Ash after the roads had been cleared.
  6. I'm 99% sure my cold is gone! I recently re-joined a dating website and have been having a really good conversation with someone there. I'm not really looking for another primary partner (and am explicit about this in my profile) but it's certainly fun to look, and maybe do a bit of dating. Yes, Ash knows about this and is perfectly fine with it.
  7. Yup! But I'm definitely the type of person who needs human contact, so this is hard for me. I'm almost better, but chances are I'll be snowed in tomorrow and will be unable to see them until after work on Wednesday.
  8. After a few days of being sick, I've finally stopped coughing! Now I just need to get rid of this dreadful congestion.
  9. I haven't seen Ash since Thursday. It's the first time in months that Ash and I have spent more than a day apart, and I'm so lost and lonely. We didn't get in a fight or anything... I'm just sick. Their mom (who they live with) is medically fragile, so I can't risk passing my cold to her. So I'm banished until I get better. I've spent the past few days in bed, between being sick and missing Ash.
  10. Checking my to-do list. Returning phone calls. Returning emails. Picking up my meds. Faxing and/or dropping off paperwork to one of my jobs. Submitting my time sheets on time for my other job. Doing studio work. Exercising. Cleaning. Eating. Packing lunches for work. Going to bed early. Looking for another job. Watering the plants. Picking up after myself. Putting oil in the car. Turning off lights. Blowing out candles. Pushing my chair in.
  11. I had enough energy to do some cleaning after work today!
  12. Goals for Wednesday: Go for a morning hike Shower Wash car Clean out car Vacuum car Organize glove box, etc. Check oil Work on job stuff Practice embroidery If I have time: Tidy bedroom Unpack art supplies Work on oranizing stff in the living room Yoga Go for an evening walk
  13. Goals for Monday: Send out an email about a potential job Fill out paperwork for CORI check Change address with the post office Change address with the RMV Clean out the car Visit my cat Visit Ash Clear junk off of my bed Hang curtains Goals for Tuesday: Laundry- wash, dry, and put away Grocery shopping Vacuum Dust Clean under my bed Clean/tidy the hallway Do yoga and/or go for a walk Tidy bedroom
  14. Goals for Tuesday night: Write another 12+ cover letters (at this point, I'm just adding a few key phrases here and there for each employer, changing who the letter is addressed to, and that sort of thing. Churning out another dozen shouldn't be a big deal.) Print out cover letters Finish laundry Put away laundry
  15. Goals for Friday night: E-mail my old bosses for references Submit course proposal Type in edits on cover letters Write two more cover letters Print cover letters
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