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  1. I am going through the same withdrawals now. its been three days thus far and i call it hell. It took about 5 weeks for all the symptoms to subside. If you've ever dt'd from heavy non-scripts, this was almost worse. Now that it's over, though? Like a distant memory.
  2. Slept in this morning. Revised goal: reverse effects of sleeping in.
  3. Same here. I suggest. But this was a change from when I was only seeing my PCP for anxiety/depression issues. I felt like I was limited in what I could ask for b/c they were limited in their knowledge of MI. When I finally met with a pdoc to better address my MI, I became a lot more vocal on what I needed from my meds. He has more experience, but, this is my body. I listen to my pdoc's recommendations, look it up myself, and we discuss the pros and cons. I wanted a long-term med that would help with anxiety, panic and depression. He suggested celexa, I went with it. It worked well, but aft
  4. Finish 15+ pages of req'd writing. I'm about 5pgs in and it's almost 2pm PST. --Try not to worry about the 10pgs I need to get through tomorrow. (This is me, taking a break. I've been concentrating on trying to focus my attention for too long. Must try to cram in other stimuli!!!)
  5. -- I called myself the "couch caterpillar" after gaining about 30lbs in a little over a year on celexa (slow gain), and then pristiq (fast gain). I would've continued on celexa b/c it worked well for my anxiety. But I had no mood variations or interest in sex, and I gained weight. In the first few weeks on pristiq, I had a ton of positive, productive energy. I thought, I found my miracle pill! "If it seems too good to be true. . ." The honeymoon was over within a few months. It took me another month to realize that pristiq was causing me to load on pounds. I had no desire to leave my cou
  6. I'm no pharmaceutical expert so I do not claim to know if this will interfere with your current meds and/or health dx. But, plain old Benadryl. I can't recommend it enough. It is gentle, but oh-so-effective. I am a lifelong insomniac. Melatonin ony works for me when I am on the verge of sleep but can't quite get there. Benadryl (generic or brand name) is the only pharmaceutical I will take because it doesn't have that laundry list of side effects, or come with a rx price tag.
  7. Guilty of both! My posts are generally long, and I usually sigh and avoid long posts! (Not totally true. I will read the beginning and end, and if they have diverged a bunch, I need to know more). My ability to focus/maintain attention has greatly diminished in the past year or so. It's always been bad, but it's gettin really bad! Yet, it's tempered by a near-obsessive tendency to overthink things. I am inclined to believe this has something to do with getting older! I have to say, though, that while I will always promote decent grammar and punctuation, I am not nearly as neurotic
  8. Thanks for the feedback, all. A quick talk with my pdoc, and he refilled my rx. He was under the impression that since the anxiety was becoming better managed with long-term meds, a benzo wouldn't be necessary. And he wasn't all wrong. But my main dx is panic disorder, and as much as I want to say it is under control, fear of an attack is enough for me to want a benzo on hand-- for everyone's safety. (I have had attacks when: driving, in crowds, middle of the night, school, work, etc. . .) Truth be told, I have had the benzo 'script, on and off, for about 5yrs. I know that will sound
  9. I have always been introverted, not always anti-social, but I feel best on my own and actually do need periods of personal space/time from even my husband & child. As I've gotten older, my tolerance for crowds/people in general has lessened. I could call it AS, but, I could also call it the world's abundance of vapid a-holes. Late 20's: panic attack was when I knew SAD, GAD, Panic, Depression, and other symptoms that had been just background noise in my life were VERY REAL. I don't feel I have all my diagnoses as I am learning to be more self-aware and can notice behaviors and patterns
  10. The perceived anonymity of writing OL is so appealing to me, sometimes I can't get enough. Yes, I will read, and reread my posts and comments indefinitely. The anonymity makes it easier to open up, which I don't really do very well IRL, anymore. When I was younger, my friend-base was composed of fellow emotionally/mentally. . . different people. So, when we needed to talk, we could talk without feeling judged. As an adult with a family, I have lost most of those connections (purposefully, in some cases, but not in all). I have friends I can trust, but, this is a part of me I know they
  11. No, I haven't directly asked my pdoc what his thoughts are. Part of this is that I already feel dismissed/discouraged from talking about it further with him. And this is odd to me because otherwise he is quite responsive. In my experience, not all psych-docs diagnose the same way. When I say I am unfocused or scattered or forgetfull at the worst times, he relates it to depression/anxiety because I am so wound up/involved in obsessive (mostly negative) thought processes. It makes sense and all, I just haven't found any relief in the medications I have been prescribed. I know this is a matte
  12. Hey Everyone. I guess I am doing this a little ass backward as I have posted around the site before introducing myself. I am a 30-something little lady (married w/babies) with all sorts of anxiety disorders. Though my psych history dates back into childhood, and my first official diagnosis (depression, anxiety) was in my teens, I lived a pretty peaceful life in my early adult years. 5 years ago, I was at work when I had my first "real" panic attack. I looked and felt as though I was having a seizure, lost my lunch, and as per the usual, thought I was going to die. Life didn't reall
  13. As a lifelong insomniac, I have found no better non-script med than the wonder of benadryl: brand name, generic, for allergies or for sleep. Whatever. It works! I get that delicious "so sleepy" feeling and drift off into hard slumber. It has a short life, so I'm not usually groggy in the morning. Every now and then, I fork over more $$ for an herbal blend called "Night's Rest with melatonin" (source_naturals brand). Love it! Can find it on the net. More pricey and doesn't knock you out, but it's a peaceful rest.
  14. Olga, I had a very similar experience. I was on Pristiq, an SSNRI like Cymbalta for 3 mo's (am weening off this cuckoo juice as we speak). After the first month of increased energy, I bottomed out. I spent hours and hours on the couch/in bed, sleeping, zombified on tv, doing any and all things that weren't productive. I brought this to my pdoc's attention and requested we try Wellbutrin. I'm only on day 5 of 50mgs/day, so I can't say things have changed dramatically, but I feel an improvement. But withdrawal from Pristiq is so incredibly brutal. It has made me so cautious about SSNRIs
  15. After about 3mo's on Pristiq, I have been constantly tired. Give me a couch, and I will nap. Yet, when nighttime rolls around, and all I want is some good shut-eye, insomnia. The worst I'm-so-sleepy-but-I-can't-sleep-WAH kind of insomnia. My pdoc had me start it at night, but the SE were so intense in the beginning that I experimented taking it at different times. I found that between 6-8 worked best for me b/c I take a LONG time to fall asleep. I'm tapering off of Pristiq and starting on WellbutrinSr, and already notice my daytime energy improving. I would caution you to be mindful of
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